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  • The new year is upon us and it’s time to list Makemeheal.com’s favorite celebrity breast augmentations from the past year. Not all of the celebrities are 100% confirmed to have gotten breast implants and we don’t know when those surgeries took place exactly, but these are the best breast augmentation stories and rumors that we’ve reported over 2009.

    Ashley Greene

    Twilight star Ashley Greene has become a hit on the screen and off, thanks to a breast augmentation. The 22-year old’s breast implants are not too big for her frame and never appear to be unnatural, indicating a job well done. Read more about Ashley Greene’s plastic surgery.

    Ashely Greene, Plastic Surgery

    Jenny McCarthy

    The 36-year old former Playmate recently had the size of her implants reduced from supersized to a more natural looking size. Make Me Heal thinks that Jenny’s saline implants were likely replaced by a more natural looking silicone implant and we applaud her decision to downsize. Read more about Jenny Mccarthy’s Breast Reduction.

    Jenny Mccarthy, Plastic Surgery

    Bar Refaeli

    Supermodel Bar Refaeli may no longer be dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but her breast augmentation is still making her one of the world’s most attractive women. The 23-year old’s breasts are big and round, but still appear fairly natural and don’t look obviously stretched out. Read more about Bar Refaili’s breast implants.

    Bar Refaeli, Plastic Surgery

    Ann Coulter

    Whether you agree or disagree with the far righter, Ann Coulter has a rocking bod at 47. Ann takes great pride in her appearance and her breast augmentation has likely helped her get noticed in front of the camera, rather than hiding behind the mic. Read more about Ann Coulter’s breast augmentation.

    Ann Coulter, Plastic Surgery

    Miss California: Carrie Prejean

    Miss California’s Carrie Prejean may not be a great representative of the state, but she does have great implants. In fact they were so good Make Me Heal couldn’t tell for sure if they were implants or not until 22-year old Carrie revealed her breast augmentation and the Miss California Pageant demanded to be reimbursed for them. Read more about Carrie Prejean’s breast augmentation.

    Carrie Prejean, Plastic Surgery

    Lady GaGa

    Lady Gaga doesn’t seem to believe in wearing pants, but she also enjoys showing offer her breast enhancement as well as her legs. The 23-year old pop star’s breast augmentation has paid off, helping her to rise to fame. Read more about Lady Gaga’s breast implants.

    Lady Gaga, Plastic Surgery

    Anna Faris

    She may play a funny girl, but 33-year old Anna Faris is anything but funny looking, thanks in part to her recent breast augmentation. Since her breast augmentation, Anna has been better able to fill out the skimpy outfits she wears in movies like The House Bunny. Read more about Anna Faris’ breast augmentation.

    Anna Faris, Plastic Surgery

    Ashley Dupre

    Although Ashley Dupre always had a yen for fame, no one had heard of her until it was revealed the 24 year old was part of an escort used by Senator Eliot Spitzer. Now Dupre has taken her career to new heights, becoming an advice columnist. Make Me Heal suspects her career was in part enhanced by a breast augmentation that only helped her curvy figure become even more sexy. Read more about Ashley Dupre’s breast augmentation.

    Ashely Dupre, Plastic Surgery

    Jayde Nicole

    23-year old Jayde Nicole has the figure of Playboy Playmate, thanks to her breast augmentation. While some Playmates have implants that appear to be bolted on, Jayde’s appear to be nearly natural, blending in with her youthful round face and curvy body. Read more about Jayde Nicole’s breast implants.

    Jayde Nicole, Plastic Surgery

    Sophie Monk

    Sophie Monk was part of girl pop group, but now the hot Aussie is famous simply for being hot, thanks to some careful plastic surgery that has enhanced her figure, including a breast augmentation. Sophie’s breasts aren’t too big, making them well-done and not over the top like many of her pop-singing peers. Read more about Sophie Monk’s breast augmentation.

    Sophie Monk, Plastic Surgery

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