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  • Mike Tyson turned heads even more than usual at a recent event when he turned up sporting not only his usual tattoos, but also some serious neckgear. Apparently, he’s had some surgery that resulted in a pretty serious-looking scar. 46-year old Mike Tyson apparently underwent some form of neck surgery that is common amongst athletes, [...]

    The Reality-Competition Program category for the Emmys is filled with plastic surgery, from hosts to contestants. The following shows not only feature ordinary people turned celebrity, but also Hollywood hotties noted not only for their talents, but also for plastic surgery. The Amazing Race frequently features contestants that are not only agile, but have prepped [...]

    Typically the Emmys reveal plastic surgery for men as well as women, but here’s a peak at what you may spot on Sunday’s red carpet for the Male Emmy Nominees. Comedy Actor Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan in House of Lies. Don Cheadle shows very few signs of aging, but he also doesn’t show signs [...]

    Television personality and actress La La Vazquez changes her resume and more recently is rumored to have changed up her look with a little plastic surgery. 33-year old La La Vazquez is now officially La La Anthony, although many fans just stick to La La. As an entertainment professional, La La constantly changes her looks, [...]

    Jennifer Hudson’s luscious lips have been the envy of many since before her drastic weight loss. Although the singer/actress has long remained coy on whether or not her lips are natural or the result of a lip augmentation, she has finally admitted to a little plastic surgery. On an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, 30-year [...]

    The VMAs were last night and the most shocking thing that happened wasn’t Chris Brown and Rihanna kissing. It was all the plastic surgery that turned up for the show. Despite Chris Brown’s famously taking out his aggression on Rihanna’s face to the point that she nearly needed reconstructive plastic surgery, the pair seemed to [...]

    Since splitting from his fashion guru wife Kimora Lee, Russell Simmons has been dating a lot. For the movie premier of “For A Good Time, Call…” Russell brought along a new girlfriend, Tatiana, whom many bloggers suspect to be the product of good plastic surgery. 54-year old music mogul Russell Simmons has dated everyone from [...]

    While many supermodels (other than Janice Dickinson) tend to stay quiet about plastic surgery, Tyra Banks is opening up about her views on the sometimes controversial topic. 38-year old Tyra Banks is cool about some things in her private life, including relationships. But apparently she’s getting bolder when it comes to talking about other topics, [...]

    Kobe may be the basketball superstar in the family, but it’s Vanessa Bryant who has been making headlines with her controversial comments about what she expects from a husband. The new hubbub has also led people to revisit old wonderings about whether some of the Bryant fortune goes to plastic surgery. 30-year old Vanessa Bryant [...]

    Hair removal doesn’t seem like a particularly sexy activity, but that didn’t stop Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West from hitting up a laser hair removal clinic in Santa Monica. Given that Kim Kardashian frequently Tweets pics of herself in a bikini, it’s no surprise that Kim has spent her time under the laser, [...]

    With the recent hubbub over the temporary disappearance of Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, a new Jackson has emerged: TJ Jackson, son of Tito. TJ is reportedly filing for custody of Michael’s kids, but what Makemeheal.com really wants to know is whether or not the oldest Tito son has followed in the family footsteps of [...]

    Jordin Sparks has been slowly losing weight since she won American Idol and has recently showed off her svelte new figure on the cover of Shape magazine. After losing a great deal of weight, many turn to plastic surgery to tighten up and leftover trouble spots, but it looks like Jordin may be plastic surgery [...]

    Apparently even stars like RIhanna have regrets about their bodies. Luckily, plastic surgery can often help. 24-year old Rihanna appears on the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar after losing some weight. Within the pages of the fashion magazine, she talks about losing weight and the changes her body has gone through. “I miss my ass. [...]

    Nicki Minaj is famous for her ever-changing appearance, which is more than usually cartoonish. While she’s most noted for her daunting derriere, long time fans have noted that it’s not just her body that has been augmented over the years, it also looks like her face has undergone some plastic surgery as well. 29-year old [...]

