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  • Kim Kardashian Comments on Bruce Jenner’s New Looks, New Lips…Sort of

    The new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is getting ready to return to the small screen and ahead of the premier date, all kinds of questions are popping up about Bruce Jenner’s appearance since he was last on the show. Most recently, Bruce Jenner appears to have undergone a lip augmentation as part of his rumored transformation from a male to a female. Bruce’s new look has everybody asking questions, including Kim.

    In an interview with ET, Kim Kardashian West didn’t say anything about Bruce’s look, only that whatever the reason for his transformation, she supports her former stepfather.

    Kim told ET, “I think everyone goes through things in life, and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he’ll share whenever the time is right,” Kim told the gossip show. “I feel like that’s his journey to talk about.”


    Kim went on to say that Bruce is the “happiest” that she’s ever seen him and that she and her siblings support him.


    “Of course we support Bruce 100 percent. He’s our dad so we support him no matter what, and I think when the time is right, he’ll talk about whatever he wants to talk about. I just think it’s his story to talk about, not really mine.”


    Since splitting from wife Kris Jenner last year, Bruce has taken on a more feminine look, begin with a procedure to shave down his Adam’s apple. At the time, Bruce responded to rumors that he was undergoing the first plastic surgery procedure in becoming a female, by explaining that he had simply never liked his Adam’s apple.


    After that, Bruce began to grow out his hair into a ponytail and possibly used hair extensions to boost the fullness of his hair. He has also been spotted with pink manicures and seems to be taking on a more feminine look after all.


    Every paparazzi and media outlet has questioned the reason for Bruce’s seemingly sudden interest in traditionally feminine pursuits. After a shockingly un-PC InTouch Weekly magazine cover that photoshopped the former Olympian turned reality star to have lipstick and the body of female star Stephanie Beacham, it is said that Bruce is getting ready to talk about his new look after suffering through cruel stories and theories.


    A source tells UsWeekly, “He feels like he doesn’t have anything to lose.”


    Most recently, it appears that Bruce has followed in the footsteps of his daughters’ and undergone a lip augmentation. The latest photos of Bruce show that the reality star appears to have a fuller set of lips, although they are nowhere near Kylie Jenner proportions.


    In an interview with ET last year, Bruce’s estranged wife Kris Jenner was asked to comment on what she thought of Bruce’s transformation. She responded that the rumors had been swirling for a while and she had no real idea to what was going on with him, other than enjoying his company.



    January 28, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | 5 Comments

    Kris Jenner Plumps Face with Plastic Surgery Injectables Before Paris

    Kris Jenner is currently supporting fashion model daughter Kendall Jenner at Paris Fashion Week. Always trying to fit in with her kids, Kris wore sheer pants as she posed for paparazzi outside the Chanel Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, while on the runway, 19-year old Kendall wore a sheer floral shirt. However, its not just the sheer love of fashion that binds mother to child, Kris recently reloaded her face with plastic surgery fillers and treatments, possibly hoping to look as young as her fashionable kids.

    59-year old Kris Jenner is constantly trying to look as young and beautiful as her famous daughters and she’s not afraid to use plastic surgery to do so. Recently, the matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is thought to have touched up her already youthful look with a new round of fillers in her lips and cheeks ahead of her trip to Paris.

    HollywoodLife.com interviewed several plastic surgeons that all agree that Kris recently underwent some sort of procedure using a filler such as Voluma as well as some Botox and likely laser treatments to keep her skin smooth and spotless.


    Dr. Lyle Back, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon tells HollywoodLife.com: “Kris definitely had her cheeks plumped … the filler was injected to give her more youthful, fuller ‘apple cheeks’ which also lifted her lower face up some.”


    Dr. Steve Fallek, board certified Plastic Surgeon and past president, NY regional society of Plastic Surgeons agrees and tells us that it looks like: “Kris has had some Botox around the eyes and a bit of filler around the mouth. She probably had a chemical peel or a light laser treatment for that porcelain skin.”


    Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon John M. Anastasatos, M.D., F.A.C.S. tells HollywoodLife.com: “Her cheeks appear to be more pronounced and lifted. This is either due to a mini-facelift or injectable fillers.”


