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  • No matter what city they hail from, The Real Housewives of Bravo have spent time under the knife, getting camera ready. Some have even had the chutzpah to undergo cosmetic surgery while on camera. Yet despite most housewives candidly admitting to plastic surgery, some have remained oddly mum and won’t tell whether or not they come by their looks naturally or with the help of a plastic surgeon. Luckily, PopDust had celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn give his opinion on which Real Housewives of Miami have spent time on the operating table for elective surgery.

    “Brazilian bombshell” Adriana De Moura looks to have taken some artistic license with her looks, undergoing a nose job to help narrow and refine her nose as well as some Botox injections to lift her eyebrows. According to Dr. Youn, “Adriana appears to have had a nose job, resulting in a thinning and refinement of her nose. She also appears to have had some Botox to her forehead, smoothing it and giving a subtle arch to her eyebrows.”

    “Cuban Barbie” Alexia Echevarria looks as though she’s taken the Miami lifestyle seriously and is eradicating any damage with a heavy dose of preventative plastic surgery treatments, from lasers to injectables like Botox and Juevederm and even a possible mini facelift. Dr. Youn says, “Alexia also looks like she’s had some Botox to her forehead, but also to her crow’s feet and other frown lines. Her skin is pristine, likely due to multiple skin smoothing peels, such as the ZO Controlled Depth Peel. I also suspect that she’s undergone injections of filler, such as Juvederm, into her smile lines. A mini facelift is also a possibility, as she has a pretty tight neckline for a woman her age.”

    Professional model Joanna Krupa is 35 and too young to have had many anti aging procedures. Like many models, Joanna looks like she may have had a possible slight nose job early in her career and may also plump her lips and cheeks with fillers like Restylane and Sculptra. Dr. Youn says, “Joanna looks great! Her skin is smooth and looks like it’s been taken good care of, likely with medical grade skin care. She appears to have had some minor cosmetic tweaks, such as a subtle nose job to shorten her nose, small amounts of injectable filler like Restylane into her lips, and possibly some filler like Sculptra to modestly plump her cheeks.”

    Lea Black isn’t as young as some of her costars, but you would hardly know it thanks to the care she’s taken with her appearance, including a mini browlift, facelift and eyelid lift as well as regular Botox injections. Dr. Youn believes, “Lea is aging well, albeit, I suspect, with a good amount of help from a plastic surgeon. I believe it’s possible she’s had an endoscopic browlift to lift her eyebrows, a facelift to tighten her jawline, and a nose job to straighten and slightly shorten her nose. She also may have had an upper eyelid lift and some injectable filler, like Belotero, to plump her lips.”

    Lisa Hochstein clearly takes care of herself and has been featured in Shape magazine, showing off her vigorous workout and diet regimen. However, part of taking care of herself also means going in for plastic surgery, possibly a little too often as she is starting to look overdone, with an over zealous nose job and an overload of injectables in her lips and cheeks. Dr. Youn reports, “Lisa looks like she’s been to a plastic surgeon more than once! Her lips and frown lines look plumped, possibly with Juvederm. Her nose looks thinned and refined, possibly from a nose job. I also suspect that she’s had the wrinkles of her forehead obliterated by Botox.”

    Marysol Patton and her mother, Elsa are well known for having just about every plastic surgery procedure available, becoming virtually unrecognizable in the process. Dr. Youn says, “Marysol appears to have had quite a few tweaks from a plastic surgeon. Her forehead is exceedingly smooth, probably from an injectable like Dysport.  Her nose appears thinned and straightened, and her cheeks look plump, possibly from the new FDA approved Voluma. She looks like a different person!”

    “The question with Elsa isn’t so much,”what has she done?” but more “what hasn’t she done?” I think she’s had a virtual smorgasbord of plastic surgery, including an eyelid lift, facelift, fat injections to her cheeks, lip enhancements, rhinoplasty, filler injections, etc.  Too much is too much, IMHO!”