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  • by Dr. August Acetta If you are one of those women who wish they could have a smaller butt, bigger boobs and more cleavage, you just got lucky! While breast augmentation continues to top the list of most desirable cosmetic surgery procedures, it doesn’t always give women what they really want – more cleavage! A [...]

    It’s only natural that some women should want bigger breasts – even if the way to get bigger breasts is usually unnatural. The good news is that unnatural is still safe and affordable for most women. Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in North America, with nearly 300,000 operations performed in 2010. [...]

    Bullying has been in the news a lot lately because of some tragic consequences and the relatively new dimension of cyber-bullying. But the truth is, there have always been bullies, and the persecuted have always sought refuge by trying to change their appearance. Buying clothes from more expensive retailers, showering more often, dyeing your hair, [...]

    There’s no denying that big boobs are a big thing. And when women aren’t naturally endowed, it’s only natural that they seek surgical assistance. Sometimes, a boob job is the only way for women to achieve the bosom they desire. The bosom that will make them feel more desired. So it’s no surprise that breast [...]

    What can you say about man-boobs? On one hand, you’ve got boobs. Everybody likes boobs, right? And big ones are especially popular. But when you add ‘man’ to the boob equation, your mental image suddenly changes from sensual to, “Um, ew.” How strange that one of the most coveted features of the female form is [...]

    Maybe you’re not overweight. You eat healthy, you’re in shape, and you don’t have love handles spilling out over your size 2 jeans. So why would you dread getting dressed? Because when you snap on your bra, all of a sudden there are two unsightly rolls of flab above and below that blasted elastic band. [...]

    Everyone is familiar with certain female body stereotypes: the classic hourglass figure, the bottom-heavy pear, the stick-thin runway model, the built-but-butch athletic girl. Men (and other women) have a tendency to mass-classify the female figure into categories that don’t necessarily exclusively apply to any individual woman. Take the female athlete, for instance. Just because a [...]

    By Chelsea Mize We all know the feeling. Summer is coming and you’re pasty white, you’ve packed on some winter pounds, and you’ve got stubble that makes you feel like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. And your bikini line? Yikes. Let’s just say, it is not bikini ready. But this year, you [...]

    Imagine the body you’ve always wanted. Great, wrinkle-free skin. A proportional, substantial bust. A slim waist and hips. Now imagine that in a relatively painless plastic surgery procedure, you could take the fat from your hips, thighs or stomach, and use it to fill in those pesky wrinkles, lift your bust and improve your skin. [...]

    By John Di Saia, MD When a reality show contestant ruptured her breast implants after jumping 20 feet off a rope swing, I felt compelled to address the concern that some breast augmentation patients have about this problem. Bursting a breast implant is not usually so dramatic as what the reality show girl experienced.  Then [...]

    A Q & A with Jason N. Pozner, M.D., F.A.C.S. What are the main reasons patients seek revision breast augmentation procedures? Previously, capsular contracture, implant rupture, and size were the reasons most women sought revision breast augmentation. However, today many patients tend to complain about shape and skin texture abnormalities following subglandular saline augmentation. What [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com Want to increase your breast size and slim down your mid-section at the same time? After years of medical research, specialty trained plastic surgeons are successfully increasing a woman’s breast size using the patient’s own fat along with fat stem cells. This revolutionary plastic surgery procedure is opening a new [...]

    February 6, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the world’s largest website for all things plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, and anti-aging, has announced that over fifty top plastic surgeons have joined Makemeheal.com to answer questions live that are posted by consumers on the website’s Ask-An-Expert area. Launched in November of 2008, Ask-an-Expert [...]

    By Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS The History. The enhancement of the female breast has been a source of attention for centuries. In 1889, one of the first recorded breast augmentation procedures was performed by the Austrian surgeon Gersuny, who injected liquid paraffin directly into the breasts to enhance their shape and fullness. Since then [...]

    See Liz’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. Since she was a teenager, 26-year-old Liz (friendname: lizNher2sisters) knew she would eventually get breast augmentation, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that she started saving and researching for the procedure. After having trouble choosing her implant size, she finally chose 400cc Mentor silicone implants [...]

    By Andrew Wolfe, MD Obesity and the constellation of diseases which result from obesity are among the most significant health problems in the United States today. In an effort to combat this epidemic, patients are increasingly turning to Bariatric Surgeons for massive weight loss surgery. Last year 200,000 Bariatric procedures were performed, representing a 10-fold [...]

    By Leonard M. Hochstein, MD The perfect breast augmentation begins by choosing the right plastic surgeon. I think by now everyone understands board certification and some of the fake boards that are out so I will not dwell on these issues, but talk about more specifics as I have seen in my experience. I believe [...]

    By Dr. Michael C. Pickart, M.D., F.A.C.S. Breast Implants: Should I Wait Until I’ve Completed All My Pregnancies? It’s up to you. Many young women are interested both in breast augmentation and in having children. They frequently wonder… Are breast implants dangerous for the baby? Do breast implants create issues when breast feeding? Will the [...]

    The virtues of breast implants have been widely discussed in both words and pictures, with breast augmentation patients often citing not only an improved physical appearance, but also a greater self-confidence and body image, better love prospects and more marketability in the job market. But virtually no attention has been given to a common problem [...]

    Women looking for a minimally invasive, virtually scarless breast augmentation may find hope in a new and innovative procedure called Celution that has just gained approval in the European Union. The new plastic surgery technique achieves breast enlargement by injecting a supercharged fat mixture into the patient’s breast. Fat is taken from a woman’s stomach [...]

    Before After One Month Stem cells are becoming more widely used in plastic surgery for breast augmentations, as fillers for wrinkles, and to enlarge any body part where more fullness is sought. With the European Union and Britain having just approved the use of stem cells for cosmetic surgery this month, this move is likely [...]

    Actress Halle Berry is lately having trouble finding head or tail of her story. Well, not so much story as a decision she is willing to announce to the public. And what else about than plastic surgery? Although she denies having a nose job done earlier, we find that hard to believe. From a picture [...]

    Dr. Linda Li specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, utilizing a rich surgical background guided by a gentle, feminine touch. In this interview, Dr. Li, the only female plastic surgeon that has her own surgery center in the highly competitive area of Beverly Hills, explains the different techniques involved when performing a breast reconstruction process, [...]

    Exclusive Make Me Heal Interview With The Pioneer of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation Photos Of Real Patients Coming Soon. The future of natural breast enhancement without implants is here and this time it’s not bogus. Japanese scientists have pioneered a treatment that offers a natural breast augmentation that uses stem cells and fat [...]