    Dr. Alessi, of the Alessi Institutes and Face Forward, also says that he thinks Kris has used fillers.


    “It looks like she had a touch up with fillers,” Dr. Alessi says. “She probably had Voluma … she also had a touch in her nasolabial folds.”


    And lest you think that Kris Jenner is getting injections too often or using too much of a good thing, it seems that because there isn’t much recovery or damaged done to the skin, there’s no reason that Kris can’t get a refill any time she feels its necessary after a few months and the last batch of fillers may have worn off.


    “Most of today’s fillers have an effectiveness period of 6 – 9 months,” he says. “There is really no harm if doing them more often if desired. There is no need to wait for the skin or the facial tissues to ‘rest’ between injections – they are simple, very well tolerated, no restrictions, and there is no recovery to speak of.”


    Although fashion week may not seem like a plastic surgery worthy event, Kris tends to celebrate every occasion with plastic surgery, whether its Kim’s wedding to one man or another or just spending time with family.


    January 27, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | 2 Comments

    Molly Sims Shares Supermodel Secrets, Including Botox Injections

    Molly Sims may look like she’s got it all: long limbs, a perfect smile, great skin and lustrous hair. But as the supermodel promotes her new book, The Everyday Supermodel, she shares that she doesn’t just wake up looking great. She wasn’t even born seemingly perfect. Instead, she reveals all the hard work and tricks that go into to making a supermodel, from hard workouts to Botox.

    According to Molly, her stunning beauty doesn’t’ come easy. Instead she “has been potioned, lotioned, plucked, prodded, bleached, bronzed, waxed, makeuped, extensioned, curled, blow-dried, and straightened into an entirely new human form.”

    From laser treatments to Botox, Molly has an extensive array of tricks that she has tried on her quest for perfection, many of which she shares with writer Sara Bliss for Yahoo!


    Molly is sharing her secrets of the trade because “I just don’t want women to think something is attainable that’s not. If I say, ‘I eat M&Ms all day long. I don’t work out. I’m just born naturally like this.’ That’s just not true! I always say, there’s a chubby person inside of me waiting for me to get lazy.”


    Molly explains that while her job may seem glamorous, it actually involves a lot of negative comments and criticism about her appearance, from a crooked nose to the wrong sized calves and being too heavy in the hips.


    In an effort to always be camera ready, Molly says she has tried just about every possible procedure. However, she also says that the ones that really work are lightening creams and professional peels.


    “For hyperpigmentation, lightening creams really work. But if you go into the sun, you have to wear a hat and sunscreen. I’m doing this vegan Dennis Gross peel. Any salicylic acid and glycolic acid peels are great. The one thing that I worry about with women is the craze over microdermabrasion. Don’t do too much. Less is more. Don’t start too early.”


    Molly explains that she enjoys the results of small Botox injections, but has currently stopped using the wrinkle reducer because she is pregnant.


    “It all depends on when your issues are. Like, for me, I knew that my main issue was the really deep angry line in the middle of my forehead. So I started in my early thirties. I can’t now because I’m pregnant, but I’ve done partial Botox. I only do it between where my forehead lines are. Some people have to start with sunscreen when they’re 15. For me, I’m all about preventative. I always tell women, you don’t want someone to look at you and think you’ve done anything, ever.”


    In the past Molly has said that she is fine with plastic surgery, but doesn’t feel that it is right for her. For now she appears to be sticking with non-invasive treatments, like lasers to burn off capillaries and chemical peels to eliminate fine lines along with the occasional Botox injection to get rid of the deeper lines in her forehead.


    When she’s not pregnant, Molly says she works out 6 days a week, switching up her routine and makes sure to be careful about what and how much she eats.


    January 26, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Jet H. Ross | 1 Comment

    Rick Springfield Settles Lawsuit Looking Suspiciously Youthful

    Jessie’s Girl singer Rick Springfield has settled one of the most bizarre personal injury cases ever and Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but notice that the 65-year old rocker looks remarkably smooth for his age. Rick has alluded to some plastic surgery in his past, but it looks like he’s also spent some time under the knife more recently as well.

    Rick Springfield was involved in a rather unusual case that has taken years to settle. The logistics of “Assgate” as he dubs it are as follows, according to Rick.

