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  • Frances McDormand Angry About Plastic Surgery

    Oscar winner Frances McDormand tells the New York Times that she doesn’t have time for vanity. The actress was busy promoting her mini-series for HBO, Olive Kitteridge and like the title character, Frances is also something like a rebel. Like her rebellion against Hollywood’s emphasis on youth and beauty, which many actresses attempt to achieve with plastic surgery. But not Frances.

    Olive Kitteridge is Frances McDormand’s pet project. At 57, she has now entered the world of television as well as producing the miniseries and choosing its cast and directors. And while many actresses create their own projects to boost their own egos and appear extra beautiful, Frances eschews all that hype.

    Frances tells the New York Time, “We are on red alert when it comes to how we are perceiving ourselves as a species,” she said. “There’s no desire to be an adult. Adulthood is not a goal. It’s not seen as a gift. Something happened culturally: No one is supposed to age past 45 — sartorially, cosmetically, attitudinally. Everybody dresses like a teenager. Everybody dyes their hair. Everybody is concerned about a smooth face.”


    However, Frances seems to be staying away from everything from hair dye to makeup, let alone getting Botox injections or a facelift. Her flyaway hair and close ups of the laugh lines around her eyes that are evident in the miniseries are testament to France’s low opinion of cosmetics and plastic surgery. Not one to shy away from sharing her opinion of those who opt to go under the knife, Frances says that her husband, Oscar winner Joel Coen, has had to hold her back from confronting people about their decision to go under the knife.


    “I have not mutated myself in any way,” she said. “Joel and I have this conversation a lot. He literally has to stop me physically from saying something to people — to friends who’ve had work. I’m so full of fear and rage about what they’ve done.”


    For her role in Olive Kitteridge, which takes place over the course of decades, Frances says she felt more comfortable playing the white-haired, wrinkled version of the character than the energy-filled 40 year old version. Which is why she didn’t want to sport even temporary makeup or methods of making herself look younger. But she did acquiesce after the director pulled her aside to remind of Nora Ephron’s essay on the state of her neck after aging.


    Frances is used to having her looks criticized as she hasn’t fit into the Hollywood mold since beginning her career.


    “I was often told that I wasn’t a thing,” she said. “ ‘She’s not pretty enough, she’s not tall enough, she’s not thin enough, she’s not fat enough.’ I thought, ‘O.K., someday you’re going to be looking for someone not, not, not, not, and there I’ll be.’ ”


    Despite not fitting into a mold and staying away from the limelight as much as possible, Frances has managed to become a star and shows no signs of dimming anytime soon.


    November 21, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Sophia Loren Refused a Nose Job Early in Her Career

    At age 80, Italian actress Sophia Loren remains one of the world’s great beauties. And early in her career she was one of the most sought after faces in Hollywood. Yet the actress tells the Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that early in her career the studios were not so enamored of her looks and wanted Sophia to have a nose job.

    Although she is currently known as a classic beauty, Sophia says that she has struggled with her looks, just as actresses do today. According to Sophia she had be strong to turn down plastic surgery.

    “I always tried not to listen to these people.” Sophia tells the Hollywood Reporter, “They were saying that my nose was too long and my mouth was too big.”


    Sophia first found fame in her native country, Italy, and it wasn’t until she left for Hollywood that she first was criticized about her looks—to the extent that even her late husband, Carlo Ponti, at the time thought that a nose job might be a good idea.


    “Carlo said, ‘You know the cameramen, they say that your nose is too long. Maybe you have to touch it a little bit,’” she recalled. “And I said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to touch nothing on my face because I like my face. If I have to change my nose, I am going back to Pozzuoli.’”


    Sophia is currently promoting her memoir, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Life, and says that she didn’t take the criticism personally and remained resolute in her anti-nose job stance.


    “It didn’t hurt me at all,” she said. “Because when I believe in something, it’s like war. It’s a battle.”


    Sophia is a 2-time Oscar winner with numerous film credits under her belt. She explains that she didn’t feel a different nose would suit her face. “At that time, they used to do noses like a French nose with a little tip at the end — they liked that,” she told THR. “Can you imagine me with a nose like that?”


    Despite the comments from Hollywood about her appearance, Sophia was glad and grateful to be amongst the stars.


