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  • Just hours after Instagramming her plastic surgery mole removal from the inside of a doctor’s office, supermodel Bar Refaeli was back to work. After saying “goodbye beauty mark” to a mole on her torso, Bar was back on the beach and back in her bikini. Although she did have a new accessory to go with her skimpy beach attire: a small bandage in the former location of the mole.

    Bar Refaeli is one of the modern supermodels, who takes photos of herself in her daily life so that fans can see what she’s up to when she’s not on the pages of a magazine. This insight into her life apparently even includes undergoing minor surgery on November 12, as Bar shared a photo of herself on a medical table, covered in a blue sheet with a hole cut out on her torso, the former location of a mole that had appeared in countless bikini photos. For unknown reasons, the mole was taken off and just hours after she had shared photos of the mole coming off, Bar was back in her bikini, showing off her new bandage.

    Although Bar never said whether she was having the mole taken off for medical reasons or for aesthetic reasons (maybe clients complained about Photoshopping the mole out of pictures?), she did accompany the original set of photos with the caption “goodbye beauty mark,” which The Daily Mail has taken to mean there was no medical necessity behind the procedure.

    While moles are rather ironically referred to as “beauty marks,” some of them have become nearly as famous as the bodies of the celebrities they adorn. Many have wondered if 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford would still have been as successful if she didn’t have her trademark mole just above her upper lip. Cindy’s mole has remained throughout the bulk of her career and still exists on Cindy and has never been covered up or photoshopped as far as Makemeheal.com can tell, but there are other celebrities that have opted not to keep their famous sidekicks, whether for medical or personal aesthetic reasons. When Sarah Jessica Parker had the mole on her chin removed, only to have it later reappear, the media dubbed the conundrum “molegate” and ran a series of did she or didn’t she stories. Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias opted to have famous mole on his cheek removed, which upset fans greatly as they felt that it somehow altered his appearance, and not for the better. When actor Ewan MacGregor had some moles taken off of his forehead, he readily explained that it was for health reasons and that being fair and spending too much time in the sun was not a good idea.

    To help prevent moles and other skin imperfections caused by the sun, it is commonly recommended that people wear sunscreens and hats to block the sun’s rays.

    Maybe Bar should try modeling for a sunscreen company, rather than a bathing suit company in an effort to raise awareness about the harmful effects of too much sun exposure.