    Lil Kim has been shocking fans for years, first with her lyrics then with her outrageous costumes and most recently with her plastic surgery. At a recent NYC event, Lil Kim once again managed to shock with plastic surgery. 36-year old Lil Kim has been dabbling in plastic surgery for years, with a nose surgery [...]

    Jada Pinkett Smith is promoting her new film, Madagascar 3 in which she once again provides the voice of the hip hippo. But at the premier, no one even noticed her voice, all every one could talk about was her full face. 40-year old Jada Pinkett Smith sparked plastic surgery rumors when she promoted her [...]

    The National Enquirer is reporting that Kanye West wants his girlfriend’s mom, Kris Jenner to stop going under the knife. Kanye West understandably isn’t a big fan of plastic surgery. His mother, Donda West, famously died at age 58, just a day after undergoing a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo­suction (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    Lark Voorhies is probably better known as Lisa Turtle, the character she played on the popular 90s television show, Saved by the Bell. While fans were thrilled when Lark hinted at a cast reunion in a recent interview, they were stunned by her plastic surgery-looking appearance. 38-year old Lark Voorhies recently appeared in a televised [...]

    Janet Jackson’s fluctuating weight is nothing new, but after her recent weight loss her face shows none of the usual gaunt look that usually comes with a dramatic drop in pounds. Makemeheal.com suspects that Janet is playing with plastic surgery. 46-year old Janet Jackson showed off her newly thin frame at the Marcho Glaviano ‘Supermodels’ [...]

    Talk show host Wendy Williams is nothing if not controversial. So when she discussed cosmetic surgery in a recent interview it wasn’t surprising that some of her remarks would fan the flames. 47-year old Wendy Williams has proclaimed herself the queen of plastic surgery, after liposuction and after breast augmentation and a few other things [...]

    Avatar actress Zoe Saldana has apparently wanted to have kids for over a decade, but it just hasn’t happened for her yet. Whether she has two or twenty in the future, Zoe says she is probably going to have a plastic surgery mommy makeover to help her recover her famously fit body. 33-year old Zoe [...]

    Singer Beyonce is all about babies now that she’s a mother. But after sporting bikinis and her signature sultry gowns shortly after the birth of her child Blue Ivy, many are wondering if Beyonce has had a Plastic Surgery Mommy Makeover to get rid of some of her pregnancy weight. 30-year old Beyonce Knowles is [...]

    The tragic circumstances surrounding singer Whitney Houston’s untimely demise continue to be revealed. The autopsy report was recently made public, indicating that The Bodyguard star had most likely undergone plastic surgery. 48-year old Whitney Houston shocked fans when she tragically died in a Los Angeles hotel room. Reports surrounding her death indicated that sometime in [...]

    Baseball legend Sammy Sosa’s ever changing appearance has led to frequent rumors of plastic surgery, rumors that have followed into retirement. 43-year old Sammy Sosa has been rumored to have Vitiligo, a skin condition in which there is a loss of color in the skin ever since his skin began becoming lighter and changing his [...]

    There’s a reason Beyonce always manages to look glamorous and put together. It appears that glamour runs in the Knowles family as a recent photo of Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles indicates. It may also indicate a common love of plastic surgery. 58-year old Tina Knowles has been designing gowns for Beyonce since she [...]

    “Pretty Little Liars” star Bianca Lawson is 32 and has been playing a teenager since she actually was one. Makemeheal.com can’t help but wonder if plastic surgery is helping Bianca to keep her youthful look. 32-year old Bianca Lawson looks only slightly different than when she was on Buffy. Thanks to updated style changes and [...]

    The latest season of Dancing with the Stars has kicked off and for Makemeheal.com it means a chance to get a glimpse of celebrity plastic surgery. Here’s a look at the full cast and how they found fame, along with their professional dancing partners, courtesy of UsWeekly. – Melrose Place actor Jack Wagner, 52, will [...]

    While runway models seem to be getting younger and younger, some runway models just seem to be getting better with age. Like international supermodel Naomi Campbell, who closed the Roberto Cavalli show in Milan Fashion Week At 41 years old Naomi Campbell is still sporting designs that would look dreadful on women half her age. [...]

