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  • It seems that some people are never too young to start anti aging plastic surgery treatments. While the Real Housewives are well known for their love of Botox, in some families it seems that this love gets passed on from generation to generation. While Jacqueline Laurita has opened up about her plastic surgery, from breast augmentation to Botox, it seems that she has given her daughter some ideas. Ashlee Holmes, Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita’s, daughter, reportedly underwent some Botox injections. This might not be so shocking if she wasn’t well under the age of 25!

    According to Radar Online, about 5 million people in the United States undergo Botox injections each year. Of those, around 30 percent are under the age of 30. But Ashlee Holmes is only 23! Does such a young woman really need to be experimenting with anti aging procedures?

    While many critics have expressed concern over Ashlee’s cosmetic procedure, she explains that it may not be a bad idea—especially for those that can afford it.

    Ashlee told RadarOnline, “Botox is most effective on wrinkles that haven’t quite set, so I tried it. I really don’t see the big deal.”

    “People lose their minds over other women getting cosmetic procedures. I say, if you have the finances and you feel like it’s something that will make you feel more confident, why not go for it.”

    Most likely Ashlee’s laissez-faire about the procedure stems from watching her mother and those around her undergo injections of Botox on a regular basis.

    She says, “It was my first time. I just felt that I had try it at least once.”

    Given that it was Ashlee’s first time, she has said that she is curious about her results. She says that the injectable will wear off in about 2-3 months, at which time she will probably decide whether or not she liked her wrinkle-free look and whether or not she will be getting injections again, or on a regular basis.

    Ashlee says that she wanted to try Botox, but that doesn’t mean she thinks that all women should be considering plastic surgery as a way to boost their confidence.

    “It’s not like I’m out there telling women, ‘Hey, the only way you can be beautiful is by getting all sorts of injections.’ I believe that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. If you can do that without touching your face at all, good for you.”

    “However, for some people that might mean trying out some new tricks. Everyone needs to relax. So many women much more well known than me have tried Botox, so it’s going to be okay.”

    Many women who haven’t tried Botox have said that they fear what the results would be, including big stars like Kirstie Alley and Emma Thompson. Other stars have admitted to trying it, but not liking the results—including natural health fiends Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.