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  • Is Arianny Celeste Fighting with Breast Impants?

    Gorgeous model and UFC ring girl Arianny Cealeste is probably just as well known for her fights outside the ring as she is for her stunning good looks. Like many women in professional wrestling, it looks like Arianny has gotten breast implants placed at some time in her career.

    28-year old Arianny Celeste made headlines when she was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly kicking her ex fiancé back in 2010. According to Arianny, the fiancé gave as good as he got but the two recently broke up, putting Arianny back on the market.

    Breast implants are common in the world of women’s wrestling because many of the women are so muscular that they have very little fat and thus don’t have much breast tissue. Arianny isn’t as muscular as many female wrestlers and has modeled for many men’s magazines, not just those focused on women’s muscles. However, like both models and wrestlers, it looks as though Arianny has gotten breast implants to boost her bust.


    Prior to breast implants, Arianny was probably an A cup. With implants, Arianny is now a C cup and has posed for such elite publications as Playboy and Maxim and was twice voted “Ring Girl of the Year 2010″ by the MMA Awards.


    Unlike some breast augmentations, Arianny’s was very well done. Although many in her field end up with breasts that look to be bolted on, Arianny’s surgery result in fairly natural looking breast implants that offer plenty of cleavage but none of the fake look that makes them overly obvious.


    Given Arianny’s height and natural curves, her breast augmentation was well done and helped to balance out her body rather than just add a chest.


    In the past, Arianny has not only had troubles with the men in her life, but also some of her UFC athletes as well.


    In an interview with MMAjunkie Radio Arianny admitted that she has issues with the way fellow UFC girl Ronda Rousey conducts herself as a role model to young girls.


    She told the program, “I don’t really like the way she carries herself. I don’t think she’s a good role model for women. I think that women should empower each other and give each other a little pat on the back.”

    Arianny also said, “I’ve personally been talked about by her, and I don’t even know her. I’ve met her twice. She said a couple things in her Maxim interview. A lot of people pointed it out to me, but I didn’t really acknowledge it.”


    Both Arianny and Ronda were featured in the same issue of Maxim. In it Ronda, revealed, “It would have been really funny if I’d beaten Arianny Celeste, because that would be like a triathlete coming along and beating the runners in a marathon,” Ronda said. “Like, ‘Ha-ha, it’s your job to show your t******—I do that better than you!’ Maybe next year. She’s only getting older, and I’m reaching my prime.”


    However, these days, Arianny says that there is no beef between her and Ronda.


    April 22, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Bryan Singer May Be Facing Controversy with Plastic Surgery

    Bryan Singer is a director best known for his superhero films. But looking at him, it looks as though Bryan is a big fan of looking perfect himself and has had a few too many trips to the plastic surgeon in recent years. Now, in the midst of a major controversy, the director looks to be taking things in stride, thanks to plenty of plastic surgery to smooth out any worry lines.

    48-year Bryan Singer was recently accused of drugging and raping a teenage boy some years back. The man in question, Michael Egan III, said that he reported the crime at the time but that charges were never pursued and he doesn’t know why.

    According to Egan, the crimes took place over a number of years a the hands of Bryan and his friends at the elaborate parties that Bryan is known for having. Apparently the illegal activities took place in both Los Angeles and Hawaii over a number of years beginning when Egan was just 15.


    Now, Bryan is claiming innocence and saying that he was not in Hawaii at the time the crimes allegedly took place and has proof that he was on location in Toronto, filming the first installment of the X-Men series.


    Apparently Bryan has bills and credit card statements to help prove his innocence, at least of this allegation.


    In the meantime, Bryan probably also has credit card statements that indicate his love of plastic surgery.


    Despite being middle aged, Bryan closely resembles someone closer in age to the young men he likes to party with. Over the years, Bryan looks to have developed a love of Botox, as well as comic book heroes.


    Through the years, Bryan has actually lost worry lines, probably due to getting regular Botox injections in his forehead and between his brows. He looks to wax his eyebrows, but he may also use Botox to help elevate his eyelids.


    In addition, Bryan looks to get fillers placed. Using fillers such as Sculptra or Radiesse, Bryan has boyishly full big cheeks. He may also use fillers like Restylane or Juvederm in his lips as from time to time his lips look larger than usual and his lip line can be very pronounced.