    Octavia Spencer has had a busy life since starring in The Help, between attending banquets and awards ceremonies. But that hasn’t stopped her from planning a little plastic surgery once her schedule clears up. 39-year old Octavia Spencer is this year’s Best Supporting Actress winner for her role in The Help. Octavia may use a [...]

    The Oscars have come and gone, showcasing plastic surgery from the past and present. 63-year old Billy Crystal reprised his once regular gig as Oscars host. The funnyman looks like his time away from the biggest awards show of the year may have been spent on a little plastic surgery and plastic surgery recovery. To [...]

    As the Oscar red carpet draws closer, Makemeheal.com takes a look at some of the possible plastic surgery preparations going on behind the scenes for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar Nominees. Bérénice Bejo, The Artist 35-year old Bérénice Bejo is suddenly one of the most popular women in Hollywood, thanks to her lively appearance in [...]

    The Best Actress Oscar nominations have been revealed and Makemeheal.com has a few plastic surgery ideas for how the leading ladies of the silver screen may want to get red for the Academy Awards. Glenn Close, Alfred Nobbs 64-year old Glenn Close may play a woman playing a man in her Oscar-nominated role, but that [...]

    Wild outfits and crazy hair ruled the Grammys red carpet, but Makemeheal.com also detected plastic surgery on more than one entertainer. Host 44-year old LL Cool J kicked off the music awards show looking as hot as ever, although he didn’t display his famous abs, which have been much talked about as the result of [...]

    Mariah Carey’s advertisements for Jenny Craig have been making the rounds, but some fans suspect that Mariah’s miraculous weight loss after twins is due to a plastic surgery Mommy Makeover rather than the popular diet program. 41-year old Mariah Carey has had several possible plastic surgery procedures in the past, including a breast augmentation as [...]

    Tina Turner has been officially retired since 2000, but she still looks ready to rock. Makemeheal.com suspects that plastic surgery may be the reason for Tina’s continued youthful appearance. 72-year old legendary singer Tina Turner briefly came out of retirement to celebrate 50 years in the biz back in 2008 and giving Make Me Heal [...]

    Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton has proved to be popular with viewers, creating her own tag lines and being openly candid about life.  The outspoken youngest sister of the Braxton Clan recently sat down for an interview with BET.com, revealing her thoughts on life, love and plastic surgery. 34-year old Tamar Braxton is the [...]

    In the latest instance of fake plastic surgery, Oneal Ron Morris, 30, who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman apparently injected herself with foreign material to boost her derriere before injecting other women with the industrial materials. Oneal Ron Morris has been charged with practicing medicine without a license with [...]

    The American Music Awards were filled with wacky style, famous guests and plenty of celebrity plastic surgery. Although her breasts are high and full and have a similar appearance to implants after breast augmentation, “The One That Got Away” singer Katy Perry is still rocking pink hair and pairing it with plastic surgery-free breasts (See [...]

    Mariah Carey is once again fighting the battle of the bulge after giving birth to twins earlier this year. Makemeheal.com wonders if the diva-mom has turned to plastic surgery to aid her weight loss. 41-year old Mariah Carey has had several possible plastic surgery procedures in the past, including a breast augmentation as well as [...]

    Serena Williams takes as many risks with her style off the court as she does during a game. But her playing around with weaves and wigs looks like it has taken its toll on the tennis champ, as recent photos look to reveal some hair loss. 30-year old Serena Williams looks to have developed a [...]

    Christina Milian is one of those special women who never seem to grow a day older. The singer and actress gave birth just last year and yet shows no signs of the toll pregnancy takes on the body, leading fans like Makemeheal.com to suspect that plastic surgery may be at play. 30-year old Christina Milian [...]

    Plastic surgery is practically a requirement to be a cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewife franchise. But fans always wonder when a cast member returns to latest season looking different than she left. Case in point: Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks. Somewhere around 40, Phaedra Parks joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta in the [...]

