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  • The American Music Awards aired last weekend, bring out plenty of sparkle and shine. From the red carpet to the stage, the stars brought out their best assets, giving Makemeheal.com plenty of time to recap the plastic surgery rumors that swirl around the attendees and recipients of the AMA’s.

    Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea performed a tamed down version of their hit song “Booty,” celebrating each other’s most famous assets. JLO has long been rumored to have undergone a buttocks augmentation but the dancer didn’t look to have had much plastic surgery as she showed off her amazing skills. As she has aged, she has also faced rumors of procedures such as Botox and fillers but has long maintained that she is aging naturally. On the other hand, young Iggy’s booty bounces a little different than JLO’s and although she says that her famous rear end is natural, many have their doubts. The rapper may have had some sort of buttocks augmentation using fat or fillers rather than implants.

    Khloe Kardashian made a red carpet appearance alongside young sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. As usual, all the sisters took the opportunity of being in the spotlight to show some skin. Khloe is rumored to have had buttocks augmentation to boost her butt to Kim status, but says that working out is all she needs to keep her large derriere in shape. Kendall has dropped the Jenner to her name in an effort to be taken seriously as a model. It also looks like she has dropped some weight as her curves aren’t nearly as large as her sister’s—which probably works for her on the runway and the newly announced face of Estee Lauder. Young Kylie has most recently come under scrutiny for plastic surgery after posting photos of herself with supersized lips. She has admitted to loving large lips and looks like she hasn’t gotten tired of enhancing them cosmetically yet as they appeared big and full on the AMA red carpet. More recently, she is also suspected of having had breast augmentation, despite her young age.

    Actress Kate Beckinsale looked nothing short of stunning both on the red carpet and while presenting boy band One Direction with their AMA. The actress showed off her beautiful body in a sleek column dress with cutouts in all the right places. Although the rumors have died down, early in her career Kate is rumored to have undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures from nose jobs to dental work and breast augmentation to transform her from a planer Jane into a star.

    Fergie has been laying low after having a baby but she returned to the red carpet and the stage. Fergie is rumored to have undergone several transformative plastic surgery procedures ranging from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty, a browlift and possible cheek and jaw implants. In the past Fergie has laughed off the rumors but her very smooth appearance indicates that she may also be using fillers and Botox to stay smooth even while performing.