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  • Each season on the Botched reality show, the doctors fix the botched plastic surgery of patients both semi-famous, famous for plastic surgery and not famous at all and just suffering from a bad experience with plastic surgery. For the upcoming second season it looks like former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham will make a return to [...]

    2014 didn’t disappoint when it came to the worst celebrity plastic surgery. From plastic surgery addicts getting even more work done to celebrity look alike wannabe’s, Makemeheal.com had trouble narrowing the field. That said, here’s a look at the worst celebrity plastic surgery of 2014, including the overdone and the obvious: Bruce Jenner kicked off [...]

    Plastic surgery is common in the world of beauty pageants, no matter the country. But with all plastic surgery procedures, due diligence about both the procedure and the doctor is paramount. Andressa Urach, a Brazillian reality star and who placed second in the notorious Miss BumBum contest in 2012 has found that out the hard [...]

    Fans of the cult classic television show Twin Peaks are ecstatic because although the show enjoyed only two seasons on the small screen, it is making a triumphant return. And apparently original cast member Lara Flynn Boyle is “desperate” to make a comeback—despite looking very different than when she first appeared on the show, due [...]

    Tara Reid may still regularly appear on lists of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong and be as well known for her botched operations as she is for her hard partying ways, but the Sharknado 2: The Second One star says that despite her bad history with cosmetic surgery she wouldn’t necessarily rule out going under [...]

    Vladimir Putin has had a troubling year!  In between the stress of hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics and invading Ukraine, Russia’s grey cardinal just hasn’t been looking quite so fresh!  In a recent press conference where he addressed the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, the Russian Prime Minister shocked everyone with his haggard old man appearance.  Looking [...]

    Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt is claiming to have suffered from a botched plastic surgery procedure. And if the procedure isn’t corrected to his satisfaction, he is threatening legal action. 70-year old Prince Frederic von Anhalt is legendary actress Zsa Zsa Gabor’s eighth husband and has the privilege of having been married [...]

    Money mogul turned reality star Donald Trump is behind the makings of the Miss America beauty pageants, not the Academy Awards. Still, the billionaire felt a need to weigh in on Kim Novak’s appearance at the Oscars, via social media. Donald Trump has sparked a lot of controversy on social media due to sharing his [...]

    Oscars night is all about timing. From performances to acceptance speeches, each moment is carefully timed and planned—before the cue music comes on. So it was pretty bad timing when the actors chosen to introduce a performance from the animated feature “Frozen” had some frozen faces of their own, courtesy of plastic surgery. Presenters John [...]

    While breaking up is hard to do, one good thing that seems to be coming from Bruce Jenner’s separation from wife Kris is that the former Olympian is busy reconnecting with his kids from former relationships. In between catching up with his grown up kids, Bruce seems to be busy having more plastic surgery and [...]

    Oftentimes when stars are accused of too much plastic surgery, you have to wonder if they think so too. A while back, Jackie admitted to having excessive amounts of work done, but she recently revealed that she is still going under the needle for Juvederm injections. 92-year old Jackie Stallone is the mother of Italian [...]

    Despite the fact that reality star Bruce Jenner has become better known for his botched attempts at plastic surgery than his prowess as world class athlete, it seems that the soon to be divorced dad was planning to go under the knife at least one last time, according to the celebrity gossip experts at TMZ. [...]

    Hollywood is a tough place to age, but some stars manage to handle it better than others. While competition to look good is fierce, some female celebrities have gone overboard in their attempts to be camera ready. Here’s a look at some of the ladies who have had too much of a good thing: Courteney [...]

    As the year comes to a close, Makemeheal.com looks back at the male plastic surgery we’ve reported during 2013. Whether or not these male celebrities actually went under the knife this year, here’s a look at the male celebrities who have not improved their looks through plastic surgery: Carrot Top Although Carrot Top continues to [...]

