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  • Former Jersey Shore star Snooki may be a little lady, but lately she has been sporting a very big smile, probably a result of not quite fitting into her cosmetic dentistry dental veneers.

    Since giving birth to her son last August, Snooki has been working hard to shed her former party girl image, not to mention the last of her pregnancy weight. As she has landed on the cover of several magazine to flaunt her major weight loss, she has also been flaunting what look to be a shiny new set of chompers.

    Snooki is only 4’9″ tall, so every pound she sheds really shows, just as the pounds quickly added up on her tiny frame. Somehow as she shrinks down to a healthy body weight, her teeth seem to be growing.

    While she could just be smiling a lot more as a result of no longer being ashamed of her body, this seems unlikely as Snooki has never been shy about showing off anything. Rather, it seems that Snooki has gotten dental veneers or a similar procedure to enhance her grin.

    Unfortunately for Snooki, as a result of her combination of weight loss and cosmetic dentistry it looks as though the more she shrinks clothes sizes, the bigger her teeth become.

    Its uncertain when Snooki had her dental veneers done, so its hard to say why they suddenly seem so prominent. If she has had them since her days cavorting on the Jersey Shore, perhaps weight loss has changed the appearance of her jawline so that her teeth suddenly seem much larger, whiter and more prominent. Another possibility is that Snooki had the veneers done more recently and it will take sometime to get used to the big-haired reality star’s new smile.

    Snooki isn’t the first star to have dental veneers done that draw the wrong kind of attention to her smile. Over the years, many people in Hollywood have gotten dental veneers in an attempt to have perfect, straight white smiles. Unfortunately for some, the results are not always the best.

    Miley Cyrus seemed to sport a lot of dental gear back when she was Disney Diva Hannah Montana. After the show ended, Miley changed her image and her smile with some cosmetic dentistry that left many fans wondering what happened.

    Another Disney Diva that grew up and grew big teeth was former Lizzy McGuire star, Hilary Duff. Once the show ended, Hilary slimmed down and somehow ended up with a very prominent chompers that occasionally seem to interfere with her ability to speak.

    Older stars aren’t immune to the lure of a better-looking smile either. Madonna looked like she had dental veneers of some kind when her signature space between her front teeth went on temporary hiatus a few years back.

    And some stars have had dental veneers or fake teeth put in out of what could be medical necessity, including George Clooney and Jason Mewes. George formerly had teeth that looked yellow and worn down with age, while Jason has openly admitted to having drug problems, which likely affected his smile.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Snooki on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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