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  • Each season on the Botched reality show, the doctors fix the botched plastic surgery of patients both semi-famous, famous for plastic surgery and not famous at all and just suffering from a bad experience with plastic surgery. For the upcoming second season it looks like former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham will make a return to [...]

    Plastic surgery is common in the world of beauty pageants, no matter the country. But with all plastic surgery procedures, due diligence about both the procedure and the doctor is paramount. Andressa Urach, a Brazillian reality star and who placed second in the notorious Miss BumBum contest in 2012 has found that out the hard [...]

    Vladimir Putin has had a troubling year!  In between the stress of hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics and invading Ukraine, Russia’s grey cardinal just hasn’t been looking quite so fresh!  In a recent press conference where he addressed the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, the Russian Prime Minister shocked everyone with his haggard old man appearance.  Looking [...]

    Many women have cited the plastic children’s toy Barbie as their influence for plastic surgery. But one man has become notorious for his quest to look like Barbie’s longtime love interest, Ken. Justin Jedlica first came to public attention after appearing on The Doctors television and revealing that since turning 18 he had had numerous [...]

    Self proclaimed original supermodel Janice Dickinson has become more famous for her mad efforts to find the fountain of youth via wild plastic surgery procedures and beauty treatments than for her contributions to the world of fashion and modeling. And although Janice was forced to declare bankruptcy after spending her fortune on plastic surgery, it [...]

    While breast augmentation doesn’t usually cause death, going overboard can prove fatal, as the unfortunate German Porn Star Carolin Berger a.k.a. “Sexy Cora” found out after undergoing her sixth breast augmentation procedure. 23-year old Carolin Berger a.k.a. “Sexy Cora” died after undergoing her sixth breast augmentation, to go from a size 34F to a 34G. [...]

    British great-grandmother Annette Edwards loves rabbits so much that she has had plastic surgery to become the sexiest of them all: Jessica Rabbit. Make Me Heal has come across many cases of people wanting to transform themselves into their favorite superstars, but a fictional cartoon character is on a whole other level. Yet 57 year [...]

    Former Playmate and Victoria’s Secret Model Victoria Silvstedt, is anything but modest, making it easy for Make Me Heal to spot her obvious plastic surgery. The 34-year old Swedish model is often spotted showing off her long legs and large breasts, on and off magazine covers. The large space between her breasts and their incredibly [...]

    Nearly a century after the fact, pictures of the first person to ever undergo plastic surgery have been released.  World War 1 veteran Walter Yeo sustained horrendous facial injuries, which included losing both upper and lower eyelids while manning the guns aboard HMS Warspite in 1916. The English soldier was soon after treated by Dr. [...]

    It seems there is nothing that can’t be surgically altered, human or otherwise. Here’s a few weird plastic surgeries that caught our eye. Plastic Surgery for Pooches Is your pooch looking a little rough around the edges? Maybe Spot needs a facelift. In plastic surgery meccas around the world, from Brazil to Beverly Hills, plastic [...]

    Every bride wants to look her best for the big day. Brides want their bridal entourage to look good too and for years, spa treatments and massages have been gifts for bridesmaids. First, beauty regimens of bridesmaids included spray-tans and the occasional Botox. Now, the stakes have gotten higher and it may not be enough [...]

    Bad plastic surgery stories have unfortunately become commonplace, but many countries have begun cracking down on doctors who perform cosmetic surgery in an effort to prevent them from happening. In Auckland New Zealand, a patient underwent a breast augmentation and came of the procedure a complete mess. To cover up his mistake, the doctor made [...]

    Convicted French plastic surgeon Michel Maure, 59, is believed to have fled France on his yacht after the French state prosecutor of Marseilles recommended he go to jail for four years. buy vardenfil fast delivery Brand Viagra Dr. Maure was recently found guilty of illegally carrying out dozens of plastic surgeries, including liposuction and breast [...]

