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  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills being over the top and impressing their friends and enemies, but apparently even they can overdo it now and then. According to Brandi Glanville, plastic surgery is great, but she did recently overdo the Botox.

    During her recent PodcastOne show, Brandi Glanville went on an F-bomb filled tirade about going a little too heavy on the Botox on occasion and getting flack about it.

    During the rant against a journalist who wrote that she had “alien-esque cheekbones that whispers had work done,” Brandi fired back.

    “Go f—k yourself!” she said, in true Glanville form. “These are my cheek bones.”

    However, Brandi did admit that after numerous procedures including breast augmentation, vaginal rejuvenation, and facial fillers, she may have overdone a few things from time to time.

    “Get an X-ray machine in here. I’ve had my boobs done and my vagina tightened.. and I’ve had some bad botox and bad fillers. That’s f—king it,” she ranted.

    “I admit I’ve overdone it at times, but mama is f—king 41. Go f—k yourself! There’s a learning curve, and I want to be youthful forever,” she said.

    Brandi has been open about her plastic surgery secrets for the most, often using Twitter to dish about her procedures and things that she has tried that have gone wrong.

    One Twitter reveal read, “The reason my upper lip doesn’t lift up properly is because I had a 3rd degree burn from laser hair removal 8 yrs ago 2 date. #vanitykills.”

    Another Brandi tidbit came as she was promoting her tell all book, which revealed that her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, inadvertently paid for her vaginal rejuvenation procedure when she used his credit card.

    In addition, Brandi had a “liquid nose job,” which requires regular touch-ups, unlike a traditional nose surgery, which became necessary after Brandi broke her nose in 2009. A doctor replaces fillers in her nose every so often so that the bumps the break created are not super obvious and her nose looks much the same as it did before the break.


    Indeed, Brandi has an up and down history with her looks, telling Shape magazine, “Having grown up modeling, I’m very self-aware of my physical appearance. It’s hard to grow older, especially in this town where everyone is perfect! They’re all 20 years old and gorgeous, and I’m now in the same dating pool as them, yikes, it’s really hard! This town makes you insecure.”

    Indeed, if Brandi didn’t have her own insecurities about her looks, she has received plenty of criticism