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  • By Wendy Lewis, Editor-in-Chief  A fuller bottom makes can cause a woman to get notices. Buttock boosting shapewear may provide an instant lift but can slip and look fake. There are some new procedures that can positively alter the way your buttocks look, in a natural and long-lasting way. Fat Sculpting This procedure permanently removes [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor-in-Chief If going under the knife is too extreme for you and wrinkle creams aren’t doing it for you anymore, there are some effective non-surgical minimally invasive options that may give you the youthful appearance you’ve been searching for. Skin Tightening Syneron Medical has demonstrated that evolastin, The New Natural You, although [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor in Chief  Celebrity moms seem to bounce back to their size zero pre-pregnancy shapes impossibly quick.  But what about moms in the real world whose bodies fluctuate after childbirth and breastfeeding? Fortunately, there is a lot they do to get their bodies back into great shape.  “Good nutrition, a healthy diet [...]

    Bullying has been in the news a lot lately because of some tragic consequences and the relatively new dimension of cyber-bullying. But the truth is, there have always been bullies, and the persecuted have always sought refuge by trying to change their appearance. Buying clothes from more expensive retailers, showering more often, dyeing your hair, [...]

    Hot moms are in these days. Okay, maybe hot moms have always been in. But with the popularity of terms like MILF and cougar (and television shows like The Real Housewives and Cougar Town), the pressure to look good post-baby is stronger than ever. That’s why plastic surgery for new or seasoned mothers is a [...]

    Cankle is an ugly word. There’s no denying. So it makes sense that it refers to one of the most unfortunate characteristics a woman’s leg can possess: fat ankles. There’s nothing less sexy than a leg that, instead of tapering into a slender ankle, abruptly ends at a foot, with no definition whatsoever. But here’s [...]

    You’ve heard “The Thong Song.” You’ve gotten your groove on to “Baby Got Back.” And maybe, looking back, you’ve considered that your own derriere is less luscious than you’d like. Well, maybe your butt can get a hand from a new Brazilian procedure called the ‘thong lift.’ At a recent conference of British Aesthetic and [...]

    If you’ve been too shy to wear shorts for the summer weather because of unsightly varicose veins, you may have better luck next year. The FDA has approved Asclera, an injectable treatment for swollen or twisted veins that are considered varicose. Asclera is an injection that works by damaging blood vessels. Although that may sound [...]

    There’s good news for you, bad news for your love handles. Those pesky fat deposits right above your rump may have escaped diet, exercise, and all your other ingenious efforts to smooth your backside, but with the FDA’s clearance of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, there’s a new, approved solution that can zap love handles for good [...]

    Zerona, a non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy, has gotten market clearance from the FDA. The device is approved for circumferential reduction of the hips, thighs, and waist. Zerona’s approval comes after a clinical study involving sixty-seven participants. Results have been positive, with some participants losing up to 7 inches in as little as two weeks [...]

    Everyone wants to have smooth, youthful skin. And with new rejuvenating technologies popping up on the plastic surgery market, tighter, younger skin is certainly within reach for many men and women. 3DEEP is one new method of fighting the effects of aging. Using radiofrequency (RF), 3DEEP sends energy deep into the skin to target collagen [...]

    Maybe you’re not overweight. You eat healthy, you’re in shape, and you don’t have love handles spilling out over your size 2 jeans. So why would you dread getting dressed? Because when you snap on your bra, all of a sudden there are two unsightly rolls of flab above and below that blasted elastic band. [...]

    By Chelsea Mize We all know the feeling. Summer is coming and you’re pasty white, you’ve packed on some winter pounds, and you’ve got stubble that makes you feel like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. And your bikini line? Yikes. Let’s just say, it is not bikini ready. But this year, you [...]

    By Jhen Kordela Maybe it’s the promises. (A beauty breakthrough in plastic surgery. Lose three to four inches in just two weeks.) Maybe it’s the no’s. (No needles, no surgery, no pain, no downtime.) Or, maybe it’s all the the sparkle and shine that’s generating oh-so-much buzz about the brand new laser fat-loss procedure Zerona. [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-At-Large, Make Me Heal Laser (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a “light pump” which applies principles of radiation physics to very narrowly segregate light of selected wavelength and then “pump” the light radiation to high intensity. These beams of selected wavelength are varied in intensity and in duration [...]

    February 6, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the world’s largest website for all things plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, and anti-aging, has announced that over fifty top plastic surgeons have joined Makemeheal.com to answer questions live that are posted by consumers on the website’s Ask-An-Expert area. Launched in November of 2008, Ask-an-Expert [...]

    By Andrew Wolfe, MD Obesity and the constellation of diseases which result from obesity are among the most significant health problems in the United States today. In an effort to combat this epidemic, patients are increasingly turning to Bariatric Surgeons for massive weight loss surgery. Last year 200,000 Bariatric procedures were performed, representing a 10-fold [...]

    A woman’s buttock is cleary one of her best assets. When it comes to a buttock augmentation, a patient has a few choices including getting a silicone implant to augment the buttock, or fat grafting, or by combining fat grafting with liposuction. The third option, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, is the subject of [...]