    For someone known to throw elaborate pool parties, Brian doesn’t look to spend a lot of time in the sun as he shows few signs of aging or skin damage. Brian may use plenty of sunscreen and some kind of spray tan to get a tan look without the damage. He may also use laser treatments and chemical peels to reverse some of the signs of aging that the harsh rays of the sun can cause, especially in sunny locations like Los Angeles and Hawaii.


    According to the victim, Egan, he doesn’t know why the allegations didn’t come to light sooner, but, “I hope to help a lot of other people,” Egan said. “No one at a young age ever deserves to go through the horrific junk I went through as a kid.”




    April 22, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | Leave a Comment

    WWE Divas Consider Plastic Surgery

    Certain fields seem to lend themselves more readily to plastic surgery than others and women’s bodybuilding and wrestling are at the top of those fields. So it seems like no surprise that the stars of the reality show WWE Divas frequently contemplate plastic surgery.

    Breast implants are common in the world of women’s wrestling because many of the women are so muscular that they have very little fat and thus don’t have much breast tissue. The Divas frequently opt for breast implants in order to have a more feminine appearance, while some stick to using push up bras and chicken cutlets for fear of surgery or breaking an implant during a fight.

    WWE Diva and Total Divas reality star Cameron recently spoke about Total Divas and her decision not to have breast augmentation after consulting a doctor about getting breast implants.


    “Definitely, I mean I think no matter if you are a woman of if you are male, we all have something about us that we would like to change, you know, and I just feel like this is how we were made and I feel like you should embrace that. I feel that, especially being a role model, that there are a lot of girls out there that feel like the image of what a women should look like should be this crazy, flawless person and we all have imperfections. None of us are perfect, we’re not super human, so whatever way, even if I would have decided to do it, I mean it would have been for my own personal reason not to say oh this is what you should change about yourself. But I do feel like I wanted to send a positive message to young girls saying, you know what I’m a role model; not to knock anyone who has ever changed anything about themselves because that’s just their own personal thing and to make them feel comfortable. But in my situation, I just wanted to show young girls that I love myself and I love everything about me but I also want to show thing that I don’t like about myself and say that I have these imperfections but be happy with how you are.”


    Other stars on the show have also considered plastic surgery.  Ariane went to a plastic surgeon when she considered having breast augmentation and was given a pair to insert into her bra to see if she liked the look.


    On another episode, Nattie tries to decide if and when to undergo nose surgery after suffering an injury and her nose turns into jelly.


    Most notoriously, former pro wrestler Chyna underwent breast augmentation, although she eventually had to have her implants replaced when one was ruptured during a match. Chyna has probably had other plastic surgery procedures as well since her days as a pro wrestler.

    Chyna’s cheeks and lips are unnaturally large and puffy looking, possibly the result of fillers. In addition, Chyna may also have had a nose job and chin reduction since her days as a pro-wrestler. When compared with photos before Chyna was a recognizable name both in and out of the ring, her face was much broader looking, with a square, typically masculine jaw. Chyna may have had a chin reduction procedure and also be using fillers to help soften the appearance of a big jaw. In addition, she looks to have had a nose job. Chyna’s old nose was very short and wide. Her new nose is more even, with a wider bridge and a much thinner nasal tip, indicating that her doctor built up her bridge and narrowed her nose so that it would fit better with a more narrowed face.


    April 21, 2014 in Black Plastic Surgery,Ethnic Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross | Leave a Comment

    Did Tom Cruise Step out with Fresh Plastic Surgery Fillers?

    Tom Cruise just had his first major public appearance at the Jameson Empire Awards and people are still talking about his puffy appearance. While he may have had an allergic reaction, experts seem to think a recent visit to a plastic surgeon’s office is more likely responsible.

    “Tom’s face looked like a puffy pillow,” an eyewitness told Star magazine. “Everyone there couldn’t stop talking about how different he looked.”

    Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn hasn’t treated Tom Cruise, but believes that during the past several months since his last official sighting, he could have been spending some time on plastic surgery, trying to ensure his position as a star that only gets better looking with age. Most likely Tom had some type of filler, such as Sculptra injected in an effort to get that youthful look.


