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  • Stephanie Rivera, also known as The Sultry Siren on Oxygen’s popular Bad Girls Club reality show, has recently revealed that she decided to have breast augmentation after filming her season in Miami.

    22-year old Stephanie Rivera has struggled with her self image her entire life, as an overweight child. Now she says she is happy with her new bust size, courtesy of plastic surgery breast augmentation, telling RadarOnline, “I feel sexier than ever!”

    Stephanie says that a lifetime of yo-yoing weight fluctuation has taken a toll on her self-esteem, as well as her body and she finally decided to fulfill her dream of a breast enhancement surgery.


    “I have always wanted a breast augmentation, for many years now. I have always battled with my weight shift as a young girl; one minute I’m really thick, and then the next minute I’m back to really skinny, so you can just imagine over the years how much of a toll it took on my breasts,” Stephanie told Radar.


    “I wanted to gain self-confidence. My motto has always been ‘Follow your heart,’ I believe that you should do whatever makes you happy. Never do it for the wrong reasons, do it because is what you want. So I followed my heart and went through with it.”


    Stephanie decided to follow through on the surgery after filming season 11 of Bad Girls Club in Miami, where a fellow club goer recommended plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer.


    “While I was taping for my season of the Valtrex buy online Bad Girls Club purchase Prozac buy Cytotec cheap purchase Cialis Miami Season 11, there was a girl that I met out at a nightclub and I couldn’t help myself but to just go up to her and compliment her body. She wasn’t shy at all; she began telling me about Dr. Salzhauer,” Stephanie explains.


    After hearing his name, Stephanie researched Dr. Salzhauer, who has commented for Makemeheal.com in the past and ultimately decided to go through with the plastic surgery, paying for her breast implants with her credit card.


    “So I began to do my own research and liked what I saw. Once I did the consultation with him I knew that he was going to be my doctor, he was very professional and made me feel very comfortable (as well as his team). He knew exactly what I needed and understood what I wanted.”


    Dr. Salzhauer echoed Stephanie’s sentiments to RadarOnline saying, “Stephanie Rivera was a pleasure to have as a patient. Very nice and down to earth. No attitude, just laid back— the opposite of what one would think based on the Bad Girls Club buy Kamagra persona.”


    Stephanie and Dr. Salzhauer decided to go with a natural look, upgrading Stephanie’s B cup very slightly to a C cub, using silicone breast implants.


    “I performed a silicone breast augmentation on her last month. She went from a medium ‘B’ cup to a very natural appearing ‘C’ cup. She’s petite, so we didn’t want to go over the top. She wanted a natural look, that gave her just a bit more boost. Something to allow her throw out her push-up bras and better fill out her dresses and bikinis.”


    Stephanie is reportedly so happy with the results of her breast augmentation that she is considering going to Dr. Salzhauer again, this time for a Brazilian butt lift procedure.



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