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  • Former Friends stars are friends in real life—or at least they were until a recent dispute about anti aging philosophies. While Jennifer Aniston has become a poster child for the benefits of drinking water and using skincare products to help fight sun damage and signs of aging, Courteney Cox has opted to go for the unnatural look and become a veritable poster child for the plastic surgery industry.

    In an interview with People magazine, Jennifer was asked whether she would prefer Botox or wrinkles, to which she responded, “Wrinkles.”

    “Nobody wants wrinkles, but Botox looks terrible,” she said.


    The 45-year old star of We’re the Millers has admitted to trying Botox in the past, but said she didn’t like the effects. On the other hand, Courteney Cox has expressed nothing but love for the dermal injectable known to banish wrinkles calling the product nothing short of “fantastic.”


    After Jennifer’s comments about Botox went public, Courteney apparently became angry, according to a source for The National Enquirer.


    “Courteney is furious at Jen for taking a backhanded slap at her appearance,” said an insider close to both actresses.

    “When Courteney called Jen on her nasty dig, Jen fired back that Courteney should act her age and stop trying so hard to impress her young boyfriend.

    “Jen told Courteney that women who don’t allow themselves to age naturally and gracefully are pathetic.”

    Courteney will be turning 50 this summer and is dating much younger 37-year-old Irish rocker Johnny McDaid, which has apparently increased her desire for eternally youthful looks.


    “Since Johnny came on the scene, Courteney is even more paranoid about looking her age,” a longtime pal told The Enquirer. “She’s constantly searching for the latest treatments to keep looking young.”


    “and it’s a shame. In the past, she prided herself on having ‘stealth’ treatments and regular freshen-ups that weren’t obvious.”

    “But now Courteney has gotten rid of all the character lines that she had in her 30s. Her skin has been lasered to the point that it doesn’t even look real.”


    By contrast, Jennifer is engaged to younger Justin Theroux but emphasizes knowing what is in skincare products thanks to her new role as spokesperson for Aveeno.


    Jen told E! News, “I always like to read labels so I know what’s going into our food and what’s going into our bodies. I thought it was really fun to see what’s going into our skin.”


    She also emphasizes exercise as an important part of feeling good, in addition to looking great.


    “It’s not about bikini season,” she told People magazine about her fitness routine. “It’s about being healthy. Of course we want to have toned skin and legs and muscles and all that, but it’s really just about feeling great.”


    Despite their current disagreement, the source tells the National Enquirer that it likely won’t be the end of the friendship.


    “They’re both sore right now,” the insider added. “But knowing Jen and Courteney’s tempestuous history, they’ll kiss and make up eventually.”