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  • Lisa Rinna Says Kylie Jenner Had Lip Augmentation

    Lisa Rinna may not be a plastic surgeon but the soap actress turned Real Housewife of Beverly Hills definitely knows her way around a lip augmentation. According to Lisa, it’s a “takes one to know one” type of situation. Lisa recently revealed on an interview on Andy Cohen’s tribute to himself, Watch What Happens Live, that she believes that Kylie Jenner has had a lip augmentation.


    51-year old Lisa Rinna is more famous for her lips than she is for her talent, dubbing herself “Hollywood’s reigning lip expert.”  When asked if she thought that Kylie Jenner had undergone lip augmentation on an episode in January, Lisa nodded her head yes, adding, “That’s my feeling. I could be absolutely wrong, but I think so.”

    Lisa Rinna says Kylie Jenner got lip injections. Rinna, who got collagen lip injections and lip reconstructive surgery, said plastic surgery made her career.

    Lisa has long been open about her plastic surgeries. In addition to her famous lip augmentation, Lisa has also undergone reconstructive lip surgery, breast implants and Botox.


    Despite needing reconstructive surgery on her lips, Lisa has no regrets about her initial procedure, explaining, “I would do it again. I never had a career before I had the lips.”


    Kylie has denied a plastic surgery lip augmentation, saying that her larger than life lips are the result of makeup application and even going so far as to post makeup free selfies to prove it. However, even makeup free Kylie’s lips look large and she probably enhances her small lip augmentation further with makeup in order to make her claims true.


    Lisa isn’t the only lip expert that has weighed in on Kylie’s supersized pout that she sports whether she is shopping at the market or on the red carpet.


    “That is not just lipstick,” plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Hollywood Life. “Her lips look three times as wide as they did in the ‘before’ pictures.”


    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar also believes that Kylie has had a lip augmentation and adds that the young Kardashian family member may have also had Botox injections or even a browlift.


    Big sister Kim Kardashian has defended Kylie’s lips saying that her sister is just really skilled at makeup application and uses MAC lipliner to get her desired effect.


    However, Kim herself isn’t necessarily a reliable witness. For years rumors have swirled that the curvy lady has used plastic surgery to achieve her unusual body shape, but Kim has always denied it.


    After appearing fully nude on the cover of Paper magazine while balancing a champagne glass on her famous behind, plastic surgeons have developed a new theory about Kim’s rear. Rather than implants or fat grafts, Kim may have undergone two separate Brazilian buttlift procedures as well as lots of liposuction.


    “Without a doubt she had something done, probably two Brazilian butt lifts,” said plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis. Dr. Zannis explains that Kim most likely had fat liposuctioned from other areas of her body, including torso, stomach, love handles and lower back and then had it injected into her rear end to achieve its unlikely shape and size.


    January 16, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Plastic Surgery Buzz for the Oscar Nominees 2015

    The Oscar nominations for this year have been announced, which means that Awards Season is in full swing. Although there were surprising snubs for Jennifer Aniston for her make-up free turn in Cake and Jake Gyllennhaal didn’t get recognized for his major weight loss in Nightcrawler and the upcoming Selma film was entirely left out. Still plenty of talent was recognized and the nominees in the top categories, with and without plastic surgery include:

    Richard Linklater's Golden Globe-winning movie Boyhood, starring Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke, is nominated for a 2015 Best Picture Oscar

    Performance by an actor in a leading role

    Steve Carell in Foxcatcher

    52-year old Steve Carell has been showing off his serious side lately. His first Oscar nomination comes with the help of prosthetics to make his nose appear larger, rather than plastic surgery to make his nose smaller, as is traditional in Hollywood.


    Bradley Cooper in American Sniper

    40-year old Bradley Cooper shot to fame in The Hangover but since then has gotten serious about acting, which has paid off with his third acting nomination Oscar. Despite being a good looking guy, Bradley looks to be all natural.


    Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game

    38-year old Benedict Cumberbatch could never go under the knife or his legions of female fans would complain. His unusual appearance has served his acting skills well as he has been nominated for his first Oscar.


    Michael Keaton in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    63-year old Michael Keaton has made a triumphant return to taking center stage but doesn’t appear to have had plastic surgery in the years between Batman and Birdman. Although there was a brief period where it looked as though he might have tried fillers and Botox to appear a little younger and fuller in the face.


    Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything

    33-year old Eddie Redmayne is usually known as handsome man and based on his relative youth and natural freckles, looks to be aging naturally—at least thus far.

    Michael Keaton (here with Ed Norton) is nominated for a 2015 Best Actor Oscar for his role in the movie Birdman

    Performance by an actor in a supporting role

    Robert Duvall in The Judge

    84-year old Oscar winner Robert Duvall is a Hollywood living legend that has been nominated for his 7th Academy Award. Robert began losing his hair early in his career and opted not to have a restoration or other plastic surgery procedure.


    Ethan Hawke in Boyhood

    44-year old Ethan Hawke was once a ’90s heartthrob. His career is filled with hits and misses and he appears to have missed out on plastic surgery. This year marks his 4th Oscar nomination.


    Edward Norton in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    45-year old Edward Norton tends to frequently go unnoticed in films but his turn in Birdman as a conceited stage actor has landed him his 3rd Oscar nomination. His ability to disappear into any role does not include having plastic surgery in his private life.


    Mark Ruffalo in Foxcatcher

    47-year old Mark Ruffalo is on his second Oscar nomination. The Avengers actor was previously nominated for his turn in the 2011 flick The Kids Are All Right. Mark does not appear to have been under the knife in the years between his Oscars nominations.


    J.K. Simmons in Whiplash

    60-year old J.K. Simmons tends be best known for his comedic roles as the guy with the shockingly deep voice. This is his first Oscar nomination, coming on the heels of his Golden Globe win. Although he could use a little Botox between his brows to help decrease his wrinkle, he appears to have great skin and be aging naturally.

    Julianne Moore is nominated for a 2015 Best Actress Oscar for her role in the movie Still Alice

    Performance by an actress in a leading role

    Marion Cotillard in Two Days, One Night


    39-year old Marion Cotillard already has one Oscar under her belt and is now nominated for her second. Make Me Heal suspects it is her use of French cosmetics and skincare products, rather than plastic surgery that keeps her looking fresh-faced.


    Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything

    31-year old Felicity Jones still looks to be relying on youth to appear young and fresh faced, rather than any plastic surgery although she will likely have facials and possible laser treatments before the big night.


    Julianne Moore in Still Alice

    54-year old Julianne Moore looks to be maintaining her anti plastic surgery stance as she is nominated for her 4th Oscar. In the past, Julianne has said, “My feeling is live and let live. Some of those procedures that make you look younger, I don’t know that they really made anybody look younger. I think most of the time they make you look like you’ve had something done to your face.”


    Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

    35-year old Rosamund Pike looks to be aging naturally and taking good care of her skin, possibly with heavy duty anti aging products and regular laser treatments to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.


    Reese Witherspoon in Wild

    38-year old Reese Witherspoon had a rough year after a DUI and a consequential loss in popularity but seems to be rebounding nicely, without plastic surgery. As a former child actress, it would not be surprising that Reese had a nose job in the past or uses Botox now, although she has never admitted to having any work done.

    Performance by an actress in a supporting role

    Patricia Arquette in Boyhood

    46-year old Patricia Arquette is on her first Oscar nom and is rumored to have had Botox in the past, after displaying a shiny and wrinkle-free appearance at a past event.


    Laura Dern in Wild

    The daughter of Oscar nominee Bruce Dern, Laura Dern is following in the family tradition and racking up awards without plastic surgery.


    Keira Knightley in The Imitation Game

    29-year old Keira Knightley is pretty outspoken about her famously thin frame and lack of curves. However, despite teasing about breast implants, Keira looks to be all natural thus far.


    Emma Stone in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    26-year old Emma Stone has perfected her usual deadpan delivery as a sarcastic young lady enough to get an Oscar nom and appears to rely more on hairstyles and makeup than plastic surgery to get noticed in Hollywood.


    Meryl Streep in Into the Woods

    65-year old Meryl Streep is so talented that she tends to get nominated for an Oscar in any role she takes on. As a witch, Meryl used makeup rather than plastic surgery but in the past has been rumored to have had facelifts over the years so that she stays just young enough to continue to get work.