    Despite being a world-class athlete, Bruce Jenner has lately become best known for his ongoing struggle with having a natural appearance after plastic surgery. In fact, Bruce has become so well known for his plastic surgery that every time he appears in public with a band-aid, it is assumed that it is covering a scar [...]

    Mike Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, hasn’t been on Makemeheal.com’s radar for a while. But with his new inflammatory remarks about people of a larger size, we’ve decided to investigate his plastic surgery once again. 68-year old Mike Jeffries is no spring chicken. Nor is he exactly emaciated. And in no way does [...]

    Some of the cast of Wayne’s World had a reunion in honor of the funny film being honored at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills and the most notable thing about the gathering was how much everyone has changed over the years, despite trying to hold back the tides of [...]

    Lil Kim recently had an outing in West Hollywood, where observers noticed that she looked more like LaToya Jackson than herself, thanks to some over zealous plastic surgery. 38-year old Lil Kim looks different every time she steps out. But in her most recent incarnation, the rapper seems to be channeling LaToya Jackson. Lil Kim [...]

    Barry Manilow is one of America’s most famous singer/songwriters. But like many stars, he seems to be relying more on plastic surgery than talent these days. 69-year old Barry Manilow is famous for collaborating with some of the top stars and has more hits than can be counted, including “Could It Be Magic,” “Mandy,” “Can’t [...]

    Melanie Griffith recently revealed that she has taken a lashing from her Twitter followers due to her plastic surgery. 55-year old Melanie Griffith has begun to return to acting and her appearance seems to be normalizing, after years of suffering from what was commonly considered bad plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Melanie [...]

    The Spanish Duchess of Alba is not only the face of finding love at any age, but also the face of bad plastic surgery. 86-year old Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, better known as the 18th Duchess of Alba is constantly making international headlines, most recently when she appeared in a bikini on the arm of her [...]

    Actor Mickey Rourke has become as well known for his plastic surgery as he is for his career, which isn’t really a good thing. A recent public appearance has brought forth they myriad scars that line Mickey’s face, sure signs of plastic surgery. 60-year old Mickey Rourke doesn’t really look his age, but he doesn’t [...]

    Kenny Rogers is known as The Gambler and it seems he did a little gambling on what the public wants to know when he wrote his newly released memoir. Apparently in the creation of the book, he took out a chapter on his plastic surgery and instead replaced it with stories about his sexual exploits. [...]

    Jenna Jameson has been tweaking her looks with plastic surgery for several years now and the results aren’t doing her any favors. Rather than looking like a hot porn star, Jenna is beginning to look like an overdone Hollywood plastic surgery addict. 38-year old Jenna Jameson has been open about her breast implants and vaginoplasty [...]

    The National Enquirer’s Guess Who? section frequently includes celebrity victims of plastic surgery gone wrong. The latest involves a popular movie star and a botched brow lift resulting in a permanent look of surprise. The Guess Who? item reads: What popular star of a classic 1989 teen film – he’s since turned into a successful [...]

    The VMAs were last night and the most shocking thing that happened wasn’t Chris Brown and Rihanna kissing. It was all the plastic surgery that turned up for the show. Despite Chris Brown’s famously taking out his aggression on Rihanna’s face to the point that she nearly needed reconstructive plastic surgery, the pair seemed to [...]

    It seems that the drama of Renee Graziano’s botched plastic surgery isn’t over as the new rumor is the plastic surgeon that performed The Mob Wives star’s original procedures is suing for defamation. 42-year old Renee Graziano reportedly got too bold in talking about her plastic surgery ordeal, a tummy tuck and buttocks lift (See [...]

    The internet went into hyperactivity when it was reported that 90-year old Jackie Stallone showed up to her son, Sylvester Stallone’s, movie premiere sporting overdone plastic surgery, a minidress and heels. It turns out the whole thing was a mix-up, and the woman wasn’t Sly’s mother. Still, it is a case of bad plastic surgery. [...]

