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  • Beyonce and Kim Kardashian seem like an unlikely duo but the ladies are attached to men who are BFFs so more and more often they are spotted together at everything from special events and fashion shows to dinners out with their partners. Recently, the ladies met up at a dermatology clinic, probably for some luxury treatments or non invasive plastic surgery.

    The Daily Mail reports that ahead of her surprise Coachella appearance, Beyonce ran into Kim Kardashian at the Lancer Dermatology on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. According to the tabloid, the Lancer Clinic provides luxurious skincare treatments including laser treatments, chemical peels and facials.

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    Both Beyonce and Kim are well known for taking care of themselves with plastic surgery. 33-year old Beyonce is a pop star and changes up her hairstyle frequently but often there are rumors that her change in hairstyle is to hide a recent plastic surgery, including more than one nose job.


    Many suspect that Beyonce has had more than one nose job since her girl band Destiny’s Child, disbanded years ago. In fact, some believe that Beyonce has had as many as three nose jobs over the years, including one as recently as last year.


    Beyonce does look different than she used to and likely has had a nose job because her nose looks much narrower and has a more defined tip. Other changes in her appearance could be the result of different ways of wearing her makeup and just her different hairstyles that make her look earthy or glamorous with a veritable magic wand.


    For her part, Kim Kardashian has also changed since she first became a household name. While Beyonce’s changes were subtle, Kim has mainly left her hair alone, instead trying out plastic surgery treatments that have left her with a frozen face.


    Kim is frequently spotted at dermatology clinics, undergoing everything from laser hair removal to laser treatments to battle cellulite, stretchmarks and any other perceived flaw. Although she has admitted to trying Botox in the past, she says that she had a bad reaction to it, but given her immobile expression and wrinkle free brow, it seems likely that Kim not only routinely gets Botox injections, she gets injections on a regular basis. And while Kim has spoken about her desire for a nose job, many fans think that she has had one as her nose looks to be tinier than it used to. Kim probably also gets lip and cheek injections with a filler like Juvederm as her lips look stuck in a permanent kissy face.


    It’s unclear who recommended the clinic to whom and what procedures the ladies had done, but maybe they both needed a chemical peel or laser treatment ahead of Kim’s nuptials to Kanye, which are set to take place in France in just a couple of months. It is said that while Beyonce will attend as a courtesy to her husband Jay-Z, she has no desire to be filmed for the Kardashian family reality show.