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  • Anne Hathaway used to want to get plastic surgery, but had the better judgment to leave her face alone. Unlike many young Hollywood stars who feel pressured to get the nose job-boob job combo in hope of elevating their star power, 25-year old Hathaway took a different approach to acting.

    Anne Hathaway, Plastic Surgery, Lip Augmentation

    “I wanted a nose job, but now, my nose is what lets me change my face a lot – and I can be glamorous as Agent 99 [in Get Smart], then look rough as a drug addict for (director) Jonathan Demme [in upcoming Rachel Getting Married],” said Hathaway. This news comes as little surprise to Make Me Heal, who previously dismissed rumors about Hathaway’s supposed nose job, being that the actress’s nose is is not perfectly symmetrical and has some bumps and ridges (read the full story on Anne Hathaway’s Plastic Surgery).

    “Your face needs to have character if you’re an actor – otherwise you’re just a face,” she adds.

    While Anne speaking about being keeping it real is admirable, it is not all that certain that she is all real as her lips have long been at the center of controversy as to whether or not they are the result of a lip augmentation. Her smile, like fellow actress Jennifer Garner, is unusually wide and dominates her face. Rumors abound that they are the results of collagen or other filler, like Restylane, and it may indeed be the case. Her lips are also very plump and don’t always have the dip in the center like most natural lips do, making it quite likely that her lips are helped by fillers. Although some people do have unusually large lips, like Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler, so Anne’s lips could be natural.

    Anne is rather pale, so it likely that she avoids skin damage by simply staying out of the sun and the tanning booths popular with many women in Hollywood. Her young age and avoidance of harmful rays mean that she doesn’t need dermal fillers to fill out wrinkles or help with sun damage. At this point, she is probably able to get by with a quality skincare regimen, but in the future may have chemical peels or laser treatments to keep her skin looking fresh and young.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Anne Hathaway on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.