    “Can you imagine me, from Pozzuoli, Naples, and hunger, the war and everything — I go to Hollywood and I see Rita Hayworth and Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis?” she recalled. “I mean, what is this, a dream? I’m always afraid to wake up. I had a wonderful time learning a lot about the business, but of course, when you go back to where you were born, you always give the best. That’s where I was really the best.”


    Although Sophia may have turned down plastic surgery early in her career, the leading beauty’s latest red carpet appearances have sparked numerous rumors that she is using more than just olive oil to stay beautiful.


    It is believed that Sophia has probably had a facelift over the years as well as blepharoplasty and a necklift as well as fillers like Juvederm and possible laser treatments or chemical peels as well.


    Whatever she is doing, it is certainly working for her.


    November 20, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | Leave a Comment

    Did Kylie Jenner Get a Breast Enlargement?

    It seems that while the world was focused on her lips, Kylie Jenner may have had another plastic surgery—below the neck. Frequently stars will get a drastic haircut to draw attention away from another dramatic change in their appearance, such as a plastic surgery procedure. If the new rumors are true, then Kylie Jenner may have been playing up her lips to detract from her breast augmentation.

    The Kardashians and Jenners are known for their curves. But some have openly admitted to coming by them courtesy of plastic surgery, while others claim to be all natural. 17-year old Kylie Jenner is the newest Jenner to blossom overnight and RadarOnline.com reports that the makeup guru may have undergone a breast augmentation to keep up with the rest of the Kardashians.

    “Her breasts do not look ‘natural,’ but rather have the appearance of someone who has undergone breast augmentation,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Neal Handel, MD, tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.


    “In recent photos Kylie’s breasts are distinctly larger than they used to be! A photo of her wearing a black bandeau reveals an “unnatural” appearance typically associated with breast enlargement surgery,” says Dr. Handel, who has not treated the young reality TV star.


    “Kylie has exaggerated upper pole fullness [or a round appearance], and she has much better defined cleavage than before.”

    “Breast enlargement surgery is usually done with implants — silicone rubber bags that can be filled either with saline (salt water) or silicone gel,” Dr. Handel tells Radar. “The FDA has approved silicone gel implants for women 22 years of age and older. Therefore, Kylie, who is only 17, would be a candidate for saline implants.”


    At 17, Kylie is pretty young for breast implants and many plastic surgeons prefer to wait until the patient is older before performing a breast augmentation in order to make sure that natural development is done. Otherwise, the breasts may continue to grow after the procedure has taken place.


    If Kylie has already gotten breast implants and they are saline, she can opt to replace them with silicone implants once she is older and has reached the legal age to do so. Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham famously did so once she was off the show and trying to launch a career as a porn star.


    It’s hard to say whether or Kylie has actually spent time under the knife. Given her apparently amazing makeup skills, some of the cleavage effect and upper fullness could be partially due to the result of contouring. Also, because she is still a teen, her development could have been delayed and she has only recently blossomed or has become comfortable enough with her body to reveal her cleavage.


    On the other hand, given her family’s near legendary love of plastic surgery, she could simply be following in the family tradition. Her mother, Kris Jenner had her breast implants replaced a while back and her big sister, Kourtney Kardashian has also admitted to getting breast enhancement in the past.


    November 19, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross | Leave a Comment

    Kylie Jenner Talks Big Lips After Lip Injection Rumors Continue

    Since Kylie Jenner first began posting photos of herself on social media with larger than life lips, people were up in arms that the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner had undergone a plastic surgery lip augmentation at the age of 17. Shortly after her big lips became all anyone was talking about, beauty bloggers began posting tutorials to show how you can achieve the same look with nothing more than makeup and a steady hand, no doctor appointment necessary. Now it seems that Kylie may have been using makeup to get more attention on her lips all along—not lip injections.

    After months of speculation as to whether or not Kylie was using makeup or lip fillers, Kylie tried to change the subject, declaring herself “bored” with the whole debate, but still not saying one way or the other whether or not she had undergone plastic surgery lip injections.

    “How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao.”


    “Let’s get a our lives together guys and talk about some important sh-t. Just talk about something new at least. I’m bored.”


