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  • Abbey Clancy is a British model, better known for being married to footballer Peter Crouch and her appearances on reality TV shows, including Britain’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2 and series 11 of Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. As a model and WAG, Abbey has been facing down rumors of plastic surgery since the beginning of her career. Now it seems that she has had a botched breast augmentation that has left her with mismatched breasts.

    28-year old Abigail Clancy has been modeling since she was 18 and over the years has had faced a lot of rumors of plastic surgery as her weight fluctuates due to becoming a mother. Recently stepped out in a very sheer and very revealing shawl style maxi dress and no undergarments. It looks like it must have been a chilly day as Abby’s bust was clearly defined and clearly on display, showcasing the fact that her breasts are not completely symmetrical and leading to rumors that her breast implants are “running away from each other.”

    While a bad breast augmentation can look like the breasts are headed in different directions and will never meet up in the middle, it seems unlikely in Abbey’s case. Abbey has said that she hasn’t had a breast reduction because her breasts were never large enough to need reducing, “I wish me boobs were big enough to get a boob reduction.”


    Many women have asymmetrical breasts, with one being larger than the other or one hanging lower than the other. This looks to be the case with Abbey. As a lingerie model, she can usually hide any differences with the use of padding and wires, but without any support, her natural breasts are inclined to fall where they may.


    In addition to a breast augmentation and breast reduction in the past, Abbey is also thought to have had a lip augmentation. Afew years back, Abbey also appeared to have very full lips, which were thought to be the results of lip augmentations. Again, as lip injections can be temporary when a filler like Juvederm is used, it is possible that Abbey tried the filler in the past but has since stopped using it and returned to her own natural lip shape. It is also possible that a shiny gloss or temporary superficial lip plumper was used by Abbey or her makeup artist, giving the appearance of having had some kind of plastic surgery lip augmentation.


    However, Abbey has routinely denied having any plastic surgery at all—even dental veneers.


    “Bloody hell. I haven’t had a boob job, I haven’t had veneers, I haven’t had Botox.”

    And while magazines keep careful tabs on Abbey’s appearance, they forget that looking differently can also be a sign of aging naturally. After all, not many people look the same at 18 as they do at 28. And Abbey has acknowledged that motherhood has taken a toll on her body.


    But if Abbey wants to avoid further rumors, maybe wearing less revealing clothing and more underwear would be a good place to start.