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  • Male celebrities tend to be even more coy about going under the knife than their female counterparts, so take this list with a grain of salt because not every celebrity is man enough to admit when they’ve had plastic surgery. This list includes the guys that have admitted to having work and some that just look better than ever, so a little knife work had to have taken place, whether or not the celeb in question has been open about it.

    Hugh Jackman hasn’t actually been under the knife to enhance looks or try to turn back the clock—and how could he, when he’s already gorgeous? Still, he did show fans a photo of himself looking slightly less than stellar with a bandage across his nose, a result of having a cancerous growth removed. Along with the photo, Hugh reminded fans that even superheroes aren’t immune to the harmful effects of the sun’s powerful rays and to always wear cheap Fluoxetine buy Combivent Purchase Retin-A sunscreen.


    Robbie Williams didn’t exactly look like the type to wear wigs or hairpieces like some male celebrities. And he definitely didn’t seem to need a hair transplant, but the English singer says he still went under the knife to help thicken his hairline. Although Robbie didn’t go into much detail other than to say he had the transplants done only on the sides and front, rather than on his whole head, it is safe to speculate that Robbie’s plastic surgeon used the new follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, which creates the tiniest scars and is usually performed with the Neograft system.

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    Roger Taylor of Duran Duran hasn’t come out about going under the knife, but long time fans feel that the singer is looking better than ever and younger than most men with his age and lifestyle usually do, which are likely indicators of plastic surgery. Roger doesn’t look overdone, but he definitely has a refreshed appearance, which is probably a result of various plastic surgery procedures taking place over time, rather than all at once, which helps to give a more natural appearance. Roger’s eyes don’t have a lot of sagging; which could indicate an eyelift and he may also use Botox and laser treatments to keep his skin smooth.

    Tom Cruise regularly denies plastic surgery in interviews, but the Top Gun star looks better than ever and slightly different than his old profile, which seems to indicate plastic surgery. While Tom’s nose used to be rather large and bumpy, it seems a little smaller and flatter than it used, which doesn’t happen with the natural aging process. And while his crow’s feet lend character, they don’t look to be as deep as they used to, which probably indicates some sort of anti-wrinkle treatment, be it Botox, laser therapy or some type of filler. Tom probably regularly uses some sort of skin treatments so that his appearance is always fresh and never overdone.

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    Vinnie Jones is always cast as a badass and he’s currently battling for life after being diagnosed with skin cancer. Still, his battle wounds only add character and his openness about fighting the deadly disease has made him a poignant reminder to many fans to always cover up when heading outdoors.