    Alicia Douvall is a known plastic surgery addict, undergoing countless plastic surgeries and even going so far as to give her young daughter plastic surgery “vouchers” for the future. Now it seems that the Human Barbie is once again dissatisfied with her appearance, and preparing to go under the knife once more. In an interview [...]

    Lil Kim has been shocking fans for years, first with her lyrics then with her outrageous costumes and most recently with her plastic surgery. At a recent NYC event, Lil Kim once again managed to shock with plastic surgery. 36-year old Lil Kim has been dabbling in plastic surgery for years, with a nose surgery [...]

    Last year, Kim Basinger emerged from a medical building, trying to hide her face with a blanket. Looking like she had some sort of allergic reaction, Kim was likely trying to hide the results of plastic surgery from the lens of paparazzi. 58-year old Kim Basinger has long been thought to use plastic surgery to [...]

    The stars of the reality show Mob Wives share more than just a “family.” Apparently they also share a plastic surgeon. According to RadarOnline, “NYC celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo is certainly a knight in shining armor for Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano after he saved one of them from a plastic surgery nightmare, [...]

    Celebrity events pack lots of plastic surgery into one space. So when Radar Online caught Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith posing together at a CinemaCon party in Las Vegas they were able to analyze whether or not the trio was dabbling in plastic surgery. order misoprostol “Are we seeing a trifecta of plastic [...]

    Actress Lara Flynn Boyle hasn’t been headlining many movies or televsion shows these days, but her use of plastic surgery continues to get attention. 42-year old Lara Flynn Boyle has become a poster child for plastic surgery after possibly undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures including lip fillers, including collagen or one of the newer, more [...]

    The latest season of Dancing with the Stars has kicked off and for Makemeheal.com it means a chance to get a glimpse of celebrity plastic surgery. Here’s a look at the full cast and how they found fame, along with their professional dancing partners, courtesy of UsWeekly. – Melrose Place actor Jack Wagner, 52, will [...]

    Jodie Marsh has transformed from glamour model to fitness model, but one thing that won’t be changing is her breast implants, thanks to her “exploding” breast implants. 33-year old Jodie Marsh recently revealed her new body as a fitness model, which emphasizes her oversized breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jodie Marsh’s plastic [...]

    Bruce Jenner alarmed fans when he appeared with an obvious scar. But according to Bruce, it’s not from plastic surgery, the scar is the result of a skin cancer removal. 62-year old Bruce Jenner has long been ridiculed for his looks, the results of plastic surgery back in the day. Since then, Bruce has corrected [...]

    Joan Rivers has based her career on her looks, first for being unattractive, then for being over plasticized. Now it seems that Joan has continued her plastic surgery routine, undergoing her 734th plastic surgery on her reality show. 78-year old Joan Rivers is a poster child for plastic surgery, undergoing numerous facelifts, a brow lift, [...]

    Dolly Parton shows no signs of slowing down her multi-faceted career or her plastic surgery. When she began making the rounds for her latest movie last month, she may have even showed off more plastic surgery than previously. 66-year old Dolly Parton is an entertainer like no other. One of the first singers to begin [...]

    Crocodile Dundee actress Linda Kozlowski doesn’t look like her old self these days and it’s not just the natural effects of aging. She looks to have a case of too much of a good thing, in this case, plastic surgery. 54-year old actress Linda Kozlowski met her husband Paul Hogan on the set of their [...]

    This year brought many revelations in which celebrities have attempted to better their looks with plastic surgery, not all of them successful. Here’s a look at some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery of 2011. Marie Osmond has long been rumored to have had plastic surgery and this year brought further confirmation. In between tragedy [...]

    Jodie Marsh, British glamour model turned bodybuilder, is once again seeking plastic surgery after her super sized breast implants no longer fit with her newly toned body. 32-year-old model Jodie Marsh recently discovered bodybuilding, after breast augmentation, leaving her with very poor results. Jodie is aware of her newly uneven, rippled looking breasts, saying, “My [...]