    Aciclovir creme Furosemide online purchase Furosemide cheap Aciclovir Buy Orlistat buy Plavix online

    “This woman claimed that I hit her with my ass and knocked her to the ground during a show. She was claiming all these damages. I mean, I work out, but my ass isn’t that hard! So I figured that it was kind of bogus.”


    Rick does look like he works out and takes care of himself, but underneath the rocker long locks of perfect hair and his carefully trimmed beard and glasses, Rick looks to be hiding a touch of plastic surgery.


    In an interview with Billboard, Rick admitted to having plastic surgery at a young age. Rick makes allusions to a blepharoplasty when he was just 23 after photographers said he had bags under his eyes.


    According to Rick, the experience was traumatic and has made him against facelifts.


    “You can tell when someone has had a facelift and I haven’t had a facelift, and I look like I haven’t had a facelift…I wouldn’t do that. I am saying it now, but I am hoping I stick to it,” he laughed.


    While Rick doesn’t have the bags or wrinkles under his commonly associated with men of his age, he does have a slightly feminine appearance, which could be a side effect of the surgery. Other men, including country singer Kenny Loggins, have complained of similar results after undergoing a blepharoplasty to remove bags and instead somehow narrows the eyes.


    Although in 2010 Rick said he wasn’t interested in a facelift after undergoing plastic surgery at an early age, it looks as though he may have changed his mind over the past few years.


    Rick’s skin is very smooth, as is his neck, which isn’t hidden by a beard. Most likely Rick had a facelift and necklift to tighten up some loose skin. Often a facelift is combined with Botox injections to help the smooth, youthful look last longer and appear even smoother and this seems to be the case with Rick. Rick looks to have had Botox injections in his forehead and between his brows. Although he is in court and facing a lawsuit, he appears to be remarkably unconcerned. In addition, Rick may also have had some fillers placed in cheeks as they look full and don’t show signs of gravity as they usually do at his age.


    Rick has never admitted to a facelift, so it is hard to say for sure. Maybe he just indulges in spa treatments on his Rick Springfield cruises.


    January 23, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by ericharatz | Leave a Comment

    Human Ken Doll Dishes on Dangerous Upcoming Plastic Surgery

    Justin Jedlica, better known as the Human Ken Doll is dishing about his latest and dangerous plastic surgery procedure. Justin is having the veins in his forehead removed, a procedure so risky that it could leave him blind.

    34-year old Justin Jedlica isn’t the only person with bulging veins in his forehead. Stars like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie also have them. But unlike the leading ladies, Justin is bothered by them enough to risk blindness having them removed.

    According to The Daily Mail via E! Online, Justin didn’t like the way the veins appeared when he would laugh and searched for a plastic surgeon that would perform the dangerous procedure after being turned down by many, including reality star Dr. Terry Dubrow.


    “As a very detail oriented person I always find something new to critique and fix,” Jedlica tells the Daily Mail. “Most recently I had three veins in my forehead stripped and ablated as every time I would smile or laugh they would pop out. I called them my Julia Roberts veins. It was a high-risk procedure because there was a possibility I could go blind as they needed to go in through the inside of my eyelids in order to burn the veins off…But after being turned away by several surgeons, including Dr. Terry Dubrow from Botched, the procedure turned out perfectly.”


    In addition to the vein removal procedure, Justin is also undergoing a procedure to build up his back by layering custom designed back implants under his skin.


    Justin Tweeted from his hospital bed, “All set to head into the O.R. for my last little “tweek” on my back…. Let’s do this!!! @ #BeverlyHillsSurgicalCenter”


    In his interview with the Daily Mail, Justin explained his back surgery, “My back implants are also one-of-a-kind as I designed and handcrafted each piece to make sure they matched the Ken doll aesthetic,” he added. “I designed the surgery to have one huge implant under the muscle and on top of that I had two small implants stacked on top of the other. I wanted the effect of having wings on my back.”


    Although it seems that Justin would have nothing left to work on in his transformation from man to plastic doll, it seems that the plastic surgery aficionado turned custom body implant designer still has plenty of parts he would like to alter in the future, including calf implants and abdominals.