    January 15, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery,Oscars Plastic Surgery, Award Shows by Lisa Stanfield | Leave a Comment

    Botched Doctors Hint They Will Fix Farrah Abraham’s Lip Augmentation

    Each season on the Botched reality show, the doctors fix the botched plastic surgery of patients both semi-famous, famous for plastic surgery and not famous at all and just suffering from a bad experience with plastic surgery. For the upcoming second season it looks like former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham will make a return to the small screen as the doctors fix recent lip augmentation gone wrong.


    Recently, 23-year old Teen Mom turned amateur porn star Farrah Abraham shared a photos of herself on social media sporting a supersized lip, courtesy of an attempt to make her lip augmentation last longer.

    Hospital visit: She had to check into the emergency room to have the mishap examined; she was hooked up with the powerful Nova painkiller on her left arm

    Along with the photo, Farrah added the caption, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!” and the hashtags “botched,” “California,” “ER” and “fix it.”


    After seeing the hashtag “botched” on the photos, some people surmised that it might be an attempt to appear on the botched reality show where Dr Terry Dubrow, and Dr Paul Nassif, both of Real Housewife fame, fix the botched plastic surgeries of patients.


    According to Dr Terry Dubrow in an interview with the Daily Mail, Farrah will appear on the upcoming season, although he declined to share any specifics or details.


    Dr. Dubrow tells the Daily Mail, “We can’t talk about that but let’s assume that we may be involved with that at this point.”


    “Maybe we have, maybe we will, but that’s something she may need help with.”


    The second season of Botched is due to premiere in April on E!, so fans will have to wait until then to find out whether or not Farrah’s face can be fixed.


    Farrah’s upper lip is swollen ten times larger than her lower lip after undergoing a treatment to have an implant placed so that she would not need to have her fillers redone every few months. Her appearance has led the reality star and her followers to compare her new look to cartoon characters from The Simpsons and Turanga Leela from the animated series Futurama.


    Back in October 2013, Farrah first got collagen injections, explaining to Life & Style at the time that “I’m trying out collagen injections,” Farrah said, explaining that it is “something fun and it’s not permanent.”


    For that lip augmentation procedure, Farrah also shared a smiling photo with fans with the hashtags “#Selfie Wednesday #HappyTime :) ))))))),” a far cry from her recent botched lip augmentation in which she appears to be unhappy and possibly in pain from her supersized lip.


    Lip augmentation is only Farrah’s latest attempt to stay relevant and extend her 15 minutes of fame through plastic surgery. In 2012, she had a $21,0000 chin implant placed under local anesthetic, leaving her awake for the ordeal, by Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer. After getting negative comments, Farrah eventually decided to have the chin implant removed.


    In addition to the chin implant, Farrah has also undergone a nose job and two breast augmentations to get her chest pornstar perfect.


    January 14, 2015 in Awful/Bad Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery TV Show,Cosmetic Surgery,Weird, Fun & Tragic Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross | Leave a Comment

    Melissa Gilbert Removes Breast Implants After DWTS

    Actress Melissa Gilbert has spent nearly her entire life under the scrutiny of the camera. As a result, the Little House on the Prairie star says that she has struggled with body image issues for quite some time. Now, at the age of 50 Melissa is beginning to accept her body for what it is and has removed her breast implants as a first step.


    According to a funny and personal post on her website entitled, “A Tale of Two Titties,” Melissa describes her 2012 turn on DWTS as well as her history of body image issues.

    Melissa Gilbert (Getty Images)

    “I had spent most of my life pressured to look a certain way and I believed the hype,” wrote Gilbert, who married actor Timothy Busfield in 2013. “The height of this obsession with my outward appearance culminated with my appearance on the dancing show. It was all about spray tan and glitter and glamor and what other people think and being skinny, way too skinny!! Yuck!!”


    “I stayed in that head space for several months after that. Then I had a rude awakening. A 300 pound patio cover collapsed on my head. It was like the universe smacking me in the head and screaming,’WAKE UP MELISSA!!!!’ Wake up I did. It was like a light switch going on. The shallowness of my existence at that point brought me to my knees. I had to change. I had to look inward and address my issues (this looking inward is a constant process by the way). It was time for me to change. I had to focus on what was real and true. I’d lost myself somehow.”