    Julia Volkova of Russian pop group Tatu is looking pretty plastic these days and is nearly unrecognizable to fans of the group, thanks to an overload of plastic surgery. 26-year old Julia Volkova has cultivated a bad girl image thanks to her career in music, and recently she has become internationally known for her bad [...]

    Sheyla Hershey removed her 38KKK cup size after having them removed in an emergency surgery due to a bad reaction. Despite nearly dying due to the extreme size of her breast implants, Sheyla is back to plastic surgery. 31-year old Sheyla Hershey has had over 30 breast surgeries (See Make Me Heal’s story on World’s [...]

    In the latest instance of fake plastic surgery, Oneal Ron Morris, 30, who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman apparently injected herself with foreign material to boost her derriere before injecting other women with the industrial materials. Oneal Ron Morris has been charged with practicing medicine without a license with [...]

    Despite having a bad experience with liposuction, Kerry Katona is reportedly wanting to go back under the knife for another round of plastic surgery. 31-year old British star Kerry Katona had a bad experience with liposuction a few years back, leaving her with a rippled stomach (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kerry Katona’s plastic [...]

    American television personality Star Jones, and co-host of the ABC weekday morning talk show The View, famously lost a lot of weight. To replace some of her lost curves, Star may have had breast augmentation that was less successful than her weight loss. 49-year old Star Jones famously lost a great deal of weight with [...]

    Australian paparazzo Darryn Lyons is one of the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother and has admitted that it is not only the female contestants who have been surgically enhanced. He himself has had “contouring” plastic surgery to create the illusion of a washboard stomach. 46-year old Australian paparazzo Darryn Lyons has a very artificial looking [...]

    Melanie Griffith has been laying pretty low since her days as a Working Girl. But lately the pretty blond actress has been warming up to the camera and shying away from plastic surgery. 54-year old Melanie Griffith previously suffered from humiliation as the public shunned her efforts to look better after her plastic surgery, including [...]

    Tori Spelling is Hollywood royalty and it is no surprise that she is amongst the more famous cases of plastic surgery in the industry. While Tori has transitioned from actress to reality star with plastic surgery, the mother of 2 and soon to be 3 says she does regret her breast augmentation. 38-year old Tori [...]

    Former glamour model and plastic surgery addict Alicia Douvall has admitted to undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures, on everything from her nose to her toes. Currently pregnant with her second child, Alicia says she is swearing off plastic surgery, despite promising to get her pre-baby body back just weeks after giving birth. In an interview [...]

    Long Island Lolita has been trying to stay relevant with plastic surgery since she shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face back in 1992. Now 36, Amy Fisher, the former Long Island Lolita, has occasionally popped up in the media for the continual changes she makes to her appearance with plastic surgery (See Make Me [...]

    The self-proclaimed original supermodel Janice Dickinson hasn’t been shy about talking about her multiple plastic surgery procedures and recently, she hasn’t been shy about showing off the results either, in nude photo released on the Internet. 56-year old Janice Dickinson has said that she has had tummy tuck, breast augmentation and extensive Botox treatments (See [...]

    Porn star turned entrepreneur Jenna Jameson has come under fire for having too much plastic surgery. At a recent industry event, many fans complained that Jenna was nearly unrecognizable after going under the knife too many times. 37-year old Jenna Jameson has been open about her her breast implants and vaginoplasty as well as undergoing [...]

    Behind the stage makeup, Kiss vocalist Paul Stanley looks like he’s had way too much plastic surgery. 59-year old rocker Paul Stanley has been under the knife almost as much as he’s worn platform boots. The Spandex and sparkles lover looks to have undergone an overaggressive facelift, as well as a browlift, eyelid surgery and [...]

    The circumstances surrounding the incident vary, but Israeli model and plastic surgery queen Orit Fux was apparently bitten by a snake in her oversized breast implant. Sometimes referred to as the “Pamela Anderson of Israel,” Orit Fux claims to have the largest breast implants in the tiny nation. Although her age is unknown, Orit looks [...]

    Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro has come forward to say that he is responsible for performing plastic surgery on Libyan leader Moammar al-Gaddhafi back in 1995. 68-year old Muammar al-Gaddafi has long been at the center of speculation that he had undergone some plastic surgery procedures that marred his appearance, and Makemeheal.com suspected a [...]

    After years of suffering the media’s abuse due to his bad plastic surgery, country legend Kenny Rogers is apparently calling it quits on plastic surgery. 72-year old country singer Kenny Rogers is also the father of six-year-old twins Justin and Jordan. In an attempt to appear younger, Kenny went under the knife for a facelift, [...]

    The Celebrity Rehab casting rumor mill is working at full force, suggesting that Heidi Montag will be on the next season after becoming addicted to the pain killers she took after undergoing an astonishing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. Over a year ago, then 23-year old Heidi underwent: nose job revision, chin reduction, [...]

    Heidi Montag’s notorious plastic surgeries are well on the mend, but she’s still talking about them. And what’s more, she’s taking it on her deceased plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan—and his mother is fighting back. 24-year old Heidi Montag underwent a mind-boggling 10 procedures in one day: nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, [...]

    Linda Thompson isn’t known household name, despite being a former flame of Elvis Presley and the first wife of Olympian Bruce Jenner. And her face isn’t recognizable either, thanks to copious amounts of plastic surgery over the years. 60-year old Linda Thompson is a former beauty pageant queen turned actress, who was once romantically attached [...]

    Suzanne Somers is one busy lady, acting and singing and promoting her various health and wellness products. But it looks like the author and businesswoman is never too busy for some plastic surgery. 64-year old Suzanne Somers made a name for herself playing ditzy blonds, but she has proved to be anything but, promoting controversial [...]

    Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is best known for his crimes against humanity and dictator-style leadership, but as his reign of terror grows so do rumors of plastic surgery. 68-year old Muammar al-Gaddafi has been the leader of Libya since a military coup back in 1969, making him one of the longest serving leaders in history. [...]

    Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers are getting ready to team up for their upcoming WE network reality series, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” At a recent press event to hype the show, Melissa revealed that she doesn’t like her mom’s love of plastic surgery. 77-year old Joan Rivers is a poster child [...]

    It’s been over a year since Heidi Montag underwent her numerous plastic surgery procedures. Now, Heidi is showing off her scars the way she once showed off her plastic surgery enhancements. 24-year old Heidi revealed her numerous plastic surgery scars in a photo spread and interview with Life & Style magazine. “Parts of my body [...]

    Because 2010 was littered with awful plastic surgery jobs among celebrities, Makemeheal.com had to break up our worst celebrity plastic surgery list into two parts, just so we can digest the slew of plastic surgery victim separately.  If you’ve already read our first installment of Makemeheal.com’s Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Part 1 (and if [...]

    Cyndi Lauper looks like she isn’t having fun anymore, thanks to some possible over zealous plastic surgery laser treatments. 57-year old Cyndi Lauper looks nothing like her pop star self, which could be the result of plastic surgery treatments, such as laser therapy, gone wrong. “Cyndi Lauper doesn’t look like she just wants to have [...]

    Although nipping, cutting, and implanting is supposed to make you look better, some celebrities take it a bit too far.  It’s time once again to round up Makemeheal.com‘s annual list of the worst and most awful celebrity plastic surgery of the past year. As there are far more surgically enhanced misfortunes than the space of [...]

    Amidst news of legendary Las Vegas performer Wayne Newton transforming his Vegas-area ranch into a Graceland attraction of the West, Makemeheal.com has decided to tackle his notoriously bad plastic surgery. 68-year old Wayne Newton has been performing in Las Vegas since the brightly lit city was nothing but a desert. Recently, Wayne has decided to [...]

    Actor Tom Berenger doesn’t play good guys very often. Somehow his face just lends itself to villainous roles. But since his acting debut back in the 1970s, Tom looks like he’s been through some changes, which may be due to plastic surgery, rather than aging. 61-year old Tom Berenger is probably best known for his [...]

    Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his current wife Lois stepped out to make an appearance at the recent Carousel of Hope Ball charity event. While in front of the cameras, Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but notice the large amount of plastic surgery Mrs. Aldrin appears to have undergone. In 2007, 80-year old Buzz admitted to undergoing [...]

    The new season of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and with the new cast, are new reports of plastic surgery. Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and it is filled with Makemeheal.com plastic surgery alumni and some newbies as well. Here’s a look at the cast and their possible [...]

    The Expendables isn’t out until next week, but the film that showcases the greatest modern action hero stars also showcases some of Makemeheal.com’s favorite plastic surgery stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone. 63-year old California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took time out from unsuccessfully balancing the state’s budget to do what he [...]

    Katie Price and her alter-ego Jordan are known for their larger than life breasts and lips. After her latest round of lip injections, the cosmetic surgery fan has finally admitted that she may have overdone it a bit. 32-year old Katie Price recently got yet another round of lip fillers, likely to promote her new [...]

    Tara Reid has been a lot of things in her young career, going from trophy wife to America’s sweetheart to party girl. But things have gone downhill for Tara, as she has become better known for her botched plastic surgery than for her movie roles. 34-year old Tara Reid has unfortunately become a poster child [...]

    Micheline Roquebrune isn’t as well known as her longtime husband, Sean Connery. But the leading man’s leading lady still seems to have picked up on Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery. 80-year old Micheline Roquebrune has been married to Sean Connery since 1975. It’s practically an eternity in Hollywood years, but some of Hollywood has clearly [...]

    Elza Soares is a Brazilian Samba Queen with as much plastic surgery as she has talent. 72-years-old Elza once married to one of the most famous Brazilian football players of all-time who went by the name Garrincha and is now deceased. Elza is getting ready to marry again, this time to a 27-year old. And [...]

    Lisa Rinna has become more famous for her bizarre appearance from plastic surgery than her work as an actress. Which is why Makemeheal.com thinks it is odd that Lisa has criticized another actress for going under the knife. When Heidi Montag first came out in People magazine about her astonishing 10 plastic surgery procedures, Lisa [...]

    Heidi Montag is proud of her plastic surgery, most recently mocking her new appearance on Funny or Die shoot. But after 10 plastic surgeries, there’s nothing left for her to do, according to her plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan (See Make Me Heal’s interview with Heidi Montag’s Dr. Frank Ryan). Back in November, 23-year old [...]

    Meg Ryan used to be America’s sweetheart, but her transformation with plastic surgery has moved her from the top of the list. Now it seems that Meg may have learned her lessons and stopped having the lip augmentations that gave her a bizarre appearance. 48-year old Meg Ryan began getting plastic surgery in her mid [...]

    David Gest was only known in the entertainment industry before he married Liza Minnelli. But he’s now a household name and may be better known for his bad plastic surgery than for his failed marriage. 56-year old TV star-and-concert promoter David Gest says that he was encouraged to have plastic surgery by his close friend [...]

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    Over the past year, Makemeheal.com has found a lot of bad plastic surgery and especially bad breast implant jobs. Although we don’t know when these botched breast augmentations took place, these are the ladies whose implants we outed over the past year, in no particular order. Victoria Silvstedt A former Playmate and Victoria’s Secret model [...]

    The Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery goes to celebrities who just can’t seem to stop getting injections, implanting, nipping, tucking, and tweaking this or that. Once it’s bad, there doesn’t seem to be any turning back for these celebrities who continue to look over the top plastic. Here are some of the worst cases of plastic [...]

    Lil Kim is a notorious case of bad plastic surgery, so Make Me Heal was pleased to learn that the petite rapper had gotten a rhinoplasty revision. 34-year old Lil Kim has a lot of plastic surgery in her past, including a breast augmentation, as well as considerable facial plastic surgery including a nose job, [...]

