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  • Mob Wives has been renewed for a fifth season and amongst rumors that some of the wives would not be returning to the show, fan favorite Big Ang has dished to RadarOnline.com that she, for one, will be back. Not only that, but Big Ang has some more changes in store and they involve even more plastic surgery.

    In an interview with RadarOnline.com 54-year old Big Ang dished on coming back to the show for another season, saying that despite all the constant drama she loves doing it and gets along well with her castmates.  She also spoke about her life currently, saying that she’s going through a miserable menopause but has decided against having another child and that she is excited to be awaiting the arrival of her granddaughters. Even more shocking, Big Ang says that she is planning yet another trip to the plastic surgeon’s office, this time for a neck lift.


    When asked if she had any future plans for plastic surgery, Big Ang responded, “I would like to have my neck lifted because it’s starting to get a little old looking. I got to look as young as possible. I’m over everything else honestly. I think just that thing and like my eyelids are things that are necessarily. I’d like to do the top of my eyes and my neck at the same time. Be done and then that’s it.”


    While Big Ang has yet to go to a plastic surgeon about the procedure, she says that she’ll go for a consultation a few months before filming begins.


    As an old hat at having plastic surgery procedures, Big Ang says that she isn’t at all worried about it because she’s heard that a neck lift is a fairly painless procedure.


    When it comes to plastic surgery, Big Ang is pretty diplomatic, if a little overly optimistic in her estimates, saying, “I would say 90% of the world has had plastic surgery. If you need it, you get it. If you don’t need it, God bless you.”


    In the past, Big Ang has undergone plenty of plastic surgery, including breast implants, tummy tuck Buy Orlistat , and liposuction and also had a Smartlipo Laser procedure done on her arms as well as well as getting Botox injections and major lip augmentation.


    For Big Ang, plastic surgery is fairly routine; she told the VH1 blog years ago that she is most happy having gotten breast implants, “I started doing my first set of implants when I had my daughter twenty seven years ago. She was three months when I had my surgery. Of course, my boobs would actually hang…I could tuck them in my pants. I always had very big boobs and when I was pregnant they were like, Sildenafil purchase Lasix huge, so then they just came to nothing and I wasn’t gonna walk around at the age of twenty-five with these kinda tits. They were like raisins. [Laughs] Maybe more like prunes, yeah. Like prunes.”


    While Big Ang seems to have done just about every possible procedure, her full lips seem to be the most obvious. order paxil Lamisil at low prices
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