    Then, at the end of October, it seemed like big sister Kim Kardashian had finally cleared up the whole debate when she revealed to a UK-based beauty blog that Kylie is the only member of the family that does her own makeup.


    “She draws her lip, and it looks amazing,” Kim told U.K. beauty blog Pixiwoo. “And I go into her room like ‘What liner do you wear?’ because she only wears a lip liner and she fills it in she doesn’t wear a lipstick or a lip gloss. But she’s so good at makeup, every event she does it herself.”


    Still, the rumors persisted with many critical about Kylie’s lips. But it seems that Kim was correct when she said that makeup was behind the big lips.


    At a launch for her new line of hair extensions—which allow Kylie to change her hair color and length as often as she changes her shade of lipstick—Kylie spoke to E! News about her big lips.


    “In pictures, I pout them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome,” she said in an interview with E! News during the launch of her hair extension line. “I feel like everyone has been talking about it for months, so I’m kind of sick of it … Let’s just stop. Let’s get over the subject.”


    “I love lip liner. I love over-lining my lips. But I don’t even care any more. I’m like, ‘Whatever.’ Just say whatever you want. I just changed my gray hair so I definitely want to do something like that,” she said. “Maybe silver or maybe some fun stuff like purple.”


    Kylie’s youthful exploration of playing with her look makes sense coming from a family that seems to be obsessed with appearance. And it seems that while Kylie may not be copping to lip augmentation, she may also not be copping to other plastic surgery rumors….


    November 18, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Erica Hurtz | Leave a Comment

    Gwyneth Paltrow Says She is Aging Gracefully without Plastic Surgery

    Despite making controversial remarks about what constitutes a necessity and brandishing her lavish lifestyle as though it is easy to achieve without wealth or famous parents, Gwyneth Paltrow continues to hold herself up as an example for all. Including her current philosophy on aging, which doesn’t include plastic surgery.

    In an interview with Stylist’s Joanna McGarry, via The Daily Mail, 42-year old Gwyneth Paltrow revealed her beauty routine and how she stays youthful.

    The Oscar winner says she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to what’s going on in the mirror.


    “I’d rather die than be studying my face. I just brush my teeth and try to get dressed and get everyone up. I don’t tend to wear much make-up either.”


    In addition to her acting day job, Gwyneth also has a lifestyle website, Goop, and is working on launching a line of makeup and beauty products of the same name. But for now, she’s happy with her appearance.


    “‘I’m pretty content with my looks at this point. I like my wrinkles and you know, I like what I see.”


    However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have moments of self-doubt, like any woman.


    “I try to appreciate the incredible life I’ve lived and all I’ve learned. I like that all of that is written on my face.”


    And although she wears a lot of makeup as a glamorous star of the screen, in her daily life she says she keeps things minimal.


    “I know it’s a cliché, but I really do subscribe to the ‘age gracefully’ thing. I’d rather die than be studying my face. I just brush my teeth and try to get dressed and get everyone up. I don’t tend to wear much make-up either. I like my wrinkles and you know, I like what I see.”


    The Goop website has faced a lot of controversy thanks to Gwyneth’s extravagant recommendations for products to help live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Now it is being rebranded with the help of lawyer Lisa Gersh to restore its image as well as offer Goop branded products.


    Lisa explained to the Sunday Times, “The good stuff, the lifestyle advice and the travel tips, will still be there. But we will be selling our own Goop brand of clothing and beauty products online.”


    “This is a chance to develop a massive new type of e-commerce company that was just not possible when I started out in the 1990s.”


    In addition, there will also be a couple of Goop pop-up shops in cities around the country to find products.


    Gwyneth’s confession of a minimal beauty routine is certainly different from the message she has sent in the past, which has included everything from trying Botox injections to chemical peels and laser treatments in addition to super expensive facial treatments from celebrity beauty gurus using ingredients like caviar and gold.


    No word yet on whether or not Gwyneth’s new “minimal” approach will also have a more minimal pricetag when the product line launches just in time for the holidays.


    November 17, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns to TV After Leaving for Unnamed Surgery

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck has taken almost a month off from her Fox & Friends television show after announcing that she was leaving to have an undisclosed surgery and needed time for recovery. Then she revealed that she would be back to work via Twitter, “Full of #gratitude to be back TOMORROW 6am EST on @foxandfriends ! Morning are #BetterWithFriends like all of you!”

