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  • Vladimir Putin has had a troubling year!  In between the stress of hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics and invading Ukraine, Russia’s grey cardinal just hasn’t been looking quite so fresh!  In a recent press conference where he addressed the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, the Russian Prime Minister shocked everyone with his haggard old man appearance.  Looking [...]

    Lady Gaga has said that she hasn’t been under the knife or needle, but a new Twitter picture is stirring up new rumors that the performance artist/pop star has had plastic surgery. 26-year old Lady Gaga once told Harper’s Bazaar, “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have.” “I [...]

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif talks with Makemeheal.com about how an Asian rhinoplasty (nose job) is performed.  Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel.   Ask questions & get answers from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and beauty professionals. none

    Vampires are hot right now. Well, technically, they’re always cold, since they’re dead and they never go out in the sun, but in the sense that ‘hot’ means ‘popular,’ vampires are it. What does that have to do with plastic surgery? It depends. If you’re really REALLY into vampires, maybe you’ve stopped exposing your skin [...]

    Bullying has been in the news a lot lately because of some tragic consequences and the relatively new dimension of cyber-bullying. But the truth is, there have always been bullies, and the persecuted have always sought refuge by trying to change their appearance. Buying clothes from more expensive retailers, showering more often, dyeing your hair, [...]

    I’m pretty much broke. Yeah, it’s kind of because of the economy, and it’s kind of because I’m a writer and we’re traditionally some of the brokest people in the world. I recently had someone tell me that I could make more money panhandling. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not ruling it out [...]

    World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria M.D. has given new meaning to the phrase “inner beauty”, by developing a revolutionary procedure which is the perfect combination of the body’s natural restorative powers and ground-breaking new techniques to create the Cell-Enhanced Facelift. “The Cell-Enhanced Facelift is a new procedure, which volumizes the face and creates a [...]

    Computer face. The name sounds like some high-tech, futuristic robot visage. Or a stupid taunt bullies throw at gaming nerds. But in fact, the term refers to a relatively new phenomenon among women (and men) who spend long hours every day at their computers.  Because of the downward angle of the jawline and the squinting [...]

    In what has become a billion dollar industry, balding, receding or highly placed hairlines in women are making them desperately search for a “miracle cure” to reduce their high hairlines. Some high hairlines in women are caused by extensive wearing of wigs, too-tight ponytails and corn row type hairstyles, but many are caused by genetics [...]

    Fortunately for aging faces, the plastic surgery world is becoming increasingly saturated with non-surgical, non-invasive options for patients seeking younger, firmer skin. But as new procedures continue to pop up, it can be difficult to sift through all the choices to find what’s right for you. One way to select the procedure that’s right for [...]

    Nobody wants wrinkles or sagging skin. And with advances in plastic surgery techniques like the eMatrix Radio Frequency (RF) system, anti-aging treatments are improving for men and women who want to look younger without looking unnatural. What is eMatrix? The eMatrix system is an RF technology for skin resurfacing that goes beyond laser and light [...]

    A puffy pout is a symbol of female sensuality, and the quest for long-lasting full lips is ongoing. Fillers are usually a temporary solution, and a potential new lip augmentation alternative with more permanent results has emerged. The plastic surgery procedure uses grafts of the sterrnocleidomastoid, or SCM, neck muscles and the overlying skin and [...]

    If someone told you that your own blood could heal and rejuvenate your aging skin, you might think it sounded like something out of X-Men. And while it may seem far-fetched that you have the ability to repair your own wrinkles, your body does often possess the power to fix itself – with a little [...]

    With the increasing popularity of injectables like BOTOX, it’s not surprising that rival procedures are starting to evolve in the marketplace. BOTOX is the most popular non-surgical ‘plastic surgery’ procedure in theUnited States, so there’s definitely a market for competitive products. One such product is Dysport, another injectable of similar repute. For anyone considering BOTOX, [...]

    You know those little imperfections that show up on your skin seemingly out of nowhere to spoil your youthful complexion?  You don’t have to live with them if you don’t want to. Now there are some highly effective solutions such as plastic surgery lasers and cosmetic treatments to rid yourself of moles, skin tags, stray [...]

    By Chelsea Mize We all know the feeling. Summer is coming and you’re pasty white, you’ve packed on some winter pounds, and you’ve got stubble that makes you feel like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. And your bikini line? Yikes. Let’s just say, it is not bikini ready. But this year, you [...]

