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  •         Cosmetic surgery is surgery that is undertaken by an individual to enhance their appearance. The majority of recipients of cosmetic surgery are women; however there are a growing number of men also undergoing cosmetic procedures. The list of procedures available is almost mind-boggling, with no part of the body immune from [...]

    Like any type of operation, plastic surgery is a medical procedure that should not be taken lightly. Ensuring that you are properly organized for the operation will decrease its risks, aid in its success and improve recovery.   If only it was easy as drawing some lines Research First! Before undertaking any surgery, discovering more [...]

    By Dr. Anthony Youn Five years ago I set out to write the definitive book about becoming a plastic surgeon – true, unadulterated, unfiltered, behind the scenes, warts and all.  I’m gratified by what readers and reviewers have said so far.  They’ve called it “disarming,” “fast-paced,” “hilarious,” and “touching.”  According to Publisher’s Weekly: Youn’s description of [...]

    By Ioannis Glavas, MD When most people think of plastic surgery, they think of nose jobs and facelifts. However some of the most popular procedures are associated with skin rejuvenation, including repairing the damage done by a lifetime of overexposure to the sun. In fact laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels accounted for more [...]

    by Dr. August Acetta If you are one of those women who wish they could have a smaller butt, bigger boobs and more cleavage, you just got lucky! While breast augmentation continues to top the list of most desirable cosmetic surgery procedures, it doesn’t always give women what they really want – more cleavage! A [...]

    I’m pretty much broke. Yeah, it’s kind of because of the economy, and it’s kind of because I’m a writer and we’re traditionally some of the brokest people in the world. I recently had someone tell me that I could make more money panhandling. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not ruling it out [...]

    World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria M.D. has given new meaning to the phrase “inner beauty”, by developing a revolutionary procedure which is the perfect combination of the body’s natural restorative powers and ground-breaking new techniques to create the Cell-Enhanced Facelift. “The Cell-Enhanced Facelift is a new procedure, which volumizes the face and creates a [...]

    By Dr. William J. Binder The nose is a prominent facial feature that never goes unnoticed. In fact, the nose is the most central feature of the face, which contributes to facial symmetry. When someone’s nose looks only slightly disproportionate compared to their other features it can affect their self image, ultimately damaging self-esteem. The size and [...]

    In what has become a billion dollar industry, balding, receding or highly placed hairlines in women are making them desperately search for a “miracle cure” to reduce their high hairlines. Some high hairlines in women are caused by extensive wearing of wigs, too-tight ponytails and corn row type hairstyles, but many are caused by genetics [...]

    By Dr. Usha Anne Rajagopal labiaplasty + fat transfer + liposuction of the mons = Vaginal Makeover Most women can agree that the way they feel about their body has a lot to do about how they feel about themselves overall—and that includes the parts of them that mostly go unseen by anyone but them. Although [...]

    By Dr. Alan Bauman Phase One Clinical Trial Tests Safety of Lash Growth Drug for Scalp Hair Growth The FDA has just confirmed that Allergan has registered Phase One clinical trials for safety and pharmacokinetics of a new bimatoprost formulation as a potential treatment for hair loss.  This new trial is based on the wildly [...]

    By: Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Undergoing elective plastic surgery can be a physically and mentally challenging ordeal. While most surgeries are due to necessity such as trauma or cancer, cosmetic surgery patients are otherwise healthy patients who choose to undergo surgery. Essentially Plastic Surgeons take healthy patients, put them through [...]

    You know those little imperfections that show up on your skin seemingly out of nowhere to spoil your youthful complexion?  You don’t have to live with them if you don’t want to. Now there are some highly effective solutions such as plastic surgery lasers and cosmetic treatments to rid yourself of moles, skin tags, stray [...]

    By Lois W. Stern Editor-at-Large Plastic surgery welcomes Zeltiq™, the newest kid on the block for fat reduction. In an earlier MMH article I wrote about Smart Lipo™ http://news.makemeheal.com/smartlipo/734/, the first of the laser lipolysis treatments to emerge on the market. In this ever expanding world of plastic surgery, a number of other companies have [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, The Knife Coach The idea of having plastic surgery can be a terrifying experience, especially if you’re a virgin, and even more so if it’s your face that is the subject of the op. To make it go smoothly, you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Less invasive techniques with [...]