    Melissa goes on to explain that in her Little House on the Prairie days and roles after that, she was fitted in a padded bra and corset with drawn-on cleavage, which made her feel insecure about her size A cup.


    She then explains how her decision to undergo breast augmentation came about after the birth of her son and then her replacement implants in 2004.


    “I was left feeling a bit uncomfortable about my breasts but it was so worth it to have my beautiful, healthy son,” she wrote. “And then my husband at the time, referred to my boobs as……and I quote…. ‘Socks full of marbles with knots at the top.’


    “A few years later we got divorced,” continued Gilbert, whose ex-husbands include Bo Brinkman and fellow actor Bruce Boxleitner. “Not only because of the sock comment. Although the sock comment was symptomatic of all that was wrong between us. And there I was, single and feeling enormously insecure about my breasts. Then and there, without doing any research, I made the decision, to get my breasts augmented. Not too big, just enough to fill up the ‘socks.’”


    “I couldn’t shake the idea that my implants had a shelf life,” she shared candidly. “They would have to have them replaced every 10-15 years for the rest of my life. It was possible that at 80 years old I might have to get new implants! Huh?? I also began thinking a lot about the silicone in my body and what might go wrong.”


    The December 31 post then discusses why Melissa feels removing the implants is best for her.


    “The bottom line…or top line.. is that; A. I am concerned for my health and 2. I don’t like the way they look or feel. Frankly, I’d like to be able to take a Zumba class without the fear that I’ll end up with two black eyes,” she joked.


    After deciding to ultimately remove her breast implants a short while ago, Melissa Tweeted that her recovery was going well.


    January 13, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment

    Plastic Surgery at the Golden Globes 2015


    The Golden Globes is often known as Hollywood’s biggest party as stars of screens large and small get to mingle on the red carpet as they present awards for their work over the past year. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted this year’s celebrity shindig, skewering controversial comedian Bill Cosby in their opening monologue.

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler looked stunning all through the evening’s events but neither funny lady appears to have been under the knife. Tina’s childhood scar could possibly benefit from some type of plastic surgery treatment to make it less prominent and both ladies are at an age when Botox becomes most popular. The real life friends look to have more in common than just being funny. They also look to take care of themselves naturally and use makeup to transform into red carpet divas, rather than plastic surgery.

    Frances McDormand

    Frances McDormand was nominated for her excellent work in the HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge. However Frances recently spoke out about how angry Hollywood’s plastic surgery obsession makes her, which could be why she looked impassive at the night’s events, being stuck in a room of people wearing makeup to hide their plastic surgery. She told the New York Times, “I have not mutated myself in any way. Joel and I have this conversation a lot. He literally has to stop me physically from saying something to people — to friends who’ve had work. I’m so full of fear and rage about what they’ve done.”

    Jennifer Lopez and Jeremy Renner speaks onstage during the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

    While presenting an award with Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lopez put her glorious cleavage on full display. JLo has long denied plastic surgery, including everything from Botox to a nose job but her cleavage definitely stole the show, causing co-host Jeremy to make a crack about JLo’s own “globes.” As she offered to open the winning envelope because “I’ve got the nails.” Renner replied with a quick, “You’ve got the globes, too.”

    Prince made a surprise appearance at the awards show to present the Best Original Song prize. The performer looks the same as he did in his Purple Rain days, but the 56-year old shows no obvious signs of plastic surgery. Maybe his oversized hair and shades are hiding not only his eyes, but also any signs of aging.

    Conchita Wurst is big in Europe after winning a musical talent contest program and she made her American red carpet appearance at the 2015 Golden Globes a memorable one in a fancy gown.  Despite heavy makeup and a heavy beard, Conchita looks like she has probably had a nose job to slim and shape her nose to be more elegant. In fact rumor has it that the beard is fake as Conchita’s alter ego, Thomas Neuwirth doesn’t have a lot of facial hair.

    Actor George Clooney and his wife Amal looked pretty good on the red carpet.

    George Clooney showed up with his wife, Amal, and for the rest of the night listened to the  praise about her humanitarian efforts, even though he was the one being awarded. The actor took it in good stride, praising his wife himself when it was his turn at the mic. Both George and Amal look to live a healthy lifestyle rather than rely on plastic surgery for their looks.



