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  • The Best Supporting Actor Nominations have a lot of the usual suspects as well as a few surprises. While all are talented actors, what they most likely don’t have in common is plastic surgery. Most of the actors look to rely on movie magic to transform them into character, rather than plastic surgery to transform them into leading men.

    Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips

    While Captain Phillips’s star Tom Hanks was thought to be a shoo-in for the Best Actor nomination, his costar, Barkhad Abdi, managed to get the nomination. Considering that Captain Phillips was Barkhad’s first role, he certainly made the most of it. Thus far, the 28 year old does not look to have been under the knife and probably won’t need more than a haircut to get red carpet ready before the big day.


    Jonah Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street

    It’s hard to believe that the chubby goofball from beloved teen comedies is on second Academy Award nomination. Although Jonah has slimmed down since his Hollywood debut, he still does not look to have had plastic surgery or even gotten any tightening procedures after dropping the pounds. And while he sports some larger than life teeth in The Wolf of Wall Street, thankfully, it seems that they were only temporary for the role and he has not invested in crazy large dental veneers for his starring smile.


    Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

    Jared Leto first stole hearts as the brooding teen love interest of Claire Danes on My So Called Life, with big blue eyes and shiny long hair. Then he started rocking out and wearing makeup and his look got a lot less appealing. But his real transformation was for his nominated role in Dallas Buyers Club as a transgendered AIDS victim, for which the actor dropped a lot of weight off his already thin frame. Jared is now looking better than ever these days as his weight has returned to nearly normal and he is no longer wearing copious amounts of makeup. Although he is entering middle age, thus far, Jared’s transformations have been due to clever cosmetics, not plastic surgery. Although if he is going to continue wearing lipstick, some fillers could help plump his pout and fill in some of the deeper lines of his face.


    Bradley Cooper, American Hustle

    38-year old Bradley Cooper may perm his hair, but he doesn’t look to have gone under the knife, although he may use silicone scar sheets, scar reduction creams and gels and Kelo-cote products to heal the scars he suffered from a teenage incident (See Make Me Heal’s story on Bradley Cooper’s plastic surgery). At this point, Bradley seems to be racking up nominations thanks to his skills, not his looks.


    Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave

    Michael Fassbender may be inspiring plastic surgery, as more men opt for his rugged good looks rather than complete perfection. However, the actor has deep lines across his forehead, indicating that he not only does not use so much as a drop of Botox, he could probably benefit from using better skincare products and wearing sunscreen.