    By Alan J. Bauman, M.D. Although linear harvesting or ‘the strip-method’ is the least expensive way to transplant hair, it can lead to a ‘tell-tale’ donor scar which may be visible from a distance if not covered with enough surrounding hair. This recent photo of Jeremy Piven (courtesy: TMZ) reveals a particulary wide, likely non-trichophytic, linear donor hair transplant scar. To [...]

    By Steven Dayan, MD As Americans debate healthcare reform and our elected officials search for methods of funding the proposed one trillion dollar plan, plastic surgery has been thrust to the forefront of the conversation as a vehicle for generating revenue. Affectionately known as the “Botax”, a play on the most popular cosmetic medical treatment [...]

    By Dr John Saia MD Times are tough and money is tight. Budgets for cosmetic surgery and even reconstructive plastic surgery are down. Women are actually choosing not to have reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. People were trying things out for themselves before the economy tanked. They just seem to be pushing it a bit [...]

    By Peyman Solieman, MD & Jason Litner, MD By all accounts, cosmetic plastic surgery is on the rise in America for ethnic patients. In fact, in 2007, ethnic minorities accounted for 22 percent of the nearly 11.7 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, an increase of 105 percent from 2000. [...]

    By, David Shafer, MD Liposuction is a general term used to describe removal of fat using a suction machine. Tumescent liposuction is the most popular method. In this technique, tumescent solution is injected into the area of fat to be removed. The tumescent solution typically contains lidocaine (to reduce pain) and epinephrine (to minimize bruising). [...]

    By John Di Saia, MD When a reality show contestant ruptured her breast implants after jumping 20 feet off a rope swing, I felt compelled to address the concern that some breast augmentation patients have about this problem. Bursting a breast implant is not usually so dramatic as what the reality show girl experienced.  Then [...]

    By Dr. David Shafer Dysport is often called the “New Botox.” However, Dypsort has actually been available in Europe for therapeutic indications since 1991 and for cosmetic applications since 2001. In April 2009, Dysport (officially known as BoNT-A/D) was approved in the United States for the “temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe [...]

    By Lois W. Stern, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com Two simple words hold the keys to understanding the concept of skin renewal: wound and heal. The skill of the practitioner – be s/he dermatologist, esthetician or plastic surgeon – makes all the difference in whether that wound ultimately stimulates the production of healthier, younger looking skin, has little [...]

    By Shervin Naderi, MD Although Collagen based fillers such as Zyplast and Cosmoderm had initially dominated the market, they fell out of favor due to their short lasting results and the potential for allergic reactions. Over the last five to ten years, we have seen the Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers become the predominant work horse [...]

    A Q & A with Jason N. Pozner, M.D., F.A.C.S. What are the main reasons patients seek revision breast augmentation procedures? Previously, capsular contracture, implant rupture, and size were the reasons most women sought revision breast augmentation. However, today many patients tend to complain about shape and skin texture abnormalities following subglandular saline augmentation. What [...]

    By Anthony Youn, MD With the recession as bad as it is (I’m hearing that some plastic surgery practices are down 80%!), I thought I’d think up some ways people may still want to get their plastic surgery… but on a budget. Here are my Seven Plastic Surgery Tips to Survive the Recession: 7. Try Saline Implants Instead of [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com Back in the 1980′s Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD, a practicing Santa Monica dentist, was testing a then unknown product called veneers to enhance the smile of a select group of his patients. What is today known as cosmetic dentistry began with pioneering expert dentist like Dr. Muslin. Dr. Muslin’s continued [...]

    By Alexander Rivkin, M.D. Traditional cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelifts, and chin augmentations are no longer the only option for individuals who wish to enhance their outward appearance. These surgical procedures are now in competition with the latest innovations in injectable filler techniques. Products such as Radiesse, Artefill, Juvederm, and Sculptra allow a [...]

    By Anthony Youn, MD As a cosmetic plastic surgeon, I often have patients ask me what’s the latest on the horizon in the field of plastic surgery. Are there procedures that they should save for? In the near future will there be cheaper and easier ways to change their look than what we are currently doing [...]

