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  • Anna Kournikova may better known for serving up steamy photos than being a great tennis player. But the hot 27-year old is already saying no to Botox and breast implants.

    Anna Kournikova, Plastic Surgery

    Anna is still young, so she may not realize how harsh the aging process can be, and it is even harsher on those in the public eye. The young star has been photographed since she started getting popular for her tennis skills and she tells Sports Illustrated she hasn’t had Botox or a breast augmentation:

    “Here’s one thing I don’t get. Why are people afraid of getting older? You feel wiser. You feel more mature. You feel like you know yourself better. You would trade that for softer skin? Not me!”

    … “People say, ‘I can’t believe how much you’ve changed!’ What did they expect? It would be sad if I didn’t change!”

    Indeed, if Anna’s appearance has changed, it’s probably due to growing up, not plastic surgery.

    It seems like Anna has a great outlook on aging, now, while she is looking better than ever. But once she completely retires from tennis, she may feel differently, especially if she continues to model.

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