    Imagine the body you’ve always wanted. Great, wrinkle-free skin. A proportional, substantial bust. A slim waist and hips. Now imagine that in a relatively painless plastic surgery procedure, you could take the fat from your hips, thighs or stomach, and use it to fill in those pesky wrinkles, lift your bust and improve your skin. [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-At-Large, Make Me Heal Laser (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a “light pump” which applies principles of radiation physics to very narrowly segregate light of selected wavelength and then “pump” the light radiation to high intensity. These beams of selected wavelength are varied in intensity and in duration [...]

    By Peyman Solieman, MD & Jason Litner, MD By all accounts, cosmetic plastic surgery is on the rise in America for ethnic patients. In fact, in 2007, ethnic minorities accounted for 22 percent of the nearly 11.7 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, an increase of 105 percent from 2000. [...]

    By Lois W. Stern, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com   The world of plastic surgery seems poised for innovation once again! How about a facelift without surgery? Sounds too good to be true? Stay tuned.   By lifting the ban on federal funding for promising stem cell research, on March 9, 2009 President Obama brought this highly charged [...]

    Dancing with the Stars alum Lisa Rinna is as well known for her plastic surgery enhanced appearance as she is for her dance moves. But when Lisa posed for Playboy for the second time, Make Me Heal decided to explore her cosmetically enhanced changes over the past decade. When the 45-year actress first posed for [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com As the number of plastic surgery procedures in the United States decline with the tightening economy, a new secret weapon in the war on wrinkles may soon become the hottest age-defying injectable treatment. Called Reloxin, this new injectable may just be the affordable version of Botox to help bailout people [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com Back in the 1980′s Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD, a practicing Santa Monica dentist, was testing a then unknown product called veneers to enhance the smile of a select group of his patients. What is today known as cosmetic dentistry began with pioneering expert dentist like Dr. Muslin. Dr. Muslin’s continued [...]

    February 6, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the world’s largest website for all things plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, and anti-aging, has announced that over fifty top plastic surgeons have joined Makemeheal.com to answer questions live that are posted by consumers on the website’s Ask-An-Expert area. Launched in November of 2008, Ask-an-Expert [...]

    By Alexander Rivkin, M.D. Traditional cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelifts, and chin augmentations are no longer the only option for individuals who wish to enhance their outward appearance. These surgical procedures are now in competition with the latest innovations in injectable filler techniques. Products such as Radiesse, Artefill, Juvederm, and Sculptra allow a [...]

    See Sharon’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. Ohio native Sharon (username: goldilox1975) was teased about her nose ever since she was young, but mostly by her brother. She never seriously considered a rhinoplasty until a few years ago she saw a picture of a girl she went to high school with. She knew [...]

    See Iris’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. Even since she was in middle school, 21 year old Iris (friendname: bigshnoz) had been insecure about a bump on her nose. Because her nose was one of the few ways to differentiate between her and her twin sister, it was often mentioned and was hard [...]

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond is renowned for the rhinoplasties (nose jobs) that he achieves with a technique that he has perfected over years of experience.  In this personal article written by Dr. Diamond himself, he discusses all the intricacies associated with achieving a natural result.  Dr. Diamond also lets us know his opinions of [...]

    By Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS In today’s plastic surgery practice, it is impossible to avoid running into an ad or an article about the newest and greatest doctor using the newest and greatest Laser for facial rejuvenation, melting fat, acne, hyperpigmentation, or some other imperfection!  It is no secret that the word “Laser” is a [...]

    While a veritable media frenzy was sparked in the aftermath of an article published by New York Magazine about Madonna having gotten a volumetric face lift that was achieved with fat grafting and how it represents a new era of facelifts, Make Me Heal and some industry insiders are yawning. Why? Because we already reported [...]

    By Babak Azizzadeh, M.D. Modern 21st Century facial rejuvenation has evolved tremendously especially in the last decade. Historically, the aging process was considered to be secondary to laxity and gravity, which resulted in sagging skin. However, over the last decade research and physician experiences have revealed that the aging process has multiple components. The primary [...]

    The future of plastic surgery according to renowned plastic surgeon Richard Ellenbogen, M.D. will be all about injecting stem cells into the target body areas and procedures will have no scalpers or scars and require no surgical operations. But you’re still going to need a surgeon and you’d be lucky to be in the hands [...]