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  • A Hollywood actress just revealed that the large majority of African American women in Hollywood have gotten plastic surgery. In an unusual move, actress and former 50 Cent sidekick Elise Neal just opened up about the prevalence of plastic surgery among black female celebrities. She also fesses up to having gone under the knife herself.

    Elise Neal, Breast Augmentation, Implants

    In a recent interview with Bossip, when asked about plastic surgery, Elise says:

    “Being a person who’s had plastic surgery I think it’s personal choice. A lot of people make me laugh about the plastic surgery situation because I hate to say it but most African American females in entertainment have had some type of plastic surgery. Maybe it’s not breast enhancement but I’d say at least 75% of them have had their noses done and they cannot tell me that they haven’t. I’m sorry.”

    Several romances ago, 42-year old Elise Neal had a relationship with rapper 50 Cent, aka, Curtis Jackson. The dancer and actress appeared in the 33-year old rapper’s “Follow My Lead” video. She has been in a few movies like Hustle & Flow and had several roles on TV shows like CSI, but she continues to dance and model, staying true to her roots.

    Elise openly admits to having had a breast augmentation, saying:

    “I did my breast enhancement for me. But it didn’t have to do anything with acting. It had to do with being a performer. They were always hiring the girls who were more voluptuous.”

    She adds, “I’ll be honest; I was insecure back from when I first started dancing. I felt like I always had to stuff (my costumes) to fit in and be in a chorus line with women who already had breast enhancement or who were naturally endowed. I wanted to be able to wear my [dance costumes] without someone telling me to stuff it. I’m not ashamed of it. People need to just own up to it.”

    Meagan Good is another African American actress who had a breast augmentation for her craft (See Make Me Heal’s story on Meagan Good’s plastic surgery), as did another of 50 Cent’s exes, Vivica Fox (See Make Me Heal’s story on Vivica Fox’s Plastic Surgery).

    Elise Neal’s breast implants are obvious, but her estimate of the large amount of black actors with nose jobs leads Make Me Heal to wonder if she counts herself within this statistic. If Elise has gotten a rhinoplasty, it was very conservative, as her nose is rather wide and the tip is round, unlike the typical rhinoplasties that narrow the bridge and make the tip more chiseled and pointy. If she did get a rhinoplasty, it looks very natural and well done.

    What Make Me Heal finds most remarkable is that for a middle-aged woman, Elise is completely unlined and unwrinkled. Although African Americans tend age better and wrinkle less due to having thicker skin, we suspect that she uses dermal fillers, like Botox, as does fellow actress Vanessa Williams, who also had a minor rhinoplasty (See Make Me Heal’s story on Vanessa Williams’ plastic surgery).

    So far, Elise’s plastic surgery looks successful, but as her popularity grows, we hope she doesn’t go overboard on the plastic surgery, like other successful women in Hollywood, and ruin her attractive looks.

    See the complete plastic surgery profile of Elise Neal on Plasticopedia, the celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.