    Dr. Youn explains, “Tom could be swollen from a recent injections of a filler like Sculptra. This treatment is typically used to fill in gaunt faces, and it can cause facial swelling.”


    A source reports that since once again becoming single, Tom has become more self conscious of his age and his looks.


    “If you were happily married, he might care about his appearance as much,” the insider said. “But he really want does want to settle down again. The fact of the matter is, he’s attracted to younger women, so he wants to look young.”


    This isn’t the first time that Tom has been thought to have plastic surgery. In the past, he has been suspected of getting a minor nose job or two as his nose isn’t as prominent as it was when he was rising to fame as a Top Gun. In addition, he is thought to have anti-aging procedures rejuvenation procedures like fillers and also laser skin treatments like Fraxel or CoolTouch.


    In an interview from last year, when asked about plastic surgery, Tom said there was no truth to the rumors.


    “I haven’t, and I never would” have cosmetic surgery, he tells interviewer Michael Fleming, crediting his youthful look to the fact “I’m always with family. I train, go without sleep. I just go hard.”


    Generally going hard creates an aged appearance and in the past, Tom was looking a little rough around the edges with more prominent cheekbones and hollows in his cheeks. With his cheeks filled in, he does look younger, but unfortunately, also a little swollen.


    New rumors of a new lady in Tom’s life may eventually put suggestions of plastic surgery to rest, as he is said to be dating fellow Scientologist, “Orange Is the New Black” star Laura Prepon, Page Six reports.


    “They spent three hours laughing and joking. It’s clear Tom is smitten and after the date he was on cloud nine,” Grazia reported. “They had their second date at the restaurant, too, meeting for Sunday brunch, and then she accompanied him a few days later to a dinner party at John [Travolta]’s home.”


    However, both parties have denied any relationship.


    April 21, 2014 in Male Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment

    Pamela Anderson Removing her Barbed Wire Tattoo with Laser Surgery

    It seems that even celebrities have regrets. As Pamela Anderson gets older, she has begun to change her image from sexy blonde bombshell. And apparently that includes getting rid of the barbed wire tattoo on her arm that she was once so proud of.

    46 year old Pamela Anderson is currently undergoing laser tattoo removal to get rid of the inking around her left bicep, which she had done in 1995 just before she started filming Barb Wire, her first big screen role.


    “Pamela is seeing the effects of age and hard living on her body. Her skin is getting soft. She feels like her tattoos are going to become eyesores.”


    “She’s not a kid anymore. She doesn’t want blurry ink all over her wrinkled arms.”


    “People with tattoos aren’t any less of a parent.”


    Tattoo laser removal is an expensive and painful process, that can last over the course of months and require numerous treatments and plenty of cash.


    ‘It will undoubtedly set you back more than the original tattoo,’ says consultant plastic surgeon David Gaul to the Daily Mail.


    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, right after she got her tattoo, Pamela expressed nothing but happiness with it as she promoted the film role that went with it.


    “The make-up people were going to paint this on my arm every day,” Anderson explained, “but I had a tattoo artist just sketch it on me and I wore it around for a half a day to see how it looked.”


    “I decided I’d just go ahead and get it done. I love it. I think it’s very feminine, for barbed wire.”


    While Pamela’s barbed wire is gradually disappearing there is no word on what she is doing about her other body art. In addition to the wire wrapping around her bicep, she also has a floral motif creeping up her spine as well as a tattoo that read “Tommy” when she was married to the Motley Crue star, but she has since had altered to read Mommy.


    It seems that Pamela is changing her mind about a lot of things as she grows older. Pamela Anderson may have the world’s most famous breast augmentation, but that seems to be the total extent of her plastic surgery, as she has adamantly denied using Botox and other injectables.


    In an interview for most recent Playboy spread (a record breaking#13!), Pamela says, “I’m not against plastic surgery, what I’ve had done will stay with me and that’s fine, but I don’t want anything else. I’ll do facials but I don’t want to go down the scary route and have knives plunged into me.” She added: “I don’t mind aging. I’ve never been a classical beauty. I’ve always had that Playboy vibe. I don’t want to chase youth. Anyway, I find it chases me.”