    In the meantime, many wondered if Elisabeth was undergoing some form of plastic surgery before making a return and her mysteriousness about the procedure only added fuel to the fire.

    Elisabeth didn’t give prior warning to viewers or fans, instead her co-anchors revealed the news on air, including the fact that she would temporarily be replaced by Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox’s The Five.


    “In case you were wondering where Elisabeth is today, well, she had some surgery yesterday and she’s gonna be out for a couple weeks. But she’s doing just fine. She’s on the mend,” Steve Doocy said at the time.


    “As you know if you watch the show, she is strong, she is tough, and a better athlete than me,” Brian Kilmeade added. “We heard from her last night and she said she is feeling good so in a short time she’ll be back on the set. Until then, we get a chance to work with wonderful people like Kimberly.”


    Now that she’s back, it seems obvious that Elisabeth hasn’t had plastic surgery. In fact, the controversial blonde revealed that she was off air because of a cancer scare.


    The 37-year old shared that doctors had found a tumor growing in her abdomen and feared that it might be cancerous.


    “I had a scary week when we didn’t know what the results were,” Elisabeth said. “But I’m okay…everything came back okay. Surgery’s not fun, but it is necessary to find out if you have something really terrible.”


    She then expressed gratitude to her co-hosts, bosses and fans that supported her during her month-long absence from the program.


    “I could not be more thankful for my family and my friends who’ve stuck by me with incredible support,” she said. “And really, starting from the top down here, [Fox News CEO] Mr. [Roger] Ailes, and this entire Fox family treated me like family the entire way… I’m certainly not a person who takes a lot for granted, but I certainly don’t take it for granted now.”


    Elisabeth then proceeded to tear up as she empathized with others who have been through similar ordeals, with less happy results. “So many people I know have stared down the barrel of that cancer gun, and looked at it when they have gotten bad news,” she said, “and have done remarkable things, courageously, to fight it.”


    Happy news for Elisabeth and her family.


    Back in 2009, when co-host of The View morning television show, Elisabeth was rumored to have undergone a mommy makeover after bouncing back into shape quickly after having kids. However, the rumors seem unlikely given Elisabeth’s natural love of working out and she still doesn’t look to have had so much as Botox injections. Instead, she remains natural.


    November 14, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Wendy Lewis | Leave a Comment

    Savannah Guthrie Admits to Trying Botox

    42-year old Today Show host Savannah Guthrie recently admitted to her fellow co-stars that she tried Botox back in 2009. Like other stars that have dabbled in plastic surgery to fight signs of aging, Savannah says that she wasn’t pleased with her appearance immediately after the procedure—but that doesn’t mean that she won’t try the injectable again in the future.

    On a segment that discussed a new trend developing amongst men undergoing Botox injections at a higher rate, Savannah opened up to her costars that she had tried Botox in the past, indicating her forehead area. The forehead is a common region to get Botox injections, which can help relax the wrinkles that form there, making a person look older.

    “I have done it, I did it in 2009,” she told Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Carson Daly and Josh Elliott while looking at a picture of herself during an interview with President Obama in October 2009. “Really, I did it, I was working here [at the time].”


    “[I had it] in my forehead, that’s where everyone did it. And you know what? I remember looking back and thinking, ‘I don’t think that looks that good’.”


    Despite saying that she didn’t really like how she looked after the injections, Savannah said that she wouldn’t rule out trying Botox again, sometime in the future.


    “I have never done it again,” she said of the procedure. “I’m not saying I wouldn’t though; I would. And I’m mean, I’m definitely a candidate for Botox… Because of wrinkles. On your forehead, they’re supposed to smooth them out.”


    Her co-hosts seemed surprised by Savannah’s confession and had a bunch of questions for her, which she readily answered.


    When she turned the tables, and asked her male co-hosts if they would consider Bro-tox (the nickname for Botox when used by males), they all seemed to have the same answer: No.


    “No.. I feel like we’ve earned [our wrinkles],” Josh said, before Al suggested that if Botox was ever “sold as bacon,” he might consider it.


    Savannah’s Botox confession came shortly after The Today Show host returned to the show after maternity leave. Earlier this year, Savannah gave birth to her first child with her husband.