    “I still have a long way to go before I can say I’m 100 percent plastic, including abdominal implants and calf implants,” he said. “But I’m so determined to be plastic that nothing will stop be from reaching my goal.”


    In the past, Justin has revealed that he has had anywhere from 90 to 145 plastic surgery procedures to reach his goal of looking like a Human Ken Doll. After his first nose job at 18, Justin then went on to have five rhinoplasties, a cranial brow bone shape and cheek, lip, chin and buttocks augmentation, in addition to pec implants and silicone biceps. He has also had various augmentations done to his chin, cheeks, lips and buttocks.


    January 22, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by Dana Jackson | 3 Comments

    Bruce Jenner is Getting Ready to Talk About His Appearance

    Bruce Jenner has been generating a lot of rumors about his appearance since his split from longtime wife Kris Jenner. The patriarch of the Kardashian reality TV family has become distinctly more feminine in his look of late, undergoing everything from plastic surgery to manicures. After a recent insensitive magazine cover mocked his appearance (along with the entire trans community), Bruce is said to be getting ready to talk about what he’s up to.

    65-year old Bruce Jenner was the cover story for an InTouch Weekly magazine piece that photoshopped the former Olympian turned reality star to have lipstick and the body of female star Stephanie Beacham.

    UsWeekly reports that Bruce was upset by the insensitive cover and will discuss his changed appearance on Season 10 of the family reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, alongside his now ex-wife, 59-year old Kris Jenner.


    “Bruce and Kris address his changing appearance in a scene they shot together,” the source explains. “It will be a plotline.”


    There has been a lot of speculation about Bruce’s feminizing his appearance, with reports of the star using hair extensions to boost his thin ponytail, plastic surgery, pink nail polish and Spanx.


    Bruce is said to be exploring his feminine side and since the insensitive cover came out, his family has been urging him to make a statement.


    Bruce Jenner has been a fan of plastic surgery for several decades, undergoing facelift procedures that many fans deemed unnecessary and that gave him a more feminine appearance than a typical male would want. However, since splitting up with his wife, Bruce has becoming even more feminine growing out his hair and shaving down his Adam’s apple with plastic surgery.


    Frequently a laryngeal shave is the first step in a male to female transition for transgender patients. However, Bruce said he was interested in having because “I just never liked my trachea.”


    In an interview last year, Kris was asked by ET’s Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier about the rumors swirling that her husband is transgender.


    “They’ve been saying that since 1976,” she said candidly. “For me, that’s not my experience with Bruce. He’s a great guy. I love him. I don’t know what he’s going through right now. I think he’s just very happy and I think every time he makes a change in his life — whether it’s emotional or physical or whatever he’s doing — somebody’s going to comment on whatever look you have going on for the day.”


    She then revealed that some people are so bothered by Bruce’s new hairstyle, that they have asked her about just that.


    “You know, people often ask me you know what’s going on with just his hair alone,” she said. “That’s where they’re getting part of it, and I say, ‘Look, I love to control everything I can because I am a control freak but I had to let that one go.’ … So yeah, he’s great though, he’s doing good.”




    January 21, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Male Plastic Surgery by webtools | Leave a Comment

    Farrah Abraham Returns to Normal After Botched Lip Augmentation

    After showing off her recent over inflated lip augmentation, it looks like Teen Mom/Porn Star Farrah Abraham has healed and her lips have gone back down to normal.

    23-year old Farrah Abraham recently posted photos of herself on social media that look like she’s out and about enjoying a day with her boyfriend—and more normally sized lips. Kissing her man and hanging out in New Jersey, Farrah looks to be back to her normal self after an implant procedure took a wrong turn earlier in the month.

    At the time, along with a photo of her monstrously oversized upper lip, Farrah wrote, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit”


    However, Farrah says that despite researching the doctor that did the procedure as well as the procedure ahead of time and deciding that it was safe, something still went wrong. Farrah says that doctor injected her with an anesthetic before the procedure and thinks that her ridiculously looking lip is the result of a serious allergic reaction to the medication, rather than the lip implant itself.


    It looks like Farrah may have been right and the anaesthetic and over inflated lip have since worn off, so that Farrah no longer resembles a cartoon character from The Simpsons or Futurama.