    Indeed, Pamela stunned fans when she chopped off her signature long locks in favor of a pixie cut last year.


    April 20, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment

    New Nose for Ben Savage?

    Boy Meets World star Ben Savage is returning to the small screen to reprise his fame character as the family saga continues for a new generation when Girl Meets World makes its television debut. While some things remain the same, one thing that may have changed is Ben’s nose. Looking much more refined these days, it is suspected that Ben may have had a nose job in the years he has taken off.

    33-year old is Ben Savage has returned to the role of Cory Matthews in a spinoff show, along with costars Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong, who married on the same day in real life, although not to each other.

    The new spinoff has been anticipated for a while now and the trailer has finally made the rounds on the internet, giving fans a look at how their favorite childhood stars have aged over the years. Although by no means small, these days’ Ben’s nose is looking a little more refined, with a more distinct tip and a straighter bridge. When he last played Cory Matthews, Ben’s nose was fairly large and round and crooked in profile. His nose looks much better now and hasn’t been altered so much that he has been rendered unrecognizable.


    The new show revolves around Topanga and history teacher Cory’s daughter Riley, who is played by Rowan Blanchard and is the main character on the new show.


    Ben explains, “While fans of the show I think a lot of Boy Meets World fans are sort of expecting the show to pick up where it left off.”


    “And for us, really, I don’t want them to be disappointed, but this show, Girl Meets World, is for a new generation.”


    He went on to explain that the show is meant to enjoyed by a whole new generation, not just fans of the old show.


    “Some of the best emails and notes and messages and tweets I’ve gotten are from former Boy Meets World fans who tell me how much they’re excited about watching the new show with their own children.”


    “It’s really a nice feeling to know that they grew up with us, and now their kids are going to get to grow up with Girl Meets World.”



    In real life, Ben has been busy with various projects rather than getting married and having kids. However, his onscreen love Topanga, played by Danielle Fishel recently walked down the aisle and has battled criticism about her weight. Danielle has had various hosting gigs and appeared in a few projects over the years since the original Boy Meets World crew left their college years.


    Also returning to the show in his original role as Shawn Hunter, played by Rider Strong. Since the show, Rider looks like he has been too busy getting an education at various colleges before graduating from Columbia to have plastic surgery.


    Girl Meets World is set to start gaining a new generation of fans when it begins this coming summer.


    April 20, 2014 in Male Plastic Surgery by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    Kylie Jenner Says Plastic Surgery Rumors Hurt Her Feelings

    Kylie Jenner is the hot model younger sister of the Kardashians. As a result of being part of the family’s reality television show franchise, Kylie has had a lot of attention on her lately. Including getting some attention for her possible plastic surgery. According to Kylie, the rumors aren’t true and she finds them hurtful.

    While Kylie may be following in her big sister’s footsteps by starring on reality television in between endorsement gigs, she is also following suit by using Twitter to dispute plastic surgery rumors.

    Amidst rumors of plastic surgery and visits to plastic surgeons’ offices, Kylie tweeted, “these plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting”


    She then followed the tweet up with Just in case anyone forgot.. I’m 16.


    Kylie first sparked rumors when she posted photos of herself in skimpy black bikini, which showcased her new breasts.


    In the photos, she shows ample cleavage, especially for someone so young. Given that her mom and big sister both have breast implants, it seems likely that Kylie would also go under the knife. Kylie’s full, round bust that is significantly large for her thin frame and tender age certainly look like results of after breast augmentation has taken place, but her tender age makes it unlikely.


    Most plastic surgeons won’t perform breast augmentation on teens because they haven’t stopped developing.


    Kylie’s Tweet a few days before posting the photo makes the possibility of breast implants ambiguous as well.


    “Yes, I’m changing,” she wrote. “Thats what you do when you grow up.. If I was the same person I was when I was 10, it’d be a bit strange don’t u think?


    According to gossip tabloid rumors, mom and manager Kris Jenner is responsible for the Kardashian/Jenner sisters focus on their appearance.


    “Kris was born beautiful,” a source close to the family says. ” She knows the value of looking good and pressures her daughters into following her lead. Kris has an idea of beauty, and wants to sculpt her daughters into that standard.”