    This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has admitted to trying Botox in the past and not liking the results—although Savannah is the first to say that she would try it again.


    In an interview with Bobbi Brown for Yahoo Beauty, 45-year old Jennifer Aniston told the makeup guru, “There is also this pressure in Hollywood to be ageless.”


    “I think what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes, because I am not injecting s**t into my face.”


    “I see them and my heart breaks. I think, ‘Oh god if you only know how much older you look.’”


    Instead of Botox, Jennifer Aniston has said that she drinks a lot of water and relies on natural products to keep her skin smooth.



    November 13, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    Did Mary-Kate Olsen Have Plastic Surgery to Become Less Twin-like?

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have always had a remarkable resemblance to one another, despite the fact that they are not identical twins. Now rumors are churning that as the child stars are all grown up and ready to get married, Mary-Kate has undergone plastic surgery to look even less like her fashion designer partner.

    28-year old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen recently attended the 2014 World Of Children Awards looking less alike than usual. The fiancée of 45-year old Olivier Sarkozy is looking different enough from her twin that TMZ is reporting the billionaire must have “pulled a Renee Zellweger”— a reference to the actress’s recent round of plastic surgery rumors — or at least done a little something that makes her less closely resemble her former womb mate.

    Back in 2004 Mary-Kate struggled with anorexia and eventually checked into a facility to help her cope with the condition that made her look gaunt and very different from her healthier twin. After a while, Mary-Kate got up to a healthier weight and once again the Olsen twins looked indistinguishable from one another, except to their closest fans.


    However, after their recent red carpet appearance, fans have taken to Twitter to express dismay over Mary-Kate’s new look, attributing to some unnamed plastic surgery procedure.


    “I’m so saddened by Mary-Kate Olsen’s plastic surgery decisions,” wrote @jamieATD via The Daily Mail.


    “Mary-Kate Olsen was good looking then plastic surgery happened,” tweeted @KatieSchwanz.


    It’s hard to tell whether or not Mary-Kate has actually had plastic surgery or is just styled so completely differently than Ashley that she looks different. In the photos in question, both twins have their hair severely parted and drawn back, but Mary-Kate’s isn’t a shade of blonde and it appears to be greasy. Here eyebrows are shaped differently, which can make a huge difference in a person’s appearance—just ask Kim Kardashian, who recently showed off bleached eyebrows for a photo shoot. It also appears that the newly engaged star may have dropped some weight, as her cheekbones appear to much more pronounced than her twins, although both kept their makeup subdued without a lot of contouring.

    It is also possible that as the twins age, they are growing less and less alike because they are fraternal.


    Although it has been many years, this isn’t the first time that the Olsen twins have come under scrutiny for spending time under the knife. Back in 2007, the dynamic duo was said to have undergone matching nose jobs and the rumors seemed to take off from there.


    At the time, many thought that Mary-Kate may have actually gotten the nose job, while Ashley abstained. Some also thought that Mary-Kate had numerous other procedures as well, such as lip injections, cheek implants and Botox injections. If these rumors are true, perhaps Mary-Kate hasn’t had any new procedures, just has redone her Botox injections, which would not only explain why she once again looks differently from her twin and also why her face is so shiny.


    November 12, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Marc Anthony’s Plastic Surgery Bride Shannon De Lima

    Latin crooner Marc Anthony just got married for the third time, this time to younger model Shannon De Lima. After two years of dating on and off and giving tabloids plenty of time to speculate are they or aren’t they, the pair announced last week that they have been engaged since March of this year and planned to marry this week in the Dominican Republic. The couple have now taken their vows have been taken and Makemeheal.com takes a look at what the couple has in common in the way of plastic surgery.

    46-year old Marc Anthony married 26-year old Shannon De Lima at his home in La Romana, Dominican Republic in front of the couple’s 100 guests. The guest list included a variety of illustrious names and Latin music stars like Juan Luis Guerra, Carlos Vives, Tito El Bambino, Anthony’s business partner Charles Koppelman, and the CEO of Sprint Corporation Marcelo Claude.

