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  • Once upon a time, 30 years ago, superstar Cher and Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner were a romantic item for a hot minute. Now it seems that as Bruce is once again leaving a wife and is turning to Cher. The National Enquirer reports that the unlikely pair may be bonding over a mutual penchant for plastic surgery.

    “Back then, Bruce was still a handsome young buck – he was the greatest athlete in the world and still basking in his Olympic glory,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “There was a strong magnetism between Bruce and Cher. She had a crush on him, but he was married.”

    “Cher always regretted the end of their romance,” continued the source. “Now that Bruce’s marriage to Kris Jenner has hit the skids, and Cher is single once more, she has Bruce firmly in her sights again.

    “If they got married once his divorce goes through, Bruce and Cher would steal all the thunder from the Kardashians. Money- grubbing Kris would be banished to the Tinsel-town B list. It would be perfect revenge for Bruce.”


    Another source tells the gossip magazine that the two are bonding over plastic surgery as well, as the two are known to be plastic surgery addicts.


    68-year old Cher has been going under the knife for years, openly admitting to procedures such as more than one nose job, breast augmentation, and possibly a tummy tuck and liposuction. Although she denies rumors of cheek implants, Cher may be keeping her inherited cheeks plump via fat grafts or fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse. Cher most likely also gets regular injectable fillers and wrinkle treatments like Botox, Juvederm and Restylane she likely uses monthly to fill in or freeze wrinkles between her brows, on her forehead and around her mouth. In addition, Cher has most likely had a facelift or two as well as eyelid surgery. She also uses Botox and is known to wear facelift tape under her vast collection of wigs.


    For his part, 64-year old Bruce Jenner underwent a facelift some years ago, which made him a mockery in Hollywood and finally underwent a revision procedure during his marriage to Kris Jenner. Bruce has frequently drawn attention for his rather feminine appearance and since his split the rumors have only intensified as he had a procedure to shave down his Adam’s apple earlier this year, which is often the first step in a male to female transition and sporting long nails and hair haven’t done much to calm down the rumors.


    Indeed, Bruce’s possible gender identity crisis are said to fit in with Cher’s interests, as her son Chaz recently went through the reverse transtion.


    “Who knows better about the emotional roller coaster of gender reassignment than Cher?” mused the insider. “She struggled when Chaz first made the decision to become a man, but since then, she has become his biggest supporter.”


    “She wants him to remain a man because she’s always been primarily attracted to men. But she’s convinced that if Bruce does become a woman, it won’t get in the way of their happy future together.”