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  • Singer Barry Manilow has been at the center of plastic surgery for years. However in a recent interview the musical maestro laughed off the rumors, saying they are untrue and annoying.


    Barry Manilow recently shrugged off rumors that he has spent time under the knife, saying, “This is me at 70.”

    The celebrated entertainer called it “infuriating” to read about rumors that he is aging anything but naturally.


    “That’s the way I’m aging,” he said during an appearance on the UK’s The Jonathan Ross Show.


    “Really, this is what I look like. I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”


    When asked if it gets annoying to constantly hear the rumors that he has been under the knife, Barry responded, “It does. This is me at 70. It is. I swear.”


    Barry is actually 71, having had a birthday back in June made the audience by asking his host, “Jonathan, look at me – don’t I look my age?”


    The performer then revealed that not only does he look his age, he also feels it as he has had to give up dancing on stage, because “My hips are not what they used to be.”


    In fact, Barry also revealed that the plastic surgery rumors could be in part blamed on his problems. The singer uses steroid injections to help his hips, which gives his face a puffy appearance.


    This isn’t the first time that Barry has tried to explain the reason for his appearance. Back in February of this year, Barry also told another interviewer about his battle with hip problems and the side effects caused by his medication.


    “So when I see those pictures with my face blown up they attribute that to me and bad plastic surgery,” he went on. “And I’ve asked my publicist, ‘Can’t I just say something about this?’ Because this had nothing to do with plastic surgery. Because I’m not interested in it. But I see these pictures and it does look strange.”


    In the past, Barry has said that he did have some cysts removed from his face in the late 1990s, which would be about the time that rumors that he had undergone a number of facelifts began. And he has also admitted to trying Botox injections before giving them up after not liking the results.


    Back in 2003, Barry was rumored to have undergone a complete facelift as well as an upper and lower eyelid lift. The rumors were exacerbated after Barry was spotted leaving a hospital wearing a hat and dark glasses to cover his face.


    He also came up with a rather elaborate story about the possibility of having a nose job around the same time, saying that he woke up in the dark and was very disorientated.


    “I veered left instead of right and slammed into the wall,” he said at the time, and later insisted he would have to get surgery to fix his nose, according The Daily Mail, “I may have to have my nose fixed and, with this nose, it’s going to require major surgery.”