    Since her days on Teen Mom have ended, Farrah has been looking for new ways to play the fame game, including using plastic surgery.


    Farrah underwent a breast augmentation shortly after leaving the show, which she then followed up with a nose job and chin implant. After becoming old enough for silicone implants, Farrah then upsized her breast implants with a new pair. She eventually removed her chin implant after negative comments from fans and began getting regular lip injections. It seems that Farrah really liked her large lips, although her new implant procedure looks to be downright painful.


    Farrah also attempted to find fame a la Kim Kardashian by releasing a porn tape showing some untraditional positions and costarring a porn star.


    Now bloggers are speculating that Farrah’s new lip augmentation gone wrong is a bid to appear on the upcoming season of Botched, a reality show that features Housewives of Southern California plastic surgeon husbands Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow as they attempt to correct previously botched plastic surgery procedures.


    After seeing the hashtag “botched” on the photos, some people surmised that it might be an attempt to appear on the botched reality show where Dr Terry Dubrow, and Dr Paul Nassif, both of Real Housewife fame, fix the botched plastic surgeries of patients.


    According to Dr Terry Dubrow in an interview with the Daily Mail, Farrah will appear on the upcoming season, although he declined to share any specifics or details.


    Dr. Dubrow tells the Daily Mail, “We can’t talk about that but let’s assume that we may be involved with that at this point.”


    “Maybe we have, maybe we will, but that’s something she may need help with.”



    January 20, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Sam Stets | Leave a Comment

    Cosmetic Surgery Addict Alicia Douvall Shares Plastic Surgery Advice in Big Brother House

    Alicia Douvall is famous for undergoing over 300 plastic surgery procedures before the age of 40. The model considers herself to be a reformed cosmetic surgery addict but in her stay in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Alicia used her personal knowledge of plastic surgery to advise fellow Housemate Keith Chegwin about procedures that could help improve his appearance.

    35-year old Alicia Douvall has spent over $1 million on plastic surgery procedures over the years, including six nose jobs, 16 breast implant operations and facial implants. Her procedures are so extensive that Alicia has been quoted as saying, “I’ve had my face taken off and put back on again.”

    “People will think I’m mad for doing all that surgery over the years and I probably was – but addiction is an illness. It’s such a shame what I’ve done to myself.”


    Alicia has spent so much time under the knife that she has likened plastic surgeons to car salesman.


    She explained, “I often used that word. I took a Barbie doll to one medical consultation to show them exactly what I was after.


    “I was unwell – addicted to surgery. But none of those doctors tried to stop me. I think they just wanted my money.”


    Now that Alicia is reformed, she is using her knowledge of plastic surgery to advice others on how to use the knife to improve their looks.


    In a talent contest in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Alicia suggests that 57-year old fellow housemate and beloved British personality Keith Chegwith undergo an eyelift to make him appear younger, as well as some liposuction in his midsection to give him an eight pack.


    According to Alicia, she is improving her plastic surgery addiction and is now free from all facial implants. However, her fellow housemates suspect that she still retains some implants, including butt implants and they weren’t shy about sharing their opinion.


    One of Alicia fellow housemates is Katie Price, a model that is also known for her love of plastic surgery and numerous procedures. Katie and Alicia are said to go way back to the beginning of their careers and share not only plastic surgery but ex-boyfriends as well.


    Although Alicia has probably had more procedures than everyone in the CBB house combined, Katie has certainly spent her time under the knife.


    Katie recently under went her 7th breast augmentation procedure (compared to Alicia’s 16) and put up a set of her old implants for auction. In addition to numerous pairs of breast implants, Katie has also spent around $80,000 on cosmetic surgery, which then included only four boob jobs, fillers, collagen and nose job, with another $40,000 on dental work.


    Katie is well aware for her predilection for plastic surgery and has joked about her copious scar tissue in the past saying “Cause I’ve got the scars. The caesarean scars… and obviously because I’ve gone up and down with my boobs I’ve got the keyhole scar.”


