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  • Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland isn’t one of Hollywood’s most talked about names, but she is one of the most prevalent, appearing in over 120 films in her career. When she’s not on-stage or in front of a camera, Makemeheal.com has found that Sally is advocating for women with breast implants. 68-year old Sally Kirkland [...]

    Alicia Keys is famous for singing about boys and men and the single life, but it seems that talented songstress has finally decided to settle down. After announcing her pregnancy, the Grammy winner then declared her engagement to producer/rapper/DJ Swizz Beatz. While Swizz Beatz may be musically gifted, he in no way matches the beauty [...]

    Some bloggers noticed Kathy Ireland’s odd behavior. Others noticed her poor interview skills. But Makemeheal.com noticed Kathy Ireland’s potential plastic surgery on the Oscar red carpet. 47-year old supermodel Kathy Ireland is still best known for her Sports Illustrated covers, although she has built a home décor empire based on her name. Even though Kathy [...]

    Oscar Sunday was a big night for Kathryn Bigelow. The director of The Hurt Locker became the first female winner of the Best Director Oscar and her film won for Best Picture. But how great would the nearly 6-foot director look without some plastic surgery? 58-year old Kathryn Bigelow looks astounding for her age. With [...]

    The Big Night has come and gone. Now Makemeheal.com takes a look at all the plastic surgery parading down the 2010 Oscars red carpet. In the Best Actor Category, all the actors seem to be as yet untouched by the knife, but could stand a little plastic surgery refreshment. Best Actor Oscar winner for Crazy [...]

    Actresses go through an amazing amount of prep work to get ready for Oscar night. But what about their male counterparts? Makemeheal.com takes a look at some of the Best Supporting actor nominees, including winner Christoph Waltz, and fellow nominees Matt Damon and Woody Harrelson and how they could benefit from some plastic surgery before [...]

    This year’s Academy Awards will be a little different, hosted by not one but two famous faces: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. With so much funny in the room, Makemeheal.com wonders if there will be any space for plastic surgery. For Alec Baldwin, hosting the Oscars may be the closest he gets to winning a [...]

    Up in the Air actress Anna Kendrick is up for a Supporting Actress Oscar. To better her chances, Makemeheal.com thinks Anna could consider a little plastic surgery for the big night. 24-year old Anna Kendrick has been on Broadway longer than she’s been in front of the camera. But her recent role in the airport [...]

    No matter what color her hair is, Vera Farmiga’s talent shows through, and this time it has earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her work in Up in the Air. For her walk down the Oscar red carpet, Vera could be considering some plastic surgery touch-ups/ 36-year old goat loving Vera [...]

    Mo’Nique is one funny lady, but there’s nothing funny about her role in Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire, which has earned her a Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. What was funny was her red carpet appearance at red carpet event earlier this year was her hairy legs. For the upcoming Academy Awards, Mo’Nique [...]

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    Gabourey Sidibe isn’t your typical Oscar nominee. She’s never before starred in a film, let alone one as talked about as Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. And her body type isn’t typical Hollywood either. Unlike Renee Zellweger, she didn’t need to pack on the pounds for her success. But that doesn’t mean [...]

    As the Oscars approach, many of Hollywood’s leading ladies are cramming in their last minute plastic surgery procedures. Luckily, Leading Actress nominee for An Education, Carey Mulligan, is so cute, she can go plastic surgery-free for now. 24-year old British actress Carey Mulligan is getting quite a reputation not only as an actress, but also [...]

    French actress Melanie Laurent is just becoming a household name in the States, thanks to her role in the Oscar-nominated film Inglourious Basterds. Makemeheal.com thinks that some plastic surgery could play a role in her future success. 27-year old Melanie Laurent appears to be a natural beauty, unaided by many of the fillers, peels and [...]

    With the Academy Awards this weekend, Makemeheal.com has begun its annual coverage of the Hollywood event, starting with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, the stars of the year’s biggest film, Avatar. Nominated for 9 Oscars, Avatar is the latest sci-fi adventure from veteran blockbuster maker James Cameron. While the movie features an array of talented [...]

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    Last week at the CMA’s, not only country stars were displaying their plastic surgery, but fans as well. Make Me Heal thinks that no fan showed her support more than Nicole Kidman. At 42, Nicole Kidman has already shut down years of rumors of plastic surgery, saying her flawless complexion is due to healthy living. [...]