    Kurt Cobain’ widow Courtney Love has undergone her share of plastic surgery disasters since his death in 1994. But her days of going under the knife are over, thanks to a chance encounter with Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka Catwoman. At 45, Courtney has undergone two or three nose jobs, lip augmentations, breast implants and liposuction. But [...]

    Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is a cautionary tale of bad plastic surgery, using the knife to transform her appearance. But lately she has been looking slightly less bizarre, leading Make Me Heal to wonder if she has had some revision plastic surgery. purchase esomeprazole 69-year old Jocelyn is rumored to have spent around $4million in an [...]

    In a bid to retain her small claim to fame, Tara Reid is reportedly getting ready to pose for an upcoming issue of Playboy, plastic surgery scars and all. 33-year old Tara has notoriously undergone a botched liposuction and breast augmentation procedure back in 2004. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Tara Reid’s plastic surgery). [...]

    41-year old Kelly Bensimon is not shy about voicing her opinions or her plastic surgery on the popular reality show Real Housewives of New York City. But Make Me Heal wonders what the mother of two will reveal in men’s magazine Playboy. Kelly Bensimon’s personal life seems as filled with drama as her chest is [...]

    Whether you prefer him as Rocky or Rambo, Sylvester Stallone has never been afraid of a fight and it looks like he’s not afraid of the knife either, undergoing various plastic surgery procedures over the years. Sly debuted his latest look at the Venice Film Festival. 63-year old Sly showed up at the Venice Film [...]

    Kitty Madison is a Dutch woman who was not only born the wrong the gender but the wrong species as well. To correct the problem, she has spent money on plastic surgery and devices that allow her to live life as mermaid-like as possible. According to an article in Vice magazine, Kitty-Madison explains that her [...]

    65-year old Gary Busey’s personal life has made him nearly as famous as his on-screen antics. From arrests to motorcycle accidents, Gary’s active lifestyle has taken a toll on his face that plastic surgery did very little to correct. While some have speculated that Gary’s uneven eyes are the result of a botched facelift or [...]

    While many celebrities enhance their looks with plastic surgery, some people become celebrities because of their plastic surgery. British born artist Nileen Namita is one such case. Over 20 years ago, Nileen Namita decided that in a past life she was Queen Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile. Since then, she has spent more than $325,000 [...]

    British actor Rupert Everett was once a handsome leading man. But then plastic surgery rumors began circulating and the public began seeing a lot less of him. Pop singer Dannii Minogue was once a popular singer. But then fans of talent contest X-Factor began to notice how plastic she looked and she has since made [...]

    Joan Rivers is a comedy legend. But how funny would she be without the help of plastic surgery? At 76, Joan has always been open about her plastic surgery, making fun of her plasticized appearance just as much as the next comedian, and doing a better job of it. In celebration of her recent roast [...]

    Heidi Fleiss made headlines in 1997 when she was dubbed “Hollywood Madam.” Now the prostitution ring leader is making headlines for her appearance, which has been overdone with plastic surgery. At 43 years old, numerous plastic surgeries have left drug addicted Heidi looking even older than before her incarceration. Speculation about Heidi’s multitude of procedures [...]

    Before there was Paris Hilton, icon of pink and plastic surgery, there was Los Angeles billboard legend, Angelyne. Flamboyant Angelyne is an L.A. icon without ever having been anyone but herself. Back in the day, her oversized breasts and inflated lips graced billboards around the city. The billboards are down, but the city’s plastic surgeons [...]

    Her daughter, Hayden Panetierre, may be the famous one in the family, but her mother, Lesley Vogel, is the one participating in Hollywood’s favorite pastime: plastic surgery. The former soap opera actress is probably best known for being the mother of Heroes star Hayden Panetierre, but if her face gets any more frozen, she’ll be [...]

    Linda Evans may not have appeared on television in a while, but that doesn’t keep her from being talked about. Unfortunately, it’s not for her acting skills as much as it is for her obvious and excessive plastic surgery. 66-year old Linda rose to fame in her role on the legendary soap Dynasty. Since then, [...]