    January 19, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery,Celebrity Plastic Surgery TV Show,Male Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr | 2 Comments

    Lisa Rinna Says Kylie Jenner Had Lip Augmentation

    Lisa Rinna may not be a plastic surgeon but the soap actress turned Real Housewife of Beverly Hills definitely knows her way around a lip augmentation. According to Lisa, it’s a “takes one to know one” type of situation. Lisa recently revealed on an interview on Andy Cohen’s tribute to himself, Watch What Happens Live, that she believes that Kylie Jenner has had a lip augmentation.


    51-year old Lisa Rinna is more famous for her lips than she is for her talent, dubbing herself “Hollywood’s reigning lip expert.”  When asked if she thought that Kylie Jenner had undergone lip augmentation on an episode in January, Lisa nodded her head yes, adding, “That’s my feeling. I could be absolutely wrong, but I think so.”

    Lisa Rinna says Kylie Jenner got lip injections. Rinna, who got collagen lip injections and lip reconstructive surgery, said plastic surgery made her career.

    Lisa has long been open about her plastic surgeries. In addition to her famous lip augmentation, Lisa has also undergone reconstructive lip surgery, breast implants and Botox.


    Despite needing reconstructive surgery on her lips, Lisa has no regrets about her initial procedure, explaining, “I would do it again. I never had a career before I had the lips.”


    Kylie has denied a plastic surgery lip augmentation, saying that her larger than life lips are the result of makeup application and even going so far as to post makeup free selfies to prove it. However, even makeup free Kylie’s lips look large and she probably enhances her small lip augmentation further with makeup in order to make her claims true.


    Lisa isn’t the only lip expert that has weighed in on Kylie’s supersized pout that she sports whether she is shopping at the market or on the red carpet.


    “That is not just lipstick,” plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Hollywood Life. “Her lips look three times as wide as they did in the ‘before’ pictures.”


    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar also believes that Kylie has had a lip augmentation and adds that the young Kardashian family member may have also had Botox injections or even a browlift.


    Big sister Kim Kardashian has defended Kylie’s lips saying that her sister is just really skilled at makeup application and uses MAC lipliner to get her desired effect.


    However, Kim herself isn’t necessarily a reliable witness. For years rumors have swirled that the curvy lady has used plastic surgery to achieve her unusual body shape, but Kim has always denied it.


    After appearing fully nude on the cover of Paper magazine while balancing a champagne glass on her famous behind, plastic surgeons have developed a new theory about Kim’s rear. Rather than implants or fat grafts, Kim may have undergone two separate Brazilian buttlift procedures as well as lots of liposuction.


    “Without a doubt she had something done, probably two Brazilian butt lifts,” said plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis. Dr. Zannis explains that Kim most likely had fat liposuctioned from other areas of her body, including torso, stomach, love handles and lower back and then had it injected into her rear end to achieve its unlikely shape and size.


    January 16, 2015 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stern | Leave a Comment

    Plastic Surgery Buzz for the Oscar Nominees 2015

    The Oscar nominations for this year have been announced, which means that Awards Season is in full swing. Although there were surprising snubs for Jennifer Aniston for her make-up free turn in Cake and Jake Gyllennhaal didn’t get recognized for his major weight loss in Nightcrawler and the upcoming Selma film was entirely left out. Still plenty of talent was recognized and the nominees in the top categories, with and without plastic surgery include:

    Richard Linklater's Golden Globe-winning movie Boyhood, starring Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke, is nominated for a 2015 Best Picture Oscar

    Performance by an actor in a leading role

    Steve Carell in Foxcatcher

    52-year old Steve Carell has been showing off his serious side lately. His first Oscar nomination comes with the help of prosthetics to make his nose appear larger, rather than plastic surgery to make his nose smaller, as is traditional in Hollywood.


    Bradley Cooper in American Sniper

    40-year old Bradley Cooper shot to fame in The Hangover but since then has gotten serious about acting, which has paid off with his third acting nomination Oscar. Despite being a good looking guy, Bradley looks to be all natural.


    Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game

    38-year old Benedict Cumberbatch could never go under the knife or his legions of female fans would complain. His unusual appearance has served his acting skills well as he has been nominated for his first Oscar.


    Michael Keaton in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    63-year old Michael Keaton has made a triumphant return to taking center stage but doesn’t appear to have had plastic surgery in the years between Batman and Birdman. Although there was a brief period where it looked as though he might have tried fillers and Botox to appear a little younger and fuller in the face.


    Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything

    33-year old Eddie Redmayne is usually known as handsome man and based on his relative youth and natural freckles, looks to be aging naturally—at least thus far.

    Michael Keaton (here with Ed Norton) is nominated for a 2015 Best Actor Oscar for his role in the movie Birdman

    Performance by an actor in a supporting role

    Robert Duvall in The Judge

    84-year old Oscar winner Robert Duvall is a Hollywood living legend that has been nominated for his 7th Academy Award. Robert began losing his hair early in his career and opted not to have a restoration or other plastic surgery procedure.


    Ethan Hawke in Boyhood

    44-year old Ethan Hawke was once a ’90s heartthrob. His career is filled with hits and misses and he appears to have missed out on plastic surgery. This year marks his 4th Oscar nomination.


    Edward Norton in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    45-year old Edward Norton tends to frequently go unnoticed in films but his turn in Birdman as a conceited stage actor has landed him his 3rd Oscar nomination. His ability to disappear into any role does not include having plastic surgery in his private life.


    Mark Ruffalo in Foxcatcher

    47-year old Mark Ruffalo is on his second Oscar nomination. The Avengers actor was previously nominated for his turn in the 2011 flick The Kids Are All Right. Mark does not appear to have been under the knife in the years between his Oscars nominations.


    J.K. Simmons in Whiplash

    60-year old J.K. Simmons tends be best known for his comedic roles as the guy with the shockingly deep voice. This is his first Oscar nomination, coming on the heels of his Golden Globe win. Although he could use a little Botox between his brows to help decrease his wrinkle, he appears to have great skin and be aging naturally.

    Julianne Moore is nominated for a 2015 Best Actress Oscar for her role in the movie Still Alice

    Performance by an actress in a leading role

    Marion Cotillard in Two Days, One Night


    39-year old Marion Cotillard already has one Oscar under her belt and is now nominated for her second. Make Me Heal suspects it is her use of French cosmetics and skincare products, rather than plastic surgery that keeps her looking fresh-faced.


    Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything

    31-year old Felicity Jones still looks to be relying on youth to appear young and fresh faced, rather than any plastic surgery although she will likely have facials and possible laser treatments before the big night.


    Julianne Moore in Still Alice

    54-year old Julianne Moore looks to be maintaining her anti plastic surgery stance as she is nominated for her 4th Oscar. In the past, Julianne has said, “My feeling is live and let live. Some of those procedures that make you look younger, I don’t know that they really made anybody look younger. I think most of the time they make you look like you’ve had something done to your face.”


    Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

    35-year old Rosamund Pike looks to be aging naturally and taking good care of her skin, possibly with heavy duty anti aging products and regular laser treatments to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.


    Reese Witherspoon in Wild

    38-year old Reese Witherspoon had a rough year after a DUI and a consequential loss in popularity but seems to be rebounding nicely, without plastic surgery. As a former child actress, it would not be surprising that Reese had a nose job in the past or uses Botox now, although she has never admitted to having any work done.

    Performance by an actress in a supporting role

    Patricia Arquette in Boyhood

    46-year old Patricia Arquette is on her first Oscar nom and is rumored to have had Botox in the past, after displaying a shiny and wrinkle-free appearance at a past event.


    Laura Dern in Wild

    The daughter of Oscar nominee Bruce Dern, Laura Dern is following in the family tradition and racking up awards without plastic surgery.


    Keira Knightley in The Imitation Game

    29-year old Keira Knightley is pretty outspoken about her famously thin frame and lack of curves. However, despite teasing about breast implants, Keira looks to be all natural thus far.


    Emma Stone in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    26-year old Emma Stone has perfected her usual deadpan delivery as a sarcastic young lady enough to get an Oscar nom and appears to rely more on hairstyles and makeup than plastic surgery to get noticed in Hollywood.


    Meryl Streep in Into the Woods

    65-year old Meryl Streep is so talented that she tends to get nominated for an Oscar in any role she takes on. As a witch, Meryl used makeup rather than plastic surgery but in the past has been rumored to have had facelifts over the years so that she stays just young enough to continue to get work.




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