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  • Brad Pitt, Plastic SurgeryIn what may be the biggest plastic surgery rumor of the year, it is now being speculated in some major gossip rags that Brad Pitt may have gone under the knife. But before everyone bawls over in front of their computer monitors, a moment of reflection is needed. The media has been wrong before countless of times with plastic surgery rumors, often too quick to attribute the slightest of changes in a star’s appearance to plastic surgery. Make Me Heal decided to investigate this rumor and see if there is any truth to it.

    Over the last few months, when the 43-year old husband accompanied his wife Angelina Jolie during the series of promotions for her film “A Mighty Heart”, some folks remarked that the world’s hottest man was starting to show signs of aging and looked tired and old. Then, when Brad Pitt made appearances for the premiere of “Ocean’s 13” in June of this year, more critics weighed in with similar comments and said the actor was looking a bit more haggard than his usual picture-perfect self. Pitt has been busy filming Ocean’s, as well as raising his and Angelina’s four children; it is completely understandable that he may be looking tired or worn.

    Fast forward a few weeks, and insiders are now saying that Brad is looking different and that Pitt’s face looks smoother and more youthful. Some have even commented that he looks up to ten years younger. Could this change be due to plastic surgery? Some insiders are speculating that Brad Pitt’s decision to go under the knife may be due to pressure to keep up with his younger 32-year old wife or simply a bid to secure and keep his high-flying career on track in youth-obsessed Hollywood.

    Make Me Heal’s analysis of Brad Pitt’s most recent photos and discussions with a few plastic surgery consultants reveals a few conclusions. A photo of Brad Pitt on May 21, 2007 at the Cannes Film Festival (top left photo) showed the actor looking just as himself with no signs of any cosmetic enhancement. Brad may have some bagginess under his eyes, some loss of fat that is natural for an aging person, and his previously square jaw is not as defined and tight as it used to be. Despite these normal signs of aging, Brad Pitt is certainly far from looking old. While Brad may be looking less young than his predecessor years, this change is just due to the natural process of aging – not due to a surgeon’s scalpel. Additionally, the actor is sporting some horizontal worry lines across the length of his forehead and glabellar lines (vertical lines above the nose bridge), which is natural for his age.

    Brad Pitt, Cosmetic Surgery, PlasticSimilarly, a photo of Brad Pitt on June 5, 2007 at the Los Angeles Premiere of Ocean’s 13 (lower left photo), shows more of the same age-related symptoms.

    The only real plastic surgery that Brad might arguably benefit from is a lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to remove the excess fat and skin on his lower eyelid. This surgery does not appear to have been performed at this time on Brad Pitt. However, Make Me Heal and other surgeons consulted for this story do not feel that Brad really needs the eyelid surgery, as it could adversely alter his look and break the hearts of billions of adoring fans. As for non-surgical treatments, Brad Pitt could benefit – if he hasn’t already done so — from getting Botox, Juvederm or Restylane injections to fill in the wrinkles in his forehead, although this is not necessary as the lines lend maturity and added sexiness to Brad.

    Brad Pitt has a known acne problem, which has led to him having scars on his face. Brad may have had laser skin treatments, chemical peels, or dermabrasion done over the years to soften his scars and give him a younger-looking skin. Additionally, Pitt has been reportedly spotted at the Lasky Clinic, where it was speculated that he might have gotten Radiance treatment. This treatment gives skin a more youthful and vibrant appearance through the use of calcium infusions.Brad has also been spotted in spas before getting facials, which is fair game for a beauty routine of any normal person – especially a celebrity. Furthermore, an odd rumor about Brad Pitt alleges that the actor had his ear pinned down through a cosmetic surgery called otoplasty to get rid of previously protruding “Dumbo” ears that stuck out (See Brad Pitt’s Ear Surgery Video). Finally, it is believed that Pitt had cosmetic dentistry.

    Given the facts, it appears that the allegations of gossip rags that Brad Pitt may have had surgery appear to be untrue as the changes in his face are just natural aging – not plastic surgery. The changes in Brad’s face are a natural part of the aging process which typically accelerate sharply once a person enter their forties. What may have occurred is that Brad’s signs of aging have taken a more dramatic turn over the last year. Additionally, the toll of traveling with his wife and having four children to raise can show up on one’s face; although it seems that the actor looks decidedly happier in his skin which is far more important than having a few more wrinkles added to his face. Just because a star is looking different, does not mean that it’s time to ring the plastic surgery alarm.

    To Brad’s defense, Brad Pitt looks great for early 40’s and has obviously aged well. The entire population of men his age would probably all gladly trade their looks to look like Brad in his present-day older self. Given that Brad has always given the impression of wanting to look natural, rugged and age gracefully, it would seem quite contrary to his philosophy to go under the knife at a time when it really does not seem necessary.

    Brad has previously spoken against plastic surgery, saying “There’s too much emphasis on the exterior. People are too obsessed with their image. We shouldn’t be so consumed with plastic surgery, clothes, big pearly white teeth or what shampoo we use. It just sends out the wrong message.”

    This does not rule out the possibility that Brad will have cosmetic surgery in the future when he needs it. Also, one should not forget that his wife Angelina has had plastic surgery by way of a nose job (read the complete story about Angelina Jolie’s Nose Job), which means that if she is for having it, Brad could be swayed to do so.

    For now, though, fans across the world can rest knowing that Brad Pitt is still — naturally — one of the planet’s hottest men alive and that he has always been, and always will be, the handsome face that men envy and women desire.


    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Plasticopedia, the celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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