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  • Jordan Ward, from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” revealed that she is the latest teen mom turned reality star to opt for breast augmentation after having a kid at a young age.

    At 17-years old, Jordan Ward appeared in the 3rd season on MTV’s reality show “16 and Pregnant.” Unlike other castmembers of the show, she didn’t become part of “Teen Mom” because she ended up getting married and pregnant again. However she did follow in fellow reality star’s footsteps by undergoing breast augmentation.

    Late last year, Jordan revealed her breast implants via Instagram, with the caption “( . ) ( . ) time to take them out of hiding lol”—just in case fans couldn’t spot the new change in Jordan’s look.

    The photos aren’t the typical overtly sexy bikini shots that many former stars of the reality show pick to show off their new enhancements. Instead, the photos are carefully cropped and show off just the right amount of jumbo-sized cleavage. Then again, Jordan did take a different path than other form stars, opting for marriage and a stable relationship rather than trying porn, drugs and even jail, in some cases.

    Apparently Jordan’s hints and photos were still too subtle for some, as some fans said that the teenaged mother was probably just wearing a push up bra to boost her small chest. However, Jordan responded by further clarifying the photo with “I did get them done.” Jordan says that she went from a small A cup to a DD, which seems much too large for her small frame and may cause her trouble in the long run, which has some bloggers hoping that it was just a typo and Jordan didn’t really go that big.

    Indeed, a before photo of Jordan shows that she is very thin and muscular and clearly spends a lot of time working on her body. The after photo showcases a very large chest, which means that Jordan may actually have to cut back on her physical activity, as many women with large breasts or large implants find it difficult and painful to perform exercises.


    Jordan is the latest star of 16 and Pregnant to go under the knife for breast augmentation and reveal her results. Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham from Season 1 got breast implants after their episodes aired on MTV. Since then, Farrah has actually had her implants replaced with a larger set of saline implants as well as had a chin implant placed and removed as well as nose job, making her the leader of the most plastic surgery procedures. Jenelle Evans also had breast augmentation, although she has been in and out of prison for drug use, so she hasn’t showed them off much. More recently, Nikkole Paulun has said that she got breast augmentation using the endobam procedure.

    Although Jordan has two kids, she says that she and her husband are open to having a lot more in the future because they are still very young.