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  • Danity Kane was the girl group formed by Diddy’s short lived reality series Making the Band back in 2005. Since then, the group has broken up and reformed but the main focus seems to remain on the group’s most outspoken member, Aub rey O’Day. Whether g she’s touring with the group or trying to make her solo career happen, Aubrey has managed to keep her name front and center by sharing selfies of her latest plastic surgery procedures with fans, from breast implants to buttocks augmentations and all the nips and tucks in between. New reports indicate that over the years, Aubrey has spent in the neighborhood of $100,000 on plastic surgery.

    Media Takeout reports that former reality television star Aubrey O’Day has spent $100,000 on her plastic surgery procedures over the years. Aubrey first found fame on the reality show “Making the Band 3” under Diddy’s mentorship. Aubrey was then fired from the band in 2008, due to creative differences and Diddy said at the time that Aubrey was difficult to work with. In 2009, the band broke up officially but Danity Kane has since reunited and is currently on tour as a trio.

    Although the band has had it’s ups and downs, Aubrey has remained in the public eye, largely due to her sharing photos of selfies, especially those that take place after some type of plastic surgery or another.


    Since her rise to fame, Aubrey has openly admitted to going under the knife for numerous plastic surgeries, including undergoing breast augmentation and rhinoplasty as well as a few well-placed fillers like Restylane and Juvederm in her cheeks and lips. Most recently, Aubrey is thought to have undergone a buttocks augmentation using implants or fillers. Aubrey revealed the procedure with a photo of herself in a thong-style swimsuit with the caption, “Took my fake ass out for some sun today,” she wrote, later adding, “Lost in the gorgeous errors of flesh.”


    After she lost a lot of weight, it was rumored that Aubrey had a tummy tuck as a bikini photo revealed what appeared to be a small scar. It’s unlikely that Aubrey had a full tummy tuck, but she may have had some sort of liposuction procedure or a small amount of fat removed from her stomach, which resulted in a scar.


    Aubrey isn’t the only Danity Kane member rumored to have used plastic surgery to find fame and fortune. Dawn Richard also looks as though she has had several plastic surgery procedures, although she has denied the rumors in the past. Comparing old and new photos, Dawn looks to have had at least one nose job to narrow her nose and refine the tip as well as some type of skin lightening cream or procedure.


    While Aubrey has come clean about much of her work and hinted at more, Dawn has said that a change in her makeup technique is all that she has done to change her appearance. However, fans have their doubts.