    By Charles Gruenwald, MD Introduction Genital cosmetic surgery for women, often referred to as Labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, has been quietly gaining popularity throughout the United States, as well as abroad. Although labia reduction, performed as a treatment for confirmed surgical conditions of the labia, has been used by surgeons for over half a century, its [...]

    By Sherrell Aston, M.D., F.A.C.S. Rachel A. Miller, PA-C The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we are all eager to celebrate with family, friends, and colleagues. But some of us are, at the same time, wishing we could have a little more time to get “holiday ready.” That is, we know that our holiday [...]

    By Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS The History. The enhancement of the female breast has been a source of attention for centuries. In 1889, one of the first recorded breast augmentation procedures was performed by the Austrian surgeon Gersuny, who injected liquid paraffin directly into the breasts to enhance their shape and fullness. Since then [...]

    By Andrew Wolfe, MD Obesity and the constellation of diseases which result from obesity are among the most significant health problems in the United States today. In an effort to combat this epidemic, patients are increasingly turning to Bariatric Surgeons for massive weight loss surgery. Last year 200,000 Bariatric procedures were performed, representing a 10-fold [...]

    By Karen M. Horton, MD, MSc, FRCSC What is the “Mommy Makeover”? Mothers devote so much of themselves and their resources to their children, from time and energy to money and miles on the car. Moms feel good about this, knowing that every sacrifice is more than worthwhile to keep their family healthy and happy. [...]

    By Michael A. Persky, M.D., F.A.C.S. Fraxel re:pair is the newest and most innovative laser skin rejuvenative system to hit the market in the history of lasers. What is Fraxel re:pair? It is a fractionated carbon dioxide (CO2) laser developed by Reliant Technologies, Inc. in Mountain View, CA. Reliant is the pioneer laser company in [...]

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond is renowned for the rhinoplasties (nose jobs) that he achieves with a technique that he has perfected over years of experience.  In this personal article written by Dr. Diamond himself, he discusses all the intricacies associated with achieving a natural result.  Dr. Diamond also lets us know his opinions of [...]

    By Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS In today’s plastic surgery practice, it is impossible to avoid running into an ad or an article about the newest and greatest doctor using the newest and greatest Laser for facial rejuvenation, melting fat, acne, hyperpigmentation, or some other imperfection!  It is no secret that the word “Laser” is a [...]

    By Babak Azizzadeh, M.D. Modern 21st Century facial rejuvenation has evolved tremendously especially in the last decade. Historically, the aging process was considered to be secondary to laxity and gravity, which resulted in sagging skin. However, over the last decade research and physician experiences have revealed that the aging process has multiple components. The primary [...]

    By Leonard M. Hochstein, MD The perfect breast augmentation begins by choosing the right plastic surgeon. I think by now everyone understands board certification and some of the fake boards that are out so I will not dwell on these issues, but talk about more specifics as I have seen in my experience. I believe [...]

    By David M. Amron, M.D. As a physician and surgeon, one of my main responsibilities is to honestly guide, educate, advise and protect my patients. As liposuction surgery is the only major cosmetic surgery I perform and I have done this procedure for 14 years for thousands of patients, I have a lot of opinions [...]

    If you’ve ever wondered what a celebrity dermatologist has to offer, meeting Beverly Hills-based Dr. Stuart Kaplan makes you understand. In this intimate interview, Dr. Kaplan tells Make Me Heal about some of the treatments, beauty secrets, and skin care tips that have made him the go-to cosmetic dermatologist for film, music, and television stars. [...]

    Until the last few years, most American women only cared about getting bigger breasts and tucking their tummies. But now, the new trend is to have a balance between breasts, waist, and…buttocks. With a copious butt jumping to the high priority list, buttock augmentation procedures have soared over the last few years. Another eason women [...]

    When movie stars, rockstars, models, playboy playmates, and politicians need plastic surgery, one top surgeon that is often requested is Dr. Frank Ryan. Most recently, Dr. Ryan was in the news for performing a couple cosmetic surgery makeover on KISS lead singer Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed and having the surgery filmed for [...]

