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  • Vladimir Putin has had a troubling year!  In between the stress of hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics and invading Ukraine, Russia’s grey cardinal just hasn’t been looking quite so fresh!  In a recent press conference where he addressed the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, the Russian Prime Minister shocked everyone with his haggard old man appearance.  Looking [...]

    Botox may not only be an excellent aid in the fight against wrinkles, it has also been found to be beneficial in saving the lives of babies born with birth defects. According to an article on Yahoo!Health, Botox is being used as a treatment for “kids with cerebral palsy and adults with certain complications of [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor in Chief of Beautyinthebag.com They tell you to exercise to keep your body in shape, but what can you do to keep your eyes in shape? When your eyes don’t seem to attract as much attention anymore, you can turn to a friendly dermatologist or plastic surgeon to give you the [...]

    by Dr. Donald Brown A new cosmetic injectable just hit the shelves—and it’s creating quite a stir in the plastic surgery community. Manufactured by Merz Aesthetics, Xeomin was just approved for use in the United States in July of last year, and already a number of cosmetic surgeons are offering it alongside comparable injectables, such [...]

    Bullying has been in the news a lot lately because of some tragic consequences and the relatively new dimension of cyber-bullying. But the truth is, there have always been bullies, and the persecuted have always sought refuge by trying to change their appearance. Buying clothes from more expensive retailers, showering more often, dyeing your hair, [...]

    Everyone has seen a photo at some point: a botched facelift, uneven breast implants, lips the size and shape of bratwurst. Plastic surgery can certainly go awry if done improperly, but thank goodness, it’s trending towards a more natural look. That’s why new fillers like NOVABEL and Macrolane are gaining popularity in Europe and the [...]

    Computer face. The name sounds like some high-tech, futuristic robot visage. Or a stupid taunt bullies throw at gaming nerds. But in fact, the term refers to a relatively new phenomenon among women (and men) who spend long hours every day at their computers.  Because of the downward angle of the jawline and the squinting [...]

    If someone told you that your own blood could heal and rejuvenate your aging skin, you might think it sounded like something out of X-Men. And while it may seem far-fetched that you have the ability to repair your own wrinkles, your body does often possess the power to fix itself – with a little [...]

    By Dr. David Shafer The new uses for facial fillers continue to expand as does their popularity as an alternative to surgical facelifts as well as a way to maintain the results of surgery. We can use facial fillers to smooth fine lines and creases around the mouth, but that is just the beginning. Wrinkle [...]

    By Chelsea Mize We all know the feeling. Summer is coming and you’re pasty white, you’ve packed on some winter pounds, and you’ve got stubble that makes you feel like something out of Where the Wild Things Are. And your bikini line? Yikes. Let’s just say, it is not bikini ready. But this year, you [...]

    Imagine the body you’ve always wanted. Great, wrinkle-free skin. A proportional, substantial bust. A slim waist and hips. Now imagine that in a relatively painless plastic surgery procedure, you could take the fat from your hips, thighs or stomach, and use it to fill in those pesky wrinkles, lift your bust and improve your skin. [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Beautyinthebag.com Americans recently welcomed a major breakthrough in facial rejuvenation. Juvederm® XC from Allergan announced its FDA approval, followed shortly by Restylane® and Perlane® with Lidocaine from Medicis. These fillers are the next three hyaluronic acid gel derived filler choices available in the US market, after Prevelle® Silk from Mentor and Hydrelle®, [...]

    By Lois W. Stern, Editor-at-Large MakeMeHeal.com A 5% excise tax on plastic surgery included in the Senate’s health care reform bill? You must be kidding! Dubbed as Botax, the government’s rationale is an estimated $6 billion in additional revenue over the next decade generated through this proposed tax. Some legislators think this is a clever [...]

    By Dr. David Shafer Dysport is often called the “New Botox.” However, Dypsort has actually been available in Europe for therapeutic indications since 1991 and for cosmetic applications since 2001. In April 2009, Dysport (officially known as BoNT-A/D) was approved in the United States for the “temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe [...]

    By Shervin Naderi, MD Although Collagen based fillers such as Zyplast and Cosmoderm had initially dominated the market, they fell out of favor due to their short lasting results and the potential for allergic reactions. Over the last five to ten years, we have seen the Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers become the predominant work horse [...]