    Earlier this year Marc Anthony finalized his divorce to his previous wife, Jennifer Lopez and also settled his custody and financial arrangements with his first wife, Dayanara Torres. According to UsWeekly, the couple will now have a large family. In addition to Shannon’s 7-year old son Daniel, who joined in the nuptial festivities, Marc has four kids from his previous relationships with Dayanara Torres and Debbie Rosado: Cristian, 13, Ryan, 11, Ariana, 20, and Chase as well as Max and Emme, 6, whom he shares with Jennifer Lopez.


    Although Marc’s ex, Jennifer Lopez, is frequently rumored to have undergone plastic surgery it is hard to tell for sure as the multi-talented entertainer changes up her looks frequently and has always denied going under the knife. On the other hand, Shannon looks to have had a fairly obvious breast augmentation, possibly to boost her bust after having a child. While her implants are not always obvious in her daily mix of t-shirts and unsupportive string bikini tops, any time she is wearing a plunging gown, they look very fake as they are higher, rounder and larger than is natural on her model thin frame.


    In the past, Make Me Heal suspects that she has also had a nose job as well as possible Botox injections in her forehead and possible fillers like Restylane or Juvederm or the newly popular Sculptra in her cheeks and lips.


    In the past, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer has told us, “Marc Anthony’s new companion appears to have a few facial enhancements such as a nose job or Rhinoplasty, dermal fillers to create her very full lips and Botox to her forehead giving her that flawless complexion.  She looks natural and not overdone.”


    For his part, Marc, could possibly take a beauty lesson from his latest wife. The singer frequently appears gaunt with sunken cheeks and dark hollows under his eyes. Perhaps some laser treatments or fillers in those areas could help bring him back to life and make him look a little less scary.




    November 12, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr | Leave a Comment

    Helena Christensen Foresees Plastic Surgery in her Future

    In an interview with renowned makeup guru Bobbi Brown, supermodel Helena Christensen reveals her beauty secrets. So far, her success at remaining forever gorgeous doesn’t include plastic surgery, but the 45-year old former Victoria’s Secret Angel says that could still change.

    Now a photographer herself and a one time fashion magazine editor, Helena has had a varied life and traveled all over the world. While many models plan ahead and begin trying to turn back the hands of time at an early age and end up having overzealous plastic surgery, Helena says that she didn’t really start taking care of herself until the age of 38. At that point, her naturally fast metabolism finally slowed down and she discovered that she loved boxing as a way to stay in shape. And she says that sleep is key to staying beautiful even as her face changes from aging naturally.

    Helena explains to Bobbi, “You just have to basically make sure that the few things you can do to maintain your health and looks are being done. For me, sleep is the most important thing. If I don’t get at least eight hours, I always say I look like a Picasso painting, where things were just kind of thrown in.”


    And when Bobbi asks, “So what are your thoughts on plastic surgery and fillers, etc?”


    Helena responds that she isn’t against plastic surgery, but she hasn’t gone under the knife yet and won’t be adverse to having some nips and tucks in the future if she thinks that they would help her feel better about herself.


    Helena explains her view on aging and plastic surgery, “If you’re not happy with the way you look and feel that a tiny little change could make a big difference, then fine. We all know what it looks like when you go too far. I am sure in some distant future I will, you know, and hopefully by then there will be wonderful methods that don’t seem too intrusive. I will definitely not hold back if there are ways that you can make yourself feel a little lighter and happier. We all know that with age things start sagging and that’s just the way it is. So far, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that I will continue having my grandmother’s genes because she is 97 and looks great.”


    So when asked what she does to keep her skin looking fresh and young in the meantime, Helena explains that she relies on microdermabrasion sessions to improve her skin and help tighten and freshen it up.


    “I like microdermabrasion. It actually makes your skin look bright and glowing. Your skin feels tighter and you just look fresher. I’m kind of lazy with all that stuff, so I don’t go more than like once a year.”


    Although as a supermodel, Helena has sported full face makeup, in her personal life, she tends to keep things minimal:


    “I will always have some kind of tint that I dab on my cheeks, because I really love that red cheek look. When I go out, I will sometimes do a bronzy eye applied with my little finger. I don’t use any brushes. Sometimes I put on black eyeliner or green eyeliner. Red lips are always good. I never use mascara unless it’s for a shoot or on rare occasions even when going out, because I find it so utterly boring to take off.”



    November 11, 2014 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | Leave a Comment