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  • Leah Remini may have been the King of Queens’s wife on television but now she’s letting fans get a look at her real life on her new TLC reality show since her much publicized split from the Church of Scientology. On the most recent episode of Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, the outspoken actress shares her life and her generosity as she offers to pay for breast enhancement surgery for her sister’s birthday.

    44-year old Leah Remini looks to be trying new projects after the end of her sitcom, King of Queens and is now involving her family in a reality show, as she describes, “We’re pretty loud, annoying, judgmental. But we do love each other.”

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    In a promo for the latest episode of the show, the family sits around the breakfast table as everyone comes together for Leah Remini’s sister’s, Shannon’s, birthday. Once they are all gathered, the comedic actress proclaims, “We’re gonna go see a doctor for Shannon’s birthday, cause my gift to her was boobs.”


    After that announcement chaos ensues as the family decides how they want the film crew to handle filming the plastic surgery consultation as Shannon would be topless. Leah’s show is a little different because unlike other reality shows, she is completely aware of the cameras following her around and addresses them directly.


    “You guys can’t film my sister’s t**s!”


    However, the girls’ mother says that she thinks it would be fine because Shannon once removed her bikini top at a beach.


    “She’s used to showing her t**s off. My god didn’t she go naked on that island?”


    To which Shannon explains that it was beach in the South of France and she felt ridiculous being the only person wearing a top.



    Leah then exclaims that it’s a different situation because the film crew is all composed of “straight guys.”


    And sister Shannon shoots back, “Well maybe they’ll go gay after seeing my saggy raisin t**s.”


    The family seems pretty excited for Shannon’s upcoming plastic surgery. Given their Hollywood background, going under the knife may not be quite as shocking to the family as it is for others.


    Like other hopeful actresses, Shannon is 30 years old and may be hoping that getting a breast augmentation helps to boost her career. She has appeared on various television shows, including sister Leah’s King of Queens as well as in various B movies.


    While the plastic surgery consultation may seem like it happened suddenly, Leah set it up in the second episode of the season by turning to her sister and asking, “Can we talk about your boobs for a second?”


    It’s uncertain as to whether plastic surgery runs in the family. Scientology generally seems to frown on cosmetic procedures although many celebrity members of the controversial sect look to bend the rules on that one.


    Leah’s weight tends to fluctuate, which can cause changes in her appearance so while she may use fillers and Botox to remain young and flawless.


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