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  • Last year Amanda Bynes stirred up headlines with her troubling behavior, from sporting wigs to multiple car wrecks and confrontations with the law. Now it seems that Amanda has gotten the help she needed and is starting out fresh. It looks like Amanda is ditching her crazy wigs as well as a tattoo of angel wings on her arm, courtesy of laser treatments.

    In photos from The Daily Mail, Amanda’s angel wings tattoo looks a lot more faded these days than it did in photos taken last September of the same tattoo. Back then, the tattoo was darkly inked and paired with a turquoise colored wig. These days it looks like Amanda is wearing a more natural-looking weave while her hair grows back in and it looks like the tattoo is being treated with lasers, as it is faded and a little reddish.

    Amanda spent some time in a mental health facility getting treatment for her problems and is now back at home living with her parents. Like other stars, she looks to be removing signs of her past via laser tattoo removal treatments.

    Former Cheetah Girl and former flame of Rob Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon opted to get Rob’s lengthy name removed from her body once the romance was over. Many stars have gotten flames names put on their bodies, only to regret it when the relationship ended. In the past, Johnny Depp famously changed his tribute to Winona Ryder to read “wino” after his relationship with the actress ended. More recently, Megan Fox has been spotted with a faded Marilyn Monroe tattoo and Heidi Klum is said to be using tattoo laser removal to get former husband Seal’s name taken off her body.

    Although laser tattoo removal is a method to get rid of tattoos that are no longer wanted, the procedure is lengthy, expensive and may not always result in complete removal in some cases.

    Laser tattoo removal uses high intensity lights to break up the pigments in the tattoo. However, different inks require different lights and so not all shades of tattoos can be treated or they may require various treatments. Although former methods of tattoo removal involved scarring, making it less desirable, the new laser methods don’t typically result in scarring. Because not all tattoos are the same, it is necessary for a dermatologist to determine which kind of treatment will work best.

    It seems that laser tattoo removal be the last plastic surgery related procedure that Amanda undergoes. During her troubled state, she posted several selfies that revealed her large breast implants. Later, she announced that she had decided to have the breast implants removed because they were causing her pain. Around the same period of time, Amanda revealed that she had undergone a nose job to remove some sort of “webbing” between her eyes. It was unclear what that that meant, but Amanda continued to insist that she was having some type of ongoing nose surgery to get her nose into a shape that she liked.

    Amanda looks to be happy and healthy now and back on a good path.