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  • Vladimir Putin has had a troubling year!  In between the stress of hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics and invading Ukraine, Russia’s grey cardinal just hasn’t been looking quite so fresh!  In a recent press conference where he addressed the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, the Russian Prime Minister shocked everyone with his haggard old man appearance.  Looking [...]

    Like any type of operation, plastic surgery is a medical procedure that should not be taken lightly. Ensuring that you are properly organized for the operation will decrease its risks, aid in its success and improve recovery.   If only it was easy as drawing some lines Research First! Before undertaking any surgery, discovering more [...]

    By Wendy Lewis Selecting a top doctor, deciding what to have done, scheduling the big day, and making the necessary arrangements for a comfortable recovery from plastic surgery, consume much of a patient’s time and mental energy prior to a cosmetic surgical procedure. The seemingly smaller details can prove just as important when it comes [...]

    By Dr John Saia MD Times are tough and money is tight. Budgets for cosmetic surgery and even reconstructive plastic surgery are down. Women are actually choosing not to have reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. People were trying things out for themselves before the economy tanked. They just seem to be pushing it a bit [...]

    By Lois W. Stern, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com It seems to me that selecting a plastic surgery procedure today is somewhat like shopping for a box of Wheat Thins. Fifteen years ago I could walk down a supermarket aisle, reach for a box of my favorite crackers, toss it in my shopping cart and be off in [...]

    February 6, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the world’s largest website for all things plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, and anti-aging, has announced that over fifty top plastic surgeons have joined Makemeheal.com to answer questions live that are posted by consumers on the website’s Ask-An-Expert area. Launched in November of 2008, Ask-an-Expert [...]

    Every plastic surgery patient despises scars, as scars are tell-tale signs of having had cosmetic surgery. For this reason, patients are most preoccupied about how they can reduce their scars following surgery. Fortunately, there are various effective solutions that can significantly help you reduce your surgery scars and minimize their appearance. Silicone Gels & Sheets [...]

    Plastic Surgery Recovery & Preparation Most patients who have plastic surgery are worried about post-operative swelling and how they can minimize this unsettling symptom. As swelling can remain for days, weeks or longer, being prepared and knowing the key recovery tips will greatly help to minimize swelling. Below is a must-have proactive list for anyone [...]