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  • English host Amanda Holden is once again under scrutiny for plastic surgery as the former Britain’s Got Talent Judge has taken over as a morning television host. Amanda is the replacement for Holly Willoughby, the usual host of Britain’s This Morning show. And although Holly Tweeted Amanda good luck with her new gig as she takes pregnancy leave, other Twitter users were less kind.

    43-year old Amanda Holden has come under fire in the past for overdoing plastic surgery procedures such as Botox. Back in 2010, Amanda said she had stopped using the injectable as fans complained that she looked odd and frozen faced.

    However, despite Amanda claiming to have stopped using Botox, many suspected that she was trying other things, such as lip fillers, which led to comments about her lips appearing misshapen to revelations that she was still using Botox.


    Now it looks like Amanda is back to getting a backlash for Botox. On her first day of hosting duties, her predecessor on This Morning, Tweeted, “Good luck @Amanda_Holden welcome to the family…xxx”


    However, fans of the show were less generous in their support and rather than Tweet comments about her new gig, focused instead on Amanda’s appearance. Apparently Amanda wasn’t looking up to par and neither was her hosting ability.


    One fan Tweeted, “What an absolutely terrible decision to put Amanda Holden in for Holly. My mornings are RUINED  #ThisMorning”


    Another complained that Amanda’s performance was so bad that they couldn’t watch the whole show, “Oh well I tried to watch @itvthismorning with Amanda Holden sitting in for Holly, but sorry it’s so dire after just 10 minutes!”


    And still others took issue with the blonde’s laugh, “Nothing like Amanda Holden’s laugh to send chills down your spine on a Monday morning. And not the good kind.”


    And although Amanda has faced rumors of Botox in the past, it seems she has yet to face them down as many commentators also took issue with her appearance, which they found to be odd and frozen.


    “Amanda Holden looks like she’s done some surgeory” while another begged her to stop tampering with her face tweeting: “please please amanda holden stop having facial surgery !!!!!.you are beautiful without it.”


    Years ago, Amanda openly admitted to using Botox but has maintained that her exploration of plastic surgery has gone no further.


    When Make Me Heal first reported on Amanda’s Botox use, she said, “Oh no, I agree with Simon Cowell It’s like cleaning your teeth – maintenance.”



    “It’s like getting your roots done. I think as long as you don’t go stupidly over the top…I can move my face.”


    However, once she spent time in Hollywood, she claimed to change her mind about the dermal injectable.


    The host was reported as saying, “I haven’t had Botox for eight or nine months and when I’m out in LA, I think about it even less.”


    Based on her latest look, it looks Amanda is back home in England and back to Botox as well.