    “[Kylie and Kendall] are agonizing over perceived flaws in their appearances,” a source close to Kris says. “Kris has been telling them that anything can be corrected with surgery, once they’re older.”


    Kris apparently has a history of telling her daughters that plastic surgery can correct any flaw, real or imaginary. Earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian revealed in an interview that as a child, she overheard her mother telling a friend that she wanted Khloe to have a nose job.


    ”Words are the most powerful weapon; they can leave scars forever. She didn’t mean harm, but when I was around nine I overheard my mom telling her friend I needed a nose job. I was shocked; I hadn’t even thought about it.”

    “I’ve grown into my face but I’ve had makeup artists tell me, ‘You should get a nose job.’ I’m so happy that I never have.”


    With or without plastic surgery, Kylie looks great.



    April 19, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment

    Sons of Anarchy Star Katey Sagal Shares Beauty Secrets

    Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal turned 60 this year but looks none the worse for the wear. It seems that along with her onscreen character, Gemma, Katey has some secrets of her own. Secrets to staying young that is. Katey looks so much like the way she did as Peggy Bundy on the hit show Married with Children that it’s hard to believe that plastic surgery isn’t at play, but it seems that Katey simply has other secrets that are doing a body good.

    So if Katey hasn’t been under the knife, what’s the secret to her seemingly eternal youth?

    “I take really good care of myself,” Katey told ABC News while attending the premiere of the upcoming FX series Fargo in New York City this week. “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. I sleep a lot. I just think it’s an inside job too. I think it’s attitude, a lot of it’s attitude. I try to have a good one.”


    Smoking and drinking has been found to not only be bad for internal organs, but bad for the body’s largest organ, the skin as well. Smoking and drinking causes fine lines and wrinkles to occur at a younger age and the action of smoking promotes lines around the mouth. Getting plenty of sleep has also been found to prevent signs of aging. It is recommended that people sleep on their backs to prevent wrinkles caused by pillows pressed against the face as well as the dreaded old lady cleavage wrinkle between the breasts.


    Katey is currently working on the final season of Sons of Anarchy and says that these days, Gemma is more popular than Peggy.


    “Now, it’s more about Gemma,” she told Billboard toward the end of 2013. “I did used to get it all the time, but not so much anymore.”


    Before Katey revealed her beauty secrets, there was some speculation that the star had had a little plastic surgery between her most famous roles.


    Katey has always had very smooth skin and a strong facial structure, so it seems possible that she would use Botox to maintain her wrinkle free appearance. It also seemed possible that she had a tightening procedure, like a mid-facelift, however given the heavy makeup she wears as her character, makeup is just as likely the culprit.


    With aging, often comes heavy lids, and some older photos reveal a heavier droopy look, which may or may not indicate a conservative eyelid surgery, but it more likely depends on lighting and make-up to keep Katey’s eyelids looking young. Katey looks amazing for a woman her age and if she did have plastic surgery, she had great results as she looks completely natural.


    And if she hasn’t spent time under the knife, then she must also have good genes in addition to taking good care of herself.


    Despite the fact that her long running series is coming to an end, Katey says it hasn’t really sunk in yet.


    “I haven’t gotten sad, I’m sort of not in that yet,” she said. “I’m just not thinking about that. I suppose it will be sad. This one, I’m sure there will be sad moments, but it has been an amazing ride.”


    April 18, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    Is Kim Richards Considering Lip Augmentation like Taylor Armstrong?

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is no stranger to plastic surgery and it seems that she is considering a permanent lip augmentation next. To find out more about the procedure, she went to former costar Taylor Armstrong, known for her tragic past and her permanent trout pout.

    In a clip from the RHOBH Season 4 “Secrets Revealed” episode, Kim and Taylor head to a beauty store, where Kim reveals that she is considering lip augmentation and asks Taylor what it’s like.

    “How would you make your lips a little bit bigger?” Kim asked.


    Taylor then explains that instead of lip fillers, which wear off eventually, she has silicone tubes in her lips.


    “Do you feel it in your lips?” Kim asked and also wondered whether it affected Taylor’s ability to suck on things.


    “When I suck on things?” she replied. “I’ve never had any complaints there.”