    Each year Make Me Heal looks forward to the Country Music Awards, where country singers and musicians of the past and present strut their plastic surgery down the red carpet, covered in larger than life glitz and glitter. American Idol star Carrie Underwood, a nominee for Female Vocalist, co-hosted the Country Music Awards with country [...]

    In most beauty pageants, plastic surgery is looked down on or at the very least kept quiet. So Make Me Heal was interested to learn of the Miss Plastic Hungary pageant in Europe, which celebrates women with plastic surgery. To qualify for Miss Plastic Hungary, each contestant had to be over the age of 18 [...]

    Toni Collette has been an Indie actress favorite since she starred in the offbeat film Muriel’s Wedding. Now that she has won a 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the kooky premium station film United States of Tara, she may have finally entered the mainstream conscious, which means [...]

    Makemeheal.com‘s popular Celebrity Plastic Surgery TV’s latest show is about Oscars 2009 and what plastic surgery the winners, losers, and attendees had gotten or should have invested in for the big gala.  Filmed right outside the location of the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Makemeheal.com’s show is packed with juicy secrets about Best actress winner [...]

    Every year, Make Me Heal looks forward to the Academy Awards because at no other time does so much plastic surgery appear in one place at one time. Hosted by Hugh Jackman, the ceremonies kicked off with the Tony-award winner performing a clever song and dance routine that was entirely free of plastic surgery, but [...]

    The Best Actor Nominees for the 2009 Oscar ceremonies cross a wide range of the plastic surgery spectrum. From those that use plastic surgery judiciously to look better, like Brad Pitt, to those that overdone, like Mickey Rourke, Make Me Heal takes a look at all the Best Actor nominees and their procedures. Richard Jenkins [...]

    Every year at the Oscars, Make Me Heal sees actors with varying stages of hair loss and their various attempts at covering it up. This year, Make Me Heal decided to consult a hair loss expert so that by next year, these outstanding actors can hit the red carpet with hair. (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    As the Oscars draw ever closer, Make Me Heal has decided to take a look at all the nominees for Best Supporting Actress and their plastic surgery profiles. 34-year old Amy Adams has been nominated for her role in Doubt, making it her second Oscar nomination. The multi-talented actress, who also sings is unusual because [...]

    As Oscar Sunday draws closer, Make Me Heal is continuing its coverage of the Best Actresses that have and haven’t had plastic surgery. 26-year old Anne Hathaway has been nominated as Best Actress for her role in Rachel Getting married and our panel of plastic surgery experts found that not only has Anne not had [...]

    Penelope Cruz has been a favorite actress around the world and Make Me Heal suspects some judicial plastic surgery has been a help in the beautiful actress’ career. 34-year old Penelope is nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She was previously nominated in 2007 for her work [...]

    You may not know Melissa Leo by name, but you’ve probably seen her face in a movie or two and you’ll know her now, as she has been nominated for a Best Leading Actress for her role in Frozen River. Unlike other actresses in her category, Melissa’s face has been untouched by plastic surgery. 48-year [...]

    As the Academy Award ceremony draws near, Make Me Heal is taking a look at the only two women of color nominated, both in the Best Supporting Actress category. Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson have both been nominated without the benefit of previous plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean that their appearances can’t be [...]

    As a nominee for Best Actress at the upcoming Oscar ceremony next month, Anne Hathaway can skip the usual visit to the plastic surgeon and concentrate on picking out the perfect dress. 26-year old Anne has been nominated for her role in the hit film Rachel Getting Married. But as Make Me Heal looks at [...]

    The recent film The Wrestler was a big hit with critics and viewers alike, earning the two big names in the big picture, Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei, Oscar nominations. Make Me Heal takes a look back at the unlikely pair’s plastic surgery and also looks ahead to see what could be done to help [...]

    The recent film The Wrestler left Make Me Heal gaping at the difference in the main stars’ appearances. While Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgery has left him with a strange appearance, Marisa Tomei still looks amazing in her forties. While Mickey is beastly, his costar, 44-year old Marisa Tomei is a definite beauty. In the past, [...]