    January 12, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Ethnic Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery,Oscars Plastic Surgery, Award Shows by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris Shares Thoughts About Plastic Surgery

    Being a reality television Bachelorette isn’t easy. Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris survived more than just the drama depicted on the show, she also had to survive cyber bullying attacks that poked fun at her looks. Eventually, all the commentary and focus on her appearance led her to go under the knife for plastic surgery. However, Jillian says that the results turned out positive as she is now more confident about her appearance.


    In a blog on her website, 35-year old Jillian Harris reflects on her plastic surgery in a blog post titled “10 Things I Learned from Reality TV.” In it, she names the criticism she received online as a top reason for why she opted for a nose job.

    Jillian writes, “Some people are mean. I’ve found the best way to cope with this is to just feel sorry for them. Think about it…how many emotionally wonderful people will jump onto the old world wide web and lash out at someone they have never met? Not many. So if someone says your fat, ugly, stupid or have a hot dog nose (yes this happened, and yes I got a nose job because of it) choose the route of empathy instead of anger. It just shows that they must be hurting somewhere internally to be taking it out on you. Live and learn!!!! I love my new nose and am thankful for what it taught me!!!!”


    In an interview with the website Wet Paint a couple of years ago and shortly after the nose job, Jillian elaborated the decision was a combination of factors, including having broken her nose in the past. She revealed, “Well, I had had my nose broken before years ago and my mom said a few times that my nose was different than it had been, and I guess I was just used to it and so it didn’t really bother me. And then sadly, actually, when I was going through my breakup with Ed (Swiderski), I was really sad and was reading someone’s blog and this person was really nasty and was posting really mean comments about my nose.”


    However although rumors have swirled that Jillian has had other work done on her face, Jillian claims that her only facial procedure has been a nose job. Other improvements in her appearance she reveals in the same blog post are due to her improved knowledge of using makeup, including mattifying powder to take care of her shininess and photos showing the improvements, even before she had plastic surgery.


    “Powder. OMG I didn’t realize how greasy I looked in pictures until I started wearing mattifying powder!! Ladies…this can MAKE or break a photo and there is a fine balance….NO i have not had tons of work done on my face, rather I’ve only just now figured out how to do my makeup…for example (all pre nose job). ”


    Jillian sounds to be confident and positive now that she has undergone a nose job, which is plastic surgery done right.





    January 9, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment

    Kylie Jenner Shares Thoughts on Plastic Surgery

    Kylie Jenner is the youngest member of the reality television family that includes dad Bruce Jenner, better known for his ongoing plastic surgery than his career as an Olympic athlete. Her mom, Kris Jenner is also big on plastic surgery, going under the knife seemingly at the drop of a hat. However Kylie has inherited not only camera-worthy looks but also the rumor mill constantly churning out new suspicions that despite being under 18, she herself has had numerous cosmetic surgery procedures.


    In a recent issue, Cosmo magazine dubbed 17-year old cover girl Kylie Jenner “The New Kardashian Mogul.” Throughout last year Kylie was continually plagued by rumors of lip injections since she posted photos of herself on social media with suspiciously full lips, which continued to grow throughout the year. In the interview with Cosmo, Kylie revealed the secrets behind her lips and looks, attributing her changing face and body to growing up rather than plastic surgery.

    Kylie Jenner on Plastic Surgery: I'm Not Against It

    However, Kylie also revealed that although she hasn’t spent any time on an operating table she isn’t against plastic surgery. This isn’t surprising considering both of her now divorced parents are famous for getting facelifts on a semi-regular basis and her father’s procedures in particular are closely watched by the media.


    Kylie reveals to Cosmo, “You guys have watched me grow up since I was 9. My face is going to get different,” she explains about her changing appearance. “Now, I know how to do my makeup, contour and everything. I’m not against surgery. I’d never say no, but I don’t desire it right now.”


    Even big sister Kim Kardashian has weighed in on Kylie’s lip augmentation rumors. In October, Kim revealed in an interview with U.K. beauty blog Pixiwoo, “She draws her lip, and it looks amazing. And I go into her room like ‘What liner do you wear?’ because she only wears a lip liner and she fills it in she doesn’t wear a lipstick or a lip gloss. But she’s so good at makeup, every event she does it herself.”


