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  • At 50, Italian actress Monica Bellucci is joining Daniel Craig in the new ‘James Bond’ movie, ‘Spectre’ as a Bond girl—making her the oldest Bond girl in the film’s history. Yet she doesn’t look much older than when she first caught the world’s attention back in the 1990s or even before that. Yet, according to her father, Monica has just aged really well because she hasn’t had plastic surgery.


    Despite theories that Monica Bellucci is augmenting her natural beauty with high end skincare products and combination of Botox and fillers, her father tells Closer magazine that Monica has yet to turn to knife or needle to retain her signature full lips.

    Monica bellucci


    “Everyone says she has had work done. But here is the proof. Her lips really were that full even at the very beginning. She’s completely natural,” Pasquale Bellucci told ‘Mail Online’ in a new interview.


    In the interview, Monica’s parents reveal that Monica has always had a lot of attention due to her amazing looks, which made things very uncomfortable for her as a teenager.


    “All the other kids would go and hang around in the piazza after school, as teenagers do. But Monica would hide away, taking a detour through the backstreets and then coming straight home,” her father said.


    “One day I asked her why she didn’t want to be in the square with the others and she said: ‘When I go in the piazza everyone looks at me The men look at me. The women look at me. All the kids from school. I feel ashamed”.’


    Her father continued: ‘I told her “You need to get used to it. Looking like you everyone is going to stare at you for the rest of your life. You have to be strong.” From that day she blossomed. She became strong’.


    It seems to have worked. Despite frequent rumors of plastic surgery procedures, Monica laughs them off. According to the Italian beauty, She said “I’m not afraid of getting older. I’m only afraid of diseases. I dream of being healthy until the age of 150, of continuing to drink cappuccini with my friends and to die peacefully in my sleep.”


    As the muse of luxury brands like Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, Monica has probably picked up some tips along the way. In an older interview, Monica revealed that she has her own Hollywood beauty inspiration, “Marilyn Monroe, of course. She was so delicate. Her femininity took on such an extraordinary dimension that it’s incredible how all the other actresses, even the most beautiful and the most feminine, seemed a little less feminine when they were around Marilyn. She was really something else.”


    As for her beauty routine, she keeps it simple with, “Gloss, mascara, and day cream.”


    A few years back, Monica also revealed her fitness regimen of swimming and yoga and relying on portion control to allow her to eat whatever she desires.


    Monica looks great for any age and its easy to see why her parents are so proud of their beautiful celebrity daughter.