    While the state of the economy is making people think twice about opening their wallets, Londie Bowman found a creative way to pay for her plastic surgery makeover. Bowman, 32, has just been busted for using a stolen debit card to pay for her Mommie Makeover, which typically consists of a breast lift, tummy tuck, [...]

    Alicia Duvall is another Jordan-type glamour model from Britain (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jordan’s plastic surgery get Paxil Order Retin-A online order diflucan ). Although she has already had several breast augmentation surgeries, she is going back for more. Moreover, she seems to have passed on her love of plastic surgery to her [...]

    Young girls are just as susceptible to feelings of inadequacy as the rest of the world, finds a study. At as tender an age as 10, young girls report feeling depressed and even considering plastic surgery as a result of the media attention focusing on the looking as perfect as celebrities. The girls feel pressure [...]

    When Hollywood gets a hit, they make more shows in the same vein. With the success of TV shows like Dr. 90210, Nip/Tuck and Extreme Makeover continuing to get good ratings, it must be time for the latest installment. Enter Momlogic. Momlogic is rumored to be the next wave of plastic surgery TV shows. Momlogic [...]

    In a world where height is greatly valued, some people are willing to undergo brutal, greatly painful and enormously expensive leg lengthening plastic surgery to gain an extra couple of inches. Leg lengthening is often done in other countries, with regulations that are different from those in the United States. The cost is often upwards [...]

    An Irishman, convinced he was so fat and ugly that his decade younger wife would leave him, died while undergoing elective cosmetic surgery overseas. Pierre Christian Lawlor (33), of Belarmine Place, Stepaside, Dublin, married Venezulean Andrea Galeano, who was 23 at the time of her husband’s death, traveled to Colombia to have plastic surgery because [...]

    Jordan is a famous voluptuous English model who has had multiple plastic surgery procedures, most notoriously to make her breasts a size 30G and more recently, a breast reduction to make them more manageable for her non-modeling career (read about Jordan’s Plastic Surgery). While Jordan is looking to move away from plastic surgery, one British [...]

    In this edition of Weird, Fun & Tragic Plastic Surgery, we turn to the morbid side of plastic surgery, as we wanted to make everyone aware of plastic surgery gone bad from around the world to reinforce the importance of getting the right plastic surgeon and also getting your research and physical examination done ahead [...]

    Here is the latest and greatest news bits from the weird, fun, strange and tragic world of plastic surgery gathered from July and August. Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Become A Catman Joceyln “Catwoman” Wildenstein may find her soulmate in a young American who, like her had mutliple plastic surgeries to become a veritable Catman. [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column It’s been a fun week in the world of Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news. Here’s the latest and greatest… Boza: Beer That Grows Your Breasts A Bulgarian beer by the name of Boza is rumored to increase breast size. It has become a popular gift for men [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column It’s been a downbeat week in the world of Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news. We did try to pepper the sad stories with some fun cosmetic surgery factoids. Here’s the latest and greatest… Patient Suffers Infection And Loses Eight Fingers And Both Feet Tampa Bay, Florida. Sally [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column In this week’s Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news we focus on stories involving abusive husbands and plastic surgery and they are on the more tragic tip of things. Our hearts go out to these women. But we leave you off with one story about finding Mr. Right [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column Here are this week’s Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news bytes from around the universe about cosmetic surgery: Israeli Woman Saved By Breast Implants A woman in Israel survived a sharpnel wound from a Hizballah rocket attack because her apparently massive, bomb-resistant breast implants protected her. “This is [...]

    Welcome to Make Me Heal‘s new column on Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery Column. Here are this week’s news bytes: Write Off Your Breast Implants On Tax Return: If your body is your business, modifications like breast implants can be written off. One exotic dancer was allowed to deduct her breast implants after [...]

    Actress Halle Berry is lately having trouble finding head or tail of her story. Well, not so much story as a decision she is willing to announce to the public. And what else about than plastic surgery? Although she denies having a nose job done earlier, we find that hard to believe. From a picture [...]