    As for the rumors that constantly swirl about this and that and plastic surgery, Kylie explains, “When I was like 10, 11, 12, I had a really hard time with the media. It was a lot more haters to deal with … especially since I was younger and my sisters were so beautiful and had it all together.”


    Yet despite it all Kylie admits to love being famous, “I can have my moments and say that I don’t want this life anymore, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The good is definitely worth the bad.”


    In addition to lip augmentation rumors, Kylie also faced rumors that she has undergone a breast augmentation. Most doctors encourage patients to wait until age 18 to get breast implants, to help ensure that natural development has stopped. However towards the end of last year some noted that Kylie’s chest had rather suddenly gotten much fuller and showed signed of breast enhancement.


    Kylie and her kin have yet to indicate how she makes her chest fuller.






    January 8, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    Farrah Abraham Shows off Botched Fillers

    Former Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham turned to plastic surgery to help boost her career after leaving the reality show. However it looks like she may have gone too far this time as a recent lip augmentation gone terribly awry has left her looking more like a cartoon character than ever.


    23-year old Farrah Abraham got lip injections that look they would be enough to put anyone off plastic surgery, but despite now looking really not hot, she still used social media to post photos of herself.

    Along with a photo of her monstrously oversized upper lip, Farrah wrote, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit”


    TMZ reports that Farrah was undergoing a lip augmentation using an implant rather than filler, which is considered more cost effective because the implant will last whereas the fillers must be replaced periodically.


    However, Farrah says that despite researching the doctor that did the procedure as well as the procedure ahead of time and deciding that it was safe, something still went wrong. Farrah says that doctor injected her with an anesthetic before the procedure and thinks that her ridiculously looking lip is the result of a serious allergic reaction to the medication, rather than the lip implant itself.


    Despite looking more like a member of the Simpsons family than a teen star, Farrah seems to have a sense of humor about the botched procedure, posting a side by side of herself with Leela from “Futurama,” comparing profiles with the caption “Gotta love my new look.”


    Since her days on Teen Mom have ended, Farrah has been looking for new ways to play the fame game, including using plastic surgery.


    Farrah underwent a breast augmentation shortly after leaving the show, which she then followed up with a nose job and chin implant. After becoming old enough for silicone implants, Farrah then upsized her breast implants with a new pair. She eventually removed her chin implant after negative comments from fans and began getting regular lip injections. It seems that Farrah really liked her large lips, although her new implant procedure looks to be downright painful.


    Farrah also attempted to find fame a la Kim Kardashian by releasing a porn tape showing some untraditional positions and costarring a porn star.


    Now bloggers are speculating that Farrah’s new lip augmentation gone wrong is a bid to appear on the upcoming season of Botched, a reality show that features Housewives of Southern California plastic surgeon husbands Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow as they attempt to correct previously botched plastic surgery procedures.


    Despite all the criticism she gets about plastic surgery, Farrah seems to be a firm believer in its power to do good and says that she would be fine with her daughter Sophia going under the knife, “because you don’t want to hate your face.”   “I think if other women feel that is what will make them feel whole and satisfied then I think that’s their healthy way of helping themselves,” explained Farrah in a recent interview with Rumor Fix.




    January 7, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr | Leave a Comment

    Kim Kardashian Continues to Spark Rumors of Plastic Surgery

    If Kim Kardashian is to be believed, the reality star is an all-natural beauty that just really knows her way around the beauty counter. However, as the star continues to share past photos of herself on social media, she has also inadvertently continued to create rumors that she has spent a lot of time on plastic surgery as the old and new photos show drastic changes in the star’s appearance.


    34-year old Kim Kardashian loves nothing more than taking photos of herself and sharing them with fans. A recent batch included side by side photos of the homemade sex tape star in recent days and a photo from when she was just youngster of seven. Somehow Kim managed to imply that she has changed much in the intervening decades.

    Paper Magazine and SVEDKA Vodka Present Break The Internet Issue Launch

    “Love this side by side of me when I’m 7 and me now,” Kim captioned the photo.


