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  • For a while Amanda Bynes was a fixture on Twitter, revealing her thoughts on everything from other celebrities to her own plastic surgery. After taking time off from social media to take care of her own mental health issues and enroll in fashion school, Amanda has returned to social media, even taking down some of her old Tweets about plastic surgery.

    Last year, Amanda got into series of accidents and legal problems before eventually leaving Los Angeles for New York. Once in the Big Apple, she began Tweeting on a regular basis, usually her thoughts about celebrities and appearances, including her own. Once in a while she would throw in a Tweet suggesting that she herself had spent some time under the knife, including having multiple nose jobs.

    Amanda told the world that she likes to provide tabloids with her own photos because she had nose surgery to “remove webbing between her eyes.”


    “InTouch used a photo from years ago on their cover and I hate it! The reason I’ve asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don’t look like that anymore! I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos that I don’t want old photos used anymore! I’m so sick of magazines and blogs using old photos! When will they stop? I will never look like that again! Having surgery was the most amazing thing for my confidence!”


    Later, Amanda took some very revealing photos of herself, which seemed to indicate that the former Nickelodeon star had undergone breast augmentation.


    After a few more tweets and hints about some sort of ongoing further nose job, Amanda revealed that she had decided to have her breast implants removed because they weren’t comfortable.


    “I got my breast implants removed,” Bynes confirmed via email to Radar. “They were uncomfortable… I prefer them out.”


RadarOnline.com has learned the headline-grabbing ex-Nickelodeon star went under the knife in early June to try and return to a more natural look —

    an A cup.
But she suffered a post-surgery complication, a source revealed.


“A tube got lodged in her breast and Amanda was in pain,” an insider close to Bynes revealed. “But she is much better now and even told me, ‘They look amazing without the implants!’”


    Eventually, Amanda’s parents were able to get Amanda the help she needed and Amanda spent time recovering in a mental health facility. Once out, it seemed as though Amanda had one more plastic surgery procedure. Laser tattoo removal to get rid of an angel’s wings tattoo on her arm.


    Last month, Amanda reappeared on Twitter, saying “Hi everyone! I’m busy studying at @FIDMbut I want to say I love you to my fans! Xoxo Amanda”


    Amanda hasn’t been as active on Twitter as she was previously, but she does share things like sketches and teacher’s comments and seems to be doing well in her new life.