    American singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and fashion model Ciara looks to have undergone some plastic surgery changes since making her 2004 debut album. 25-year old Ciara’s goodies look like they may have benefited from some plastic surgery. While Ciara first appeared on the hip-hop scene with a fairly small bust, she looks like she may have [...]

    Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland is one of the rare celebrities to admit to plastic surgery. And four years after breast augmentation, Kelly is still bragging about loving her new look. 30-year-old Kelly Rowland was tired of having “little nuggets for boobs,” so she had breast augmentation back in 2007. Now it’s been 4 [...]

    Wanda Sykes is a funny lady, but she recently revealed something less than funny: a breast reduction procedure, which led to the discovery of breast cancer. 47-year old Emmy Award-winner Wanda Sykes revealed her decision to undergo a double mastectomy, after breast cancer was discovered during her breast reduction procedure on an episode of “The [...]

    American television personality Star Jones, and co-host of the ABC weekday morning talk show The View, famously lost a lot of weight. To replace some of her lost curves, Star may have had breast augmentation that was less successful than her weight loss. 49-year old Star Jones famously lost a great deal of weight with [...]

    Plastic surgery seems to run in families; just as much as great genes, so naturally Makemeheal.com wondered if Solange Knowles had been under the knife like her big sister Beyonce. 25-year old Solange Knowles is Beyonce’s little sister. Like her big sister, Solange frequently performs and has a love of fashion. But she doesn’t look [...]

    Beyonce went public with her baby bump at recent VMAs. Now fans are wondering: If Beyonce had a breast augmentation, will she be able to breast feed her baby? 29-year old Beyonce showed off her budding baby bump in a flowing poppy-colored gown and later performed in a sparkly tuxedo. Revealing her pregnancy also revealed [...]

    The VMAs may not have had a whacked-out host this year, but they certainly had plenty of surprising moments. From Beyonce’s baby news to Lady Gaga trying to make out with Britney Spears, the stars packed plenty of plastic surgery into the performance space. Beyonce showed off her budding baby bump in a flowing poppy-colored [...]

    The VMA’s last weekend came with a few surprises. What was no surprise was that plenty of stars made the worst dressed list at UsWeekly and also landed on the Makemeheal.com radar for worst plastic surgery. Nicki Minaj covered up, but not in a good way. Maybe the surgical mask was an ode to the [...]

    Rihanna may have unwittingly revealed something she didn’t want the world to see at a recent concert. It’s not her supportive undergarments, rather it’s a chin scar that could be the result of a new plastic surgery. 23-year old Rihanna is frequently at the center of plastic surgery rumors, from nose jobs to breast augmentation. [...]

    During her performance on Good Morning America, rapper Nicki Minaj accidentally revealed a nipple and a breast augmentation. 28-year old Nicki Minaj is often suspected of having had buttocks augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s story on Nicki Minaj’s plastic surgery), and her recent “nip slip” after breast augmentation shows that Nicki is likely open to [...]

    The Pointer Sisters disco-era pop group recently reprised their act, leading Makemeheal.com to wonder if plastic surgery was helping them get back into their spandex after all these years. The Pointer Sisters have taken some time off since they topped the music charts in the 1980s with songs including He’s So Shy and I’m So [...]

    Surely you remember when The Hangover star Mike Tyson bit the ear of Evander Holyfield during an epic match? What you may not know is that Evander’s ear is now as good as new, thanks to some careful reconstructive surgery. Maybe he got hungry or maybe he was just in a bad mood, but Mike [...]

    Rihanna isn’t shy when it comes to fashion, although she’s been pretty quiet on whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. A revealing top may have finally settled the question of breast implants for Rihanna for good. 23-year old Rihanna was caught wearing a sheer blouse, sans bra. Although they have a nice shape and [...]

    Basketball player Jason Terry reportedly got inked with a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Trophy as a way to motivate himself and his teammates. But getting the tattoo may have been only temporary. 33-year old Jason Terry said he got the tattoo on his right biceps for superstitious reasons, but will have it removed if [...]

    Serena Williams is smooth on the tennis court, but she is anything but in a bikini. Her rippled stomach is an indication that they stylish athlete may have had a tummy tuck or liposuction. 29-year old Serena Williams is known for her daring fashion sense and powerful serve. But off the court, Serena also takes [...]

    Chanel Iman is the model to have on your runway. But would the beauty be quite so successful without plastic surgery? 20-year old Chanel Iman first got her start as a child model. But as a Victoria’s Secret angel, she looks to have changed her look, with a rhinoplasty and the use of skincare products [...]

    Naomi Campbell is as well-known for her temper as she is for her beauty. During the Cannes Film Festival, Naomi returned to the runway in support of her pet charity and revealed not only her supermodel body, but some new plastic surgery as well. 41-year old Naomi Campbell strutted her stuff alongside her fellow celebrities [...]

    The 2011 Billboard Music Awards over the weekend paid tribute to many of the biggest stars in the business and showcased some of Makemeheal.com’s favorite examples of plastic surgery. Britney Spears opened the show alongside Rihanna, performing their remix version of the controversial S&M. Britney looked almost as good as she did her heyday, strapped [...]

    Tyra Banks famously made a transition from runway to real life with her daytime television talk show. Now that her show is over, Tyra is already planning a future, which likely includes plastic surgery. 37-year old Tyra Banks responded with “Oh, definitely,” when talk show host Piers Morgan asked whether she would be willing to [...]

    Beyonce and hubbie Jay Z recently spent some time in Paris for their anniversary. While in the City of Lights, cameras may have caught Beyonce’s plastic surgery secret: a breast augmentation scar. 29-year old Beyonce and 41-year old Jay-Z were very lovey dovey as they took in famous Parisian sites. On a day out, Beyonce [...]

    Jessica White may be a model and sometimes actress romantically linked to football star Terrell Owens and actor Sean Penn, but she still isn’t well-known. Makemeheal.com thinks that plastic surgery, combined with more exposure could change that. 26-year old model/actress Jessica White isn’t your typical Gap ad or CoverGirl, although she has posed for both [...]

    R&B artist Keri Hilson has several hit singles under her belt and had a successful song-writing career before embarking on a solo endeavor. But much of her recent success could be due to a nose job 28-year old R&B artist Keri Hilson was part of The Cluth, before signing a contract with Timbaland’s label, Mosley [...]

    The recent TV Land Awards turned up the casts of classic television gems including “The Cosby Show,” “Welcome Back, Kotter” and “The Facts of Life” with Geri Jewell (Geri Warner), Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Edna Garrett), Nancy McKeon (“Jo” Polniaczek), Kim Fields (Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey), Lisa Whelchel (Blair Warner), and Cloris Leachman (Beverly Ann Stickle). After [...]

    Tameka Foster might have been forgotten as the former wife of performer Usher, if it hadn’t been for her plastic surgery nightmare, which made her an Internet sensation. Now Tameka is setting the rumors straight about what really went wrong when she decided to undergo plastic surgery. 40-year old Tameka Foster was supposed to undergo [...]

    Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes is apparently the latest reality star to fall victim to a plastic surgery obsession. 42-year old NeNe Leakes, who is currently a cast member on The Celebrity Apprentice, surprises fans when she had a rhinoplasty (See Make Me Heal’s story on NeNe Leakes’ nose job) as well as her [...]

    Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Singer Dionne Warwick has been stirring up trouble, but her plastic surgery has kept her camera ready for any kind of dramatic twist. 70-year old Dionne Warwick has had a long and tumultuous career and personal life, going from riches to tax-paying delinquent. In between making hits [...]

    Basketball legend Scottie Pippen is best known for his time with the Chicago Bulls and their record season of 72 wins. Although he’s now retired, Scottie looks so good that many have wondered if the former MVP has been playing with plastic surgery. 45-year old Scottie Pippen has remarkably smooth skin for a man his [...]

    The new season of Dancing with the Stars begins later this month and with the new cast, are new reports of plastic surgery. Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and it is filled with Makemeheal.com plastic surgery alumni and some newbies as well. Here’s a look at the cast and their [...]

    Sunday’s Oscar celebrations didn’t bring many surprises when it came to who won what. Still, the actresses and actors who turned out did manage to make some interesting style choices and it may surprise you to learn who has had what plastic surgery. The big night was co-hosted by 28-year old Anne Hathaway and 32-year [...]

    Amid announcements of filing for bankruptcy, singer Toni Braxton is rumored to be considering posing for Playboy, and Makemeheal.com suspects she’s had some plastic surgery for the occasion. 43-year old Toni Braxton has been through some trial and tribulations, with rumors of being anywhere from $10 to $50 million in debt being amongst the latest. [...]

    After starring in her first adult film against her famous father’s (Laurence Fishburne) wishes, Montana Fishburne has expressed a desire to have cosmetic surgery. 19-year old Montana Fishburne told Hustler magazine that she wants breast implants (common in the adult film industry), as well as vaginoplasty. “I don’t want to get real big ones [breasts]. [...]

    Awards season is officially upon us. The Golden Globes are the first major event, making a perfect opportunity for Makemeheal.com to see what plastic surgery the stars have had over the past year. 29-year old Natalie Portman was the talked about winner of the night, receiving the Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion [...]

    British pop singer Sade isn’t your traditional pop star, shunning the camera and having a reputation for being reclusive. Nonetheless, she has reemerged with a new album earlier this year, showing her face and possible signs of plastic surgery. 51-year old Sade recently released her latest album Soldier of Love, her first album since 2000. [...]

    Photos of Halle Berry on the set of her upcoming film Truth or Dare seem to reveal plastic surgery prosthetics. 44-year old Halle Berry was on the set of the upcoming comedy by Peter Farelly of the Farelly brothers, wearing facial prosthetics that made her lips and cheeks look preternaturally full. She also seemed to [...]

    On the heels of their wildly successful competition show, Dancing with the Stars, ABC has found a new way to exploit people on the fringes of entertainment by announcing their new show Skating with the Stars, slated to next Monday First up on the roster of announced stars is reality show star Bethenny Frankel, from [...]

    Currently appearing in the film For Colored Girls, actress Kerry Washington looks a little different than when she first made her acting debut. Longtime fans of Kerry suspect plastic surgery is behind her beauty. 33-year old actress Kerry Washington has been on both television and film since the mid 90s. Through that time, she’s not [...]

    Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes starting looking a little different earlier this year. Now that the new season of RHA is underway, fans will get to see the plastic surgery procedures NeNe underwent to improve her appearance. In June, Makemeheal.com reported that 42-year old NeNe Leakes appeared to have undergone a rhinoplasty (See [...]

    Wubba wubba wubba, but Downtown Julie Brown still looks good. Despite not being an MTV regular for decades, the former MTV VJ still looks camera ready, thanks to plastic surgery, no doubt. 51-year old Downtown Julie Brown looks fly as ever, and in addition to clearly spending her share of time at the gym, the [...]

    Nicki Minaj is quickly becoming a prominent female rapper. But fans from way back have noticed that not only is Nicki’s fame and popularity growing, her derriere appears to be as well, leading many to suspect plastic surgery is at play. 25-year old hip hop artist Nicki Minaj is as well known for her unusually [...]

    LL Cool J’s amazingly rock hard abs and perfect pecs have led to a lot of rumors of plastic surgery through the hip hop artist’s lengthy career. But the stunning performer continues to say that hard work and not plastic surgery is responsible for his enviable body. 42-year old LL Cool J, born James Todd [...]

    The new season of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and with the new cast, are new reports of plastic surgery. Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and it is filled with Makemeheal.com plastic surgery alumni and some newbies as well. Here’s a look at the cast and their possible [...]

