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    Middle School Writing Prompts

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    How to Assess Info

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    Reasons Why Kids Need Recess

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    How-to Begin A Research Topic

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    The Great Gatsby by Y. Scott Fitzgerald. Format: Hardback (selection), 1456 pgs. Posted: March 1st, 2013 by Features Initially published: April 10th, 1925 by Scribner Scribner Sons Variety Novel A face of the Jazz Era in most of surplus and its decadence,Gatsby seized the spirit of the author’s era and gained itself a permanent invest [...]

    Main Menu Travel Awards The purpose of the Purdue Graduate Student Authorities (PGSG) Vacation Offer is always to support Purdue School graduate students in joining technical conferences which in turn will create graduate students professionally and augment the general quality of study at Purdue. Grants are allocated among graduate students on a competitive basis. The [...]

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    By Makemeheal.com Staff Are you looking to get a breast augmentation for under $3,000 in Los Angeles or need a way to keep doing botox injections on a $100 budget while living in New York City? If you’re tight on cash but still want to look your best, there’s a way for you to now [...]

    February 6, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the world’s largest website for all things plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, and anti-aging, has announced that over fifty top plastic surgeons have joined Makemeheal.com to answer questions live that are posted by consumers on the website’s Ask-An-Expert area. Launched in November of 2008, Ask-an-Expert [...]

    Welcome to Make Me Heal‘s new column on Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery Column. Here are this week’s news bytes: Write Off Your Breast Implants On Tax Return: If your body is your business, modifications like breast implants can be written off. One exotic dancer was allowed to deduct her breast implants after [...]

    Late Friday, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted outside a Beverly Hills plastic surgery center sporting a bandage around his nose, confirming rumors that he required plastic surgery following a hotel bar fight in Los Angeles a day earlier that left DiCaprio with a broken nose and a black and blue on his eye. Stitches were also [...]

    Shelby Coriaty Gets To The Finish Line

    March 25, 2007 in Uncategorized by thebreastcaresite.com | Leave a Comment

    Everyone knows that dealing with breast cancer can be a long and often treacherous road, but for Shelby Coriaty it became a six year test of endurance and the ability of the human spirit to overcome monumental adversity. Not only did Shelby manage to survive, she did so with enormous patience, compassion, and humor. “I [...]

    The impact of suddenly confronting a life-threatening illness like breast cancer can overwhelm the most disciplined brain. The mind enters fight or flight mode, where every decision is about survival with little thought for details. Breast cancer survivors who have undergone surgery as part of their treatment often describe the entire period between diagnosis and [...]