    The future of plastic surgery according to renowned plastic surgeon Richard Ellenbogen, M.D. will be all about injecting stem cells into the target body areas and procedures will have no scalpers or scars and require no surgical operations. But you’re still going to need a surgeon and you’d be lucky to be in the hands [...]

    Meet our favorite bad boy of plastic surgery who dubs himself as the “biggest fat sucker” in the industry, plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Ersek. Dr. Ersek has more than a few controversial claims to fame, having performed liposuction on the youngest patient alive, a 12-year old girl who at 5-foot-5 weighed 230 pounds. Dr. Ersek [...]

    A woman’s buttock is cleary one of her best assets. When it comes to a buttock augmentation, a patient has a few choices including getting a silicone implant to augment the buttock, or fat grafting, or by combining fat grafting with liposuction. The third option, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, is the subject of [...]

    Who doesn’t want thicker, longer eyelashes? If you’re among those with sparse or short eyelashes, you now have real hope to grow healthy real lashes by having an eyelash transplant. This hot new plastic surgery procedure can be used to replace eyelashes that have been lost or damaged through trauma, or to enhance existing eyelashes [...]

    Dr. Michelle Copeland is a renowned biochemist and plastic surgeon, who advises the US Congress on health issues affecting women. Dr. Copeland’s background in chemistry and expertise in cosmetic surgery offers a unique understanding on how the skin is affected by different products and treatment and reveals in this interview that daily or weekly alterations [...]

    Dr. Linda Li specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, utilizing a rich surgical background guided by a gentle, feminine touch. In this interview, Dr. Li, the only female plastic surgeon that has her own surgery center in the highly competitive area of Beverly Hills, explains the different techniques involved when performing a breast reconstruction process, [...]

    Even though most people understand what a Tummy Tuck is, not all know the different procedures available to make it happen and what connection the Tummy Tuck has with the conditions of the skin. Dr. Brent Moelleken, a board certified plastic surgeon part of the ABC’S hit show “Extreme Makeover,” and Discovery Health Channel shares [...]

    Exclusive Make Me Heal Interview With The Pioneer of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation Photos Of Real Patients Coming Soon. The future of natural breast enhancement without implants is here and this time it’s not bogus. Japanese scientists have pioneered a treatment that offers a natural breast augmentation that uses stem cells and fat [...]

    Dr. David Matlock is the undisputed leading surgeon for vaginoplasties and laser rejuvenations, having pioneered these procedures over a decade ago. While few women openly discuss vagina-related cosmetic issues, many women wonder about how they can enhance the aesthetic look of their vaginas and increase sexual gratification. In this interview, Dr. Matlock discusses a wide [...]

    Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn has a keen eye for figuring out what plastic surgeries different celebrities had done. A series regular on Dr. 90210, Dr. Youn’s expert opinions on celebrity plastic surgery are often quoted in national magazines, including In Touch Weekly, US Weekly, Life & Style, The National Enquirer, and others. We caught up [...]

    World renowned Dr. Garth Fisher, the first plastic surgeon from “Extreme Makeover” says that the way breasts and implants look has more to do with the technique rather than the type of implant used and that there is an excellent chance that women who undergo breast augmentation surgery will have more than one surgery in [...]

    Doctors Richard Ellenbogen and Gary Motykie who lead a cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills think that silicone implants feel softer and more real than saline implants. Having been part of the study group established by Mentor Corp. to analyze silicone implants, their perspectives offer some compelling insights into the benefits of silicone implants. This [...]

    Dr. 90210 TV Series regular Dr. Robert Kotler practices exclusively in face and neck plastic surgery and believes that the best surgeon for a patient is one who specializes in the procedure that you seek out. Dr. Kotler says “who wants to be in the hands of a jack-of-all-trades, a master of none? The surgeon [...]

    Dr. Marcel Daniels thinks that there are no adverse health issues to having silicone breast implants and has the research to back it up. Dr. Daniels is one of the plastic surgeons selected by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the research study on the safety of silicone implants. The results of this study [...]

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani thinks that many women will choose silicone implants over saline implants in the coming years. Make Me Heal sat down with Dr. Mani to ask a few questions that most women now considering silicone implants wonder about, namely, do they look and feel more natural than their saline counterparts and [...]