    All questions aside, Kim readily admitted to having made fun of Taylor’s “blowfish” lips in the past.


    “Since I was naughty and made fun of Taylor’s duck lips, for sure my karma is going be, I’m going do lips, and they’re going to end up like that,” Kim jokes, pouting her lips to look huge.


    If Kim does opt for a lip augmentation, it won’t be her first time under the knife.


    Kim Richards went for a nose surgery to correct a small imperfection on her nose that had been bothering her and allowed Bravo’s cameras to follow her during the surgery and the consequential nose job recovery and celebratory party. And like many of the other housewives, she has breast implants and also took advantage of treatments by costar Dr. Paul Nassif, although he apparently did not perform her nose job.


    According to Radar Online, Kim’s new nose was paid for by Bravo, and the network also wrote the storyline. Kim isn’t as wealthy as the other housewives and probably wouldn’t be able to take on the cost of plastic surgery on her own.


    “Kim doesn’t have an assistant or a houseman, she can’t afford that, let alone plastic surgery,” the source says. “So the story line was created for her and Bravo footed the bill.”

    “She went to the same doctor that did Kyle’s oldest daughter Farrah’s nose job, she recommended him to Kim!”


    No word on whether or not Kim will actually get lip implants, she may want to start with temporary fillers first to see if she likes herself with an oversized pout. If she does go under the knife, she will probably allow Bravo cameras in to film the procedure and the network may even shell out for the surgery.


    And although the recently married Taylor is no longer a regular castmate on the show, she does make the occasional appearance and while she may be best known for her lip implants, she has also admitted to getting Botox injections as well as breast implants in the past and received Radiesse injections on camera, courtesy of Dr. Nassif.




    April 18, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr | Leave a Comment

    Actress Judy Greer Reveals CoStar Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secrets

    You may not know Judy Greer by name, but you surely recognize her face. As one of Hollywood’s most notable character actors, Judy usually plays a quirky castmate on television shows like Two and a Half Men and Arrested Development and has backed up famous stars as the loyal bestie on the big screen, including Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner. Now, as Judy gets ready to star in her first role as a leading lady in the upcoming FX series Married, she’s spilling some of her Hollywood secrets. Including how Jennifer Lopez gets her glow.

    Jennifer Lopez always looks stunning and no matter how old she gets, she always has a youthful glow. Yet with every year there seems to be new rumors of plastic surgery, including a possible nose job, lip reduction and breast augmentation as well as rumors of Botox, chemical peels and injectable fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

    According to Jennifer’s Twitter account, none of it is true. Jennifer replied to rumors via Twitter after British plastic surgeon, Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi, posted a “before and after” of Jennifer, claiming that Jennifer had clearly been undergoing plastic surgery improvements. In one photo, Jennifer is fresh-faced and natural and in the other, she looks much more glam, with mascara, lip gloss and bronzer.


    Apparently makeup is truly transformative because Jennifer says that is all it takes to make her look “amazing”—the term the plastic surgeon used to describe her “after” appearance.


    Jennifer posted her response to the doctor’s initial photos, saying, “@DrAyoubi Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact.”


    And Jennifer has celebrity supporters that back up her story.


    In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Sunday magazine, SPLASH, Judy reveals that when JLO showed up to the set, “she didn’t have any makeup on at all and her hair was just pulled back into a wet bun. I remember thinking that she was so beautiful.”


    “I thought, ‘What does she do to look so pretty?’ I found out it was: A) She’s just really beautiful and B) she uses this expensive face cream called Creme de la Mer. I saved up all my per diem and bought myself a jar of Creme de la Mer. I still use it, by the way.”


    Jennifer and Judy aren’t the only celebrity fans of Crème de la Mer. Christina Applegate, Amanda Bynes and Kimora Lee Simmons are all said to be fans of the brand, and it’s no wonder. La Mer has long been associated with over the top luxury and more importantly, amazing results. Founded by a scientist looking to heal his scars from a lab accident, Crème de la Mer has since become one of the leaders in luxury skincare products. One of the first brands to use sea kelp, La Mer promises to keep skin soft, supple and refined.


    Judy’s show about the misery of being in love and married is set to begin in July.


    April 17, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment