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  • The world of celebrity is full of unlikely matches and none more so than the latest rumored celebrity hook-up: Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson.

    Despite the obvious age difference, 42-year old Billy Corgan and 29-year old Jessica Simpson make an unlikely pair because of their musical styles as well. He is generally recognized as the dark and broody musician of best-selling albums, while her albums barely sale. Yet, they must have something in common as Billy is rumored to be Jessica’s latest beau in the steady stream of men she has dated since her divorce to boy band singer Nick Lachey. But what about the looks department?

    Billy Corgan, Plastic Surgery

    Jessica clearly has Billy beat by a wanna-be country mile when it comes to looks. Although she has openly regretted having a lip augmentation, Jessica is also rumored to have had a nose job and breast augmentation in the past (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jessica Simpson’s plastic surgery). If Billy wants to look as good the blonde beauty, he’s going to need to start seeing a plastic surgeon.

    Jessica Simpson, Plastic Surgery

    On the top of the list, the very bald Smashing Pumpkins front man should schedule an appointment to have hair plugs, as he’s been rocking a bald head since Jessica was in grade school. After growing something on the dome, he may want to get some Botox for the lines that are likely growing on his forehead.

    Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., said, “Billy Corgan will not necessarily benefit from Botox, as he does not show any drastic lines on his forehead. And whether or not he would want to undergo a hair transplant is strictly up to him.  His style has been the same for some time now, and if that is the way he feels most comfortable he should stick with it.”

    While it’s unlikely that the pair will last, Make Me Heal wishes them the best of luck.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Jessica Simpson on Plasticopedia, and Billy Corgan on Plasticopedia the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.