    Tennis champ Serena Williams is just as well known for her style as for her moves on the court. So when she turned up at a recent event with a different look, it wasn’t surprising that the Wimbledon winner looked to have had new nose, the result of plastic surgery. 28-year old Serena Williams reportedly [...]

    Don’t Stop the Music, but Rihanna’s got a new plastic surgery rumor. 22-year old pop singer Rihanna has become a fashion icon as well as a celebrated performer. But no matter what her costume, rumors of plastic surgery persist. Makemeheal.com first reported on Rihanna when fans noticed that her nose seemed slightly smaller and narrower, [...]

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    Kanye West and Amber Rose were all over the place, showing off her body and assets in skimpy clothing. Now it seems that Kanye and Amber are through, leaving Makemeheal.com to wonder if Kanye’s new girlfriend Shay has had any plastic surgery? The age of Shay UK Bombshell is unknown, although the model’s measurements are [...]

    Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland recently opened up about her views on plastic surgery on Botox, and the results are surprising. 29-year old Kelly Rowland isn’t afraid of the knife, openly admitting to getting a breast augmentation in 2007 to help give her some curves (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kelly Rowland’s breast [...]

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    Naomi Campbell is beautiful, but she’s known to have an ugly temper, abusing the help by throwing things and calling names. Now it seems that Naomi has an ugly little secret: she is going bald and MakeMeHeal.com thinks she may need hair restoration plastic surgery. 40-year old Naomi Campbell has sported a lot of different [...]

    Alicia Keys is famous for singing about boys and men and the single life, but it seems that talented songstress has finally decided to settle down. After announcing her pregnancy, the Grammy winner then declared her engagement to producer/rapper/DJ Swizz Beatz. While Swizz Beatz may be musically gifted, he in no way matches the beauty [...]

    It seems that yet another member of the Bravo Real Housewives franchise has fallen under the spell of plastic surgery. The recent victim is the flamboyantly coiffed Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes. 42-year old NeNe Leakes was best known for her outspokenness and unsolicited commentary about the lives of the other housewives. Now it [...]

    Natalie Cole is unforgettably talented and unforgettably good looking thanks to some plastic surgery. But recently Natalie is looking even better and a revision surgery may the reason. 60-year old singer Natalie Cole is best known for the haunting duet she sings with her deceased father, the legendary Nat King Cole. After recovering from personal [...]

    Micheline Roquebrune isn’t as well known as her longtime husband, Sean Connery. But the leading man’s leading lady still seems to have picked up on Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery. 80-year old Micheline Roquebrune has been married to Sean Connery since 1975. It’s practically an eternity in Hollywood years, but some of Hollywood has clearly [...]

    Holly Robinson Peete isn’t your classic Hollywood beauty. But the mother of four and wife of former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete has definitely enjoyed success in front of the camera and Makemeheal.com thinks plastic surgery plays a role. Since her early roles on 21 Jump Street and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, it seems that 45-year [...]

    The Big Night has come and gone. Now Makemeheal.com takes a look at all the plastic surgery parading down the 2010 Oscars red carpet. In the Best Actor Category, all the actors seem to be as yet untouched by the knife, but could stand a little plastic surgery refreshment. Best Actor Oscar winner for Crazy [...]

    Gabourey Sidibe isn’t your typical Oscar nominee. She’s never before starred in a film, let alone one as talked about as Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. And her body type isn’t typical Hollywood either. Unlike Renee Zellweger, she didn’t need to pack on the pounds for her success. But that doesn’t mean [...]

    With the Academy Awards this weekend, Makemeheal.com has begun its annual coverage of the Hollywood event, starting with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, the stars of the year’s biggest film, Avatar. Nominated for 9 Oscars, Avatar is the latest sci-fi adventure from veteran blockbuster maker James Cameron. While the movie features an array of talented [...]

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    Photos of Jay-Z have revealed that his nose appears to be slightly slimmer than in the past, indicating that he may have followed in his wife, Beyonce Knowles’ dancing footsteps and had an ethnic rhinoplasty sometime during the past decade. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Beyonce Knowles’ plastic surgery). Past photos of Jay-Z, whose [...]