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  • Remember the couple that stirred up more drama than usual when they appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s Fox TV show, Kithchen Nightmares? The couple that makes up Amy’s Baking Company, but apparently doesn’t actually do any baking? It seems that the dynamic duo is planning a return to reality television with their own reality show, starring Amy and Samy Bouzaglo and it looks like a little plastic surgery for Amy.

    Loud and rude and looking for a fight or a little trouble star up usually describes the host of Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsay who is better known for his temper and foul language than he is for his culinary skills. However one couple stole the spotlight from the chef when they appeared on his television show, which promises to save family-owned restaurants, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo.

    In an interview with a radio show, Amy revealed that she and Samy plan to return to reality television in order to remake their restaurant and their reputations.

    “After the show came out we were approached by a lot of really professional production companies from all over the world; from England to Hollywood to New York City, and we were very humbled by those offers and we have an agent in Hollywood and we ended up going with a very strong production company, it’s Irwin Entertainment,” Amy says, via RadarOnline.

    According to Amy, she and Samy already signed a deal with a production company to help them tell their side of the story, but were turned off when the production company scheduled filming for another show ahead of the Bouzaglos’.

    Amy went on to credit herself and her husband with reinventing reality television; based on the feedback they received from producers looking to star the feisty couple in a show of their own.

    In addition to blaming reality television for damaging their professional reputations, the Bouzaglos say that review website Yelp! has also created bad press with bad reviews.

    The couple says that going on Kitchen Nightmares was a mistake that they don’t wish to repeat and that they want to find a reality show that allows them to regain their reputation. In the meantime, it looks as though Amy did learn a few Hollywood secrets for appearing on camera.

    While much of Amy’s original Kitchen Nightmares appearance appears to be accentuated by her crazy eyes and copious amounts of heavy makeup, it seems that Amy isn’t only trying to enhance her Yelp! reputation, she is also trying to enhance her appearance.

    In addition to lots of makeup that makes her appear akin to a cartoon villainess, Amy well have visited a plastic surgeon at some time before appearing on television. Amy’s skin shows no signs of aging or emotion, despite often moving her eyes and opening her mouth with exaggeration. Given Amy’s temperament, it seems likely that she would have creases on her forehead and significant parentheses lines around her mouth. Instead, Amy looks like she uses fillers to plump out her lines and Botox in her forehead so that her countenance remains smooth, no matter what her state of mind.

    There’s still no word on when a reality show will debut, but Amy seems to be staying calm in the meantime.