    However, most believe that a whole lot has changed since Kim’s only beauty concern was choosing a hair bow. In addition to heavy contouring makeup, fake tanning products, eyelash extensions and regular brow shaping, Kim is also thought to have had a lot of plastic surgery.


    Although Kim always denies doing anything drastic to her face other than one time dabbling in Botox and saying that she isn’t opposed to plastic surgery, most fans and experts believe that Kim is leaving out several treatments.


    Kim looks like she regularly gets Botox injections in her forehead and between her brows as her face is routinely expressionless. In addition, she looks to get fillers of some sort placed in her cheeks, in the lines from her nose to mouth and in her lips. Her expressionless and full face looks to be the result of regular injections and as Kim is also known to try anti aging treatments like vampire facials and lasers, she probably also gets chemical peels and so injectables such as Botox and Juvederm don’t seem unlikely either.


    Most recently, Kim’s nose has looked to be shrinking, sparking a series of rumors that since she started dating Kanye West she has undergone at least one nose job.


    Prior to the facial plastic surgery, Kim was most often under scrutiny for her curiously curveacous body, which she has always insisted is natural but is commonly thought to be the result of fat liposuctioned out of another part of her body, like her legs, and then transferred into her butt to achieve her famously oversized rear.


    In addition to the photos of herself, she also shared photos of mashup of her own baby photo with that of her daughter along with the caption:


    She added, “I’m not sure who made this but I love these side by side pics. This is me on the right as a baby and North on the left.”


    Although the baby photos bear a striking resemblance to one another, Kim’s attempts to remain wrinkle free by never smiling and undergoing extensive plastic surgery haven’t left her looking any closer to child-like. Rather, she looks pretty extreme.




    January 6, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Kaley Cuoco Didn’t Have a Nose Job

    Kaley Cuoco is pretty open with her fans. She’s always sharing pictures of her personal life, whether on set or in her home. The Big Bang Theory actress recently used social media to share her sinus surgery recovery. While some stars use sinus surgery as an excuse for a nose job, Kaley’s photos indicate that her sinus surgery looks to be medical rather than cosmetic.


    29-year old Kaley posted photos of her dogs and husband along with her as she recovers from a recent procedure.

    Kaley Cuoco shares photo from the hospital Monday evening.

    “I have been putting sinus surgery off for year, and I finally did- and for this who think I got a nose nob thinks again ! (Wish) thAnk you to my amazing husband and sweet dogs for watching over me.”


    Kaley looks to be undergoing sinus surgery while her show is on break, posting the photos shortly after Christmas.


    “Coming out of sinus surgery and the first thing I see is my beautiful angel of a man, hes right there . Always . He’s taking amazing care of me ☺️i love my noodle . Hes perfection.”


    “Sinus surgery sucks. My husband does not ❤️(cant wait to breathe again)!!!”


    Kaley’s bandages are very different than those used for a nose job. After nose surgery, the bandages usually surround the entire nose, while Kaley’s bandages reveal her nose and her bandages are below it.


    While Kaley’s recent surgery looks to be medically based, she may have had a nose job in the past. Kaley’s childhood photos reveal a very wide nose, but since joining “8 Simple Rules” in 2002, Kaley’s nose somehow narrowed and became much less prominent. While it is possible that Kaley simply grew into her nose, or directors learned to find better camera angles for the star, it is even more likely that Kaley underwent a slight nose procedure to perfect her nose and make it narrow. Kaley’s nose job was well done and looks to be fairly minor as her overall appearance was not altered and the tip of her nose and general shape of her nose did not change significantly, if at all.


    Nose jobs tend to be popular in Hollywood to help stars look perfect and symmetrical from every angle.


    Earlier in this year Kaley put an end to speculation about whether or not she has had breast augmentation, admitting to getting breast implants when she was 18.


    In an interview with Cosmo, Kaley revealed that she decided to get breast implants when she was 18, calling it the “best decision I ever made.”


    Cosmo‘s fashion director, Aya Kanai, agrees that it great to hear the star owning up to her plastic surgery, noting: “Not only is she honest about all the wonderful and great things that she loves about her life, but she’s also open and honest about the things that she wanted to change.”


    Kaley’s tendency to share exactly what is going on with her life, whether it is getting married after a whirlwind romance or reusing her wedding gown, has made her a fan favorite.


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