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  • The internet went into hyperactivity when it was reported that 90-year old Jackie Stallone showed up to her son, Sylvester Stallone’s, movie premiere sporting overdone plastic surgery, a minidress and heels. It turns out the whole thing was a mix-up, and the woman wasn’t Sly’s mother. Still, it is a case of bad plastic surgery.

    90-year old Jackie Stallone was widely reported to have shown up to the Los Angeles Expendables 2 premiere with a supersized trout pout and unusually smooth skin. Gossip sites and news outlets reported on the celebrity psychic’s even more plastic-than-usual appearance with plastic surgeons commenting on her, before Sly set the record straight.

    British tabloid The Mirror speculated that Jackie had spent up to $100,000 on plastic surgery procedures and a plastic surgeon even suggested that her skin was super smooth but her lips too large.

    Although Jackie Stallone has had plenty of plastic surgery in the past, including a facelift, browlift, and various fillers injected around her face—most obviously injected into her lips (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jackie Stallone’s plastic surgery), it turns out that she wasn’t at the movie premiere.

    Apparently a woman known as Ivone Weldon crashed the premiere and told everyone that she was Jackie.  While Jackie does have an overload of plastic surgery, it does seem unlikely that she would wear a minidress and heels at her age.

    Now that the mystery is cleared up, the mystery woman may want to consider reversing some of her plastic surgery for a more natural appearance.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Sylvester Stallone on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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