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  • It would seem that a plastic surgeon husband and an actress wife would have a perfect surgical relationship. But Botched star Dr. Terry Dubrow says that he would never operate on his wife, Real Housewife of Orange County star, Heather Dubrow. Although he does reveal that the actress does have the occasional non-surgical plastic surgery treatment.

    Although many people would think that an actress married to a plastic surgeon would have her husband to thank for her high cheekbones and sculpted jaw, it apparently isn’t the case for the Dubrows. Heather Dubrow is apparently naturally blessed with sharp features and her husband sees no need to operate on his wife, despite her giving birth to their four kids.

    Many women opt for breast augmentation after having kids to restore lost volume, Terry tells Rumorfix that Heather remains all natural.


    The Doctor shares, “Those four children just sucked the life out of them. Her breasts are still good but they are slightly deflated, but equally attractive.”


    He does say that the couple has thought about installing breast implants however, “We have talked about it. I don’t want my wife to have any plastic surgery – look at her, what would you do? My wife’s body is unbelievable, my wife is rarefied air… I told her, ‘They look good and you’re not bothered by them – we’re not doing it.’”


    And he puts the kibosh on rumors that Heather has had any facial work done since starting her career and finally making a name for herself as a reality star.


    “Compare her photos to college or when she was on Jenny in the ’90s.”


    While Heather may workout for hours to get her body in shape without the benefit of plastic surgery, when it comes to her face, she is willing to dabble in some non invasive procedures. Under her husband’s supervision of course.


    Heather has said that she does use a little Botox here and there and apparently it was Dr. Dubrow that got her started.


    “She had this little wrinkle so I asked her ‘Does it bother you?’ She said ‘Yes’ so I started injecting her at 27. But she only does Botox once a year – its lasts forever on her.”


    In the interview, Terry also revealed that his wife gets some fillers injected as well, including Sculptra.


    Heather has tried to be a successful actress for years but seems to have finally found her niche by playing herself on a reality show. Oddly enough, it was apparently husband Terry who nudged her into it. Terry himself has appeared on numerous shows over the years, offering his expertise on plastic surgery. The cosmetic surgery guru is currently costarring on Botched with another former Real Housewife husband, Dr. Paul Nassif. Together the doctors meet and treat patients who have suffered from botched plastic surgery in the past and are looking to correct the results of past procedures.




    4 Comments so far

    1. Will Gehrig on July 18, 2014 10:50 pm

      Ok the Justin Bieber want to be is a joke… For him to even think he was in music before Justin is a joke. The only thing flatter than his voice is mabe a pancake. What a joke to even put him on and to say “sounded good”

    2. Teresa lopez on July 23, 2014 9:07 am

      How much for tummy tuck breast lift and arms and thigh fat of have had 36 surgery I need help to make me feel better oh wrinkle on face my stomach looks like my vjj is stuck to stomach my breast get rashes please please help Thank you teresa

    3. Lisa Turnef on July 25, 2014 3:49 pm

      Iam in pain. I have been diagnosed by Dr. Pareck at USC/Keck hospital. I have 13 year old silicone tear drop implants, I am in much pain, I can’t. Wear bras even special made bras, Because of this saddly I have missed my daughters 8th grade Graduation. We both felt the PAIN from this, Michaela said she tried with all her to distinguish my voice and she couldn’t, i felt useless. My Kennedy. Is graduating May of this yeas and I won’t let this happen, But I am facong my swollen painful pancreatiyis. I delar this wont happen. Dr please. Please help me be go getter mom like my babies remember and need. Much. Love and Respect, Lisa Turner 661-346-2213 or leland.ltlt@gmail,com.

    4. cristy miller on September 15, 2016 2:29 pm

      Hi my cristy I am a w/f/age40/5’10/ I need help I saw your show your help if you can please email me or call me and let me help me or not I live Chattanooga Tennessee. I got PCOS and are the top 2 diabetics. I weight 389lbs on9-15-16 my diabetic doctor office today. U can call me if u can help me my number is 423)400-2344/OK.

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