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  • Alexa Ray Joel has followed in much of Hollywood tradition and gone in for plastic surgery. However, just because she had a nose job doesn’t mean that she has gotten breast implants placed, according to the daughter of Billy Joel.

    27-year old Alexa Ray Joel had nose surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Alexa Ray Joel’s nose job) a few years back, but she has responded on Facebook to rumors of breast augmentation, saying the surgery never took place.

    I would like to take a moment to respond with complete and unabashed honesty to the following links below from TMZ & Daily Mail (Mail Online), as well as the Daily News [which is not linked here]: Aside from getting Rhinoplasty-Surgery a few years ago– [which I have been blatantly honest and candid about in the past]– I have not had any further work done. (Not on my face, or anywhere else- for that matter.) I fervently believe that it should be every woman’s imperative to love, accept, embrace, and celebrate their exterior– BUT: the act putting your “best self” forward– in every sense of the word– involves work that’s rooted from within. I have gone back to being a vegetarian, and I only eat all-organic now– which helps. It also helps to improve your skincare regimen- as I have recently done (I highly recommend “Skinceuticals” brand for top-quality tightening/moisturizing/firming/medical-grade skincare). What helps more drastically than even the most substantiated diet or skincare regimen? Confidence and Self-Esteem. I believe in the importance and value of approaching beauty from the inside-out, as opposed to the outside-in. If you begin to nourish yourself on every level: physically, mentally, spiritually, internally, externally, psychologically [the list goes on!]– and care for yourself properly, you are going to look and [much more importantly] FEEL 100% better. This is simply what I have done. Multiple Plastic Surgeries is NOT something that I support, endorse, encourage, or even remotely participate in. As for the difference in my pictures slated in the articles below: It’s simply the stark-visual contrast between effectively-applied makeup [check out Caitlin Monahan on Facebook for a completely natural "cosmetic lift" with only makeup!] and no makeup at all [with puffy eyes- we all get them sometimes- and- hey, that's fine with me].

    On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says, “Although her chest looks like it definitely could have been enhanced, I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt and take her word for it.  Since her dad is Billy Joel she can do no wrong, in my humble opinion.  She looks great, implants or not!”

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Alexa Ray Joel on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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