    Makemeheal.com has just premiered Episode 3 & 4 of its popular Celebrity Plastic Surgery TV Show. Filmed in Los Angeles on Golden Globe Sunday, the episodes discuss the best and worse celebrity plastic surgery of 2008. Watch Episode 3 & 4 right here: Read the articles: Top 10 Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery for 2008 & [...]

    Sunday’s red carpet Emmy event was full of Make Me Heal celebrity plastic surgery alums, from nominees to winners to supporting cast members and celebrity hangers-on. Jeremy Piven won in his category for best supporting actor in a comedy series for his work on Entourage. Make Me Heal has previously reported about Jeremy’s hair loss [...]

    This past weekend, Rihanna shimmied on stage as a performer at the Video Music Awards, losing out on the Moonman for best female video to Britney Spears’ triumphant return to the VMA stage. In the past, Make Me Heal has speculated as to whether or not Rihanna has had any plastic surgey. (See Make Me [...]

    MTV helped Britney Spears redeem her perfect pop-star image by allowing Britney to return to this year’s Video Music Awards ceremony as the opening presenter. Britney’s appearance at this year’s VMA’s was a far cry from last year’s performance debacle where the out of shape star sleepwalked her way through her song. Make Me Heal [...]

    Last night crowned Miss Universe 2008. Miss Venezuela Danyana Mendoza took home the crowning honor. Miss USA slipped and fell for the second year in a row, with a video seen round the Internet. And many of the contestants seemed to be all natural. This could be because some countries have rules about contestants with [...]

    The Queen of Hip-hop Soul, Mary J, Blige is much loved for her music, but much criticized for her obvious breast implants. Mary J Blige was nominated at this year’s BET Awards for best Female R&B vocalist (see Make Me Heal’s story on Plastic Surgery at the BET Awards). While Alicia Keys walked away with [...]

    The pyrotechnics that opened Usher’s set at this year’s BET Awards didn’t have nearly as much shock value as the plastic surgery onstage, which was chock full of Make Me Heal‘s plastic surgery alumni. Nearly all the nominees for Best Female R&B Artist have had plastic surgery. Mariah Carey has had more procedures than you [...]

    At the recent Oscars, the red carpet was once again full of sparkling stars and subtle touches of agelessness. The male stars of the Oscars were out in force: aging gracefully but not all were so naturally handsome that they couldn’t benefit from some plastic surgery. Best Actor Winner Daniel Day Lewis appears to be [...]

    To say it’s a hair-don’t is to put it kindly. We thought that when Make Me Heal ran a story on the unsightly rug John Travolta sported at last year’s Oscars, he’d do something about it. Instead, he seems to have simply shaved it down for this year’s Oscars. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif [...]

    Best Supporting Actress Winner Tilda Swinton was striking in a flowing caftan-like dress at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony. But what was even more striking to Make Me Heal was the total lack of wrinkles and lines on the 47-year old actress’ forehead. Make Me Heal suspects an injectable filler such as Botox to be responsible for [...]

    Becoming a mother may not be the only change Jessica Alba’s body has gone through recently. From her early days as television’s Dark Angel to her recent walk down the Oscar’s red carpet on Sunday, Jessica Alba’s breasts may have been augmented with plastic surgery, not impending motherhood. As Alba’s popularity has grown from sci-fi [...]

    Stay tuned! On Sunday (September 9) Make Me Heal, the web’s largest consumer gateway and portal for plastic surgery and anti-aging, will be on hand at the MTV Video Awards to report on the latest plastic surgeries, rumors and secrets of nominated musicians, award presenters, and other celebrities attending the event. Don’t miss this live [...]

    Besides honoring the best of black and minority entertainers, the 7th Annual BET Awards on Tuesday was also a celebration of the best and worse in plastic surgery. The evening proved to be entertaining and educational for Make Me Heal, as some new nominees came up on our “did-she-have-plastic-surgery” radar, including Jennifer Hudson, Selita Ebanks, [...]

    Busting out on stage at the MTV Film Awards on Sunday in a Dominatrix-inspired black outfit and pink umbrella, Rihanna wowed the audience with her performance of “Umbrella”. The performance only confirmed Rihanna reign as the new darling of the R&B world. Being at the center of attention, Rihanna is frequently in the middle of [...]

    There was plenty of music, movies, and plastic surgery at the MTV Film Awards this past Sunday. Everything from boob jobs, shapelier noses, lip injections, and botox graced the faces and bodies of Hollywood’s hottest stars. While Jessica Biel may have chosen the wrong dress to wear, the unflattering outfit did little to detract attention [...]

    Plastic Surgery At The 2007 MTV Film Awards Appearing at the MTV Awards on Sunday in a short black dress, Jessica Biel presented an award with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. From “Seventh Heaven” television star to major film actress and girlfriend to sexy crooner Justin Timberlake, Biel’s looks have catapulted along with her scorching [...]

    Plastic Surgery At The MTV Film Awards Nominated for Best Performance at the MTV Awards tonight for her role in “Pirates of the Caribbean” but losing out to co-star Johnny Depp who snapped the award, Keira Knightly has admitted to having had a lip augmentation to enhance her upper lip after being spotted leaving a [...]

    Plastic Surgery At The MTV Film Awards Mandy Moore, a presenter at the MTV Film Awards this Sunday, has a plastic surgery secret that she does not want fans to know about. When Mandy Moore made her entrance at the MTV Awards tonight in an elegant red dress with her “Licensed To Wed” co-star John [...]

    Cameron Diaz recently had a nose job that she says was performed to repair a deviated septum and alleviate breathing problems that she’s been having in light of having broken her nose four times. Looking closely at Diaz’s new look, though, it appears the nose job that she had done was not only for medical [...]

    John Travolta’s appearance at the Oscars as a presenter in an impeccable, dense head of hair that revealed a somewhat unnatural, receding full hairline led us to examine Travolta more closely. It appears that Travolta has been wearing a hair system (aka hairpiece, toupee, hair wig) to mask some of his receding hairline or balding [...]

    The Oscars once again proved to be more than a celebration of film, as the collision of beauty, glamour, and plastic surgery was omnipresent. The Oscars provide an excellent opportunity to examine the trends in plastic surgery and view the best and worse in this popular science. Among the big themes of the evening was [...]

    In recent months, it has been suggested that Nicole Kidman underwent a breast augmentation. While some have dismissed it as weight gain, Kidman’s appearance tonight at the Oscars as a presenter reignited the rumor that Nicole had breast implants, albeit small ones. Making a scintillitating entrance in a drop-dead gorgeous red dress, Nicole’s somewhat bustier [...]

    Nose jobs are as common as diamonds today at the Oscars. Fixing one’s schnauzer is a rite of passage for many actors and this year’s crop of nose job suspects includes a few surprises among the A-list crowd. We thought we’d leak out a few new rumors and revisit some actors who had nose jobs. [...]

    Is Over 50 The New Sexy? This year’s Best Actress Nominees feature three over 50 actresses, all of whom exude sexiness, elegance and class. Helen Mirren, the favorite to win as Best Actress at the Oscars for her role in “The Queen” is poised to redefine beauty (albeit, temporarily) in the youth-obsessed Hollywood by being [...]

    Clint Eastwood’s directing career is getting better with age, as he is easily one of the best directors of our time. The former “Dirty Harry” actor, who already won the Best Directing Oscar twice is nominated again this year for Letters From Iwo Jima. Despite Eastwood’s tough guy persona and rugged image, even he is [...]

    In a bold and unprecedented move for a celebrity, George Clooney openly admitted to having cosmetic surgery in a televised interview with actress Julia Roberts for an Oprah Winfrey Oscars special. Scroll below images for rest of story. George Clooney with droopy lids & undereye bags before cosmetic surgery George Clooney with natural-looking wider eyes [...]

    Peter O’Toole, the celebrated thespian and hunk who rose to fame in the 1962 film “Lawrence of Arabia”, obviously still cares about his look and appears to dabble in Botox for his red carpet apperances. The eight-time Oscar nominee and this year’s nominee for Best Actor (“Venus”) manages to have a smooth forehead free of [...]

    Forest Whitaker, winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actor, and an Oscar nominee for Best Actor this year, might want to consider some plastic surgery by way of an eyelid surgery to fix his droopy left eye. Called ptosis, this condition is caused by muscle weakness or paralysis and can be corrected with an [...]

    Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, and Rachel Weisz diss plastic surgery Hollywood actors are notorious for being outspoken and as this year’s Oscars role around, we decided to take a look at some of the opinions stars have regarding plastic surgery. Many actresses have slammed Hollywood’s obsession with youth and perfection and instead prefer [...]