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  • Just released naked photos of Angelina Jolie on the set of her new film “Beowulf have prompted the Make Me Heal team to wonder if Jolie has gone down the path of plastic surgery again and upgraded herself with breast implants. While the 35-year old actress’s body has been shrinking over the last few months, her breasts appear to be growing in the opposite direction.

    Angelina Jolie, Breast Implants, Augmentation

    The nude photo (see third lower photo above) of Jolie shows the naked actress covered in dripping gold liquid with what appear to be large and perky C cup breasts. Being that Jolie has lost a considerable amount of weight, one would expect that her breasts would also shrink in unison – not get bigger as they now appear to be. This photo along with other recent pictures of the actress have led insiders to wonder if it is breast implants that have been added to compensate for her loss of breast volume. Additionally, Jolie’s large breasts cannot be attributed to breastfeeding and to having breasts engorged with milk, as she stopped nursing her daughter Shiloh in September 2006. Also, Jolie’s perky and high-projecting breasts appear to defy gravity as one would expect her breasts to lose their perkiness with age and after breastfeeding. Earlier photos of Jolie showed some sagging, which now appear to have disappeared. The projection of her breasts and the lack of sagging may be due to a breast augmentation.

    After seeing the recent photo, Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn told Make Me Heal that a boob job may indeed be at work for Jolie.

    “If she isn’t breastfeeding, I would agree that they look mighty large, firm, and perky for someone her size. This may be a sign of a breast augmentation,” says Youn.

    Youn also expressed surprise at how Jolie managed to retain her breast size despite her significant weight loss.

    “Especially with her recent weight loss, her breasts here do look very large proportionally for her body, Once again, this may be a sign of breast implants,” says Youn.

    On the other hand, it may very well be that Jolie’s breasts are real and that her weight loss has simply not gone to her breasts. While a good number of women lose breast volume following weight loss, some women’s breasts remain unaffected in size by dieting. Additionally, photos of a young Jolie show that the actress always had naturally large breasts despite having a thin frame. After all, it is possible to be thin and at the same time have large breasts. Finally, it is possible that the photo of Jolie on the set of her new film Beowulf has been digitally altered to remove any body imperfections such as breast sagging.

    If Jolie has gotten breast implants, this would not be the first time she has encountered the knife. Jolie had a nose job (see the full article on Angelina Jolie’s Nose Job) at the beginning of her brief modeling career. Jolie’s new nose has a thinner bridge and a smaller tip compared to her old nose which had quite a large tip and wider bridge. The overall effect has made Jolie appear more sophisticated and mature.

    For now, Jolie’s breasts remain a mystery that defies the conventions of nature.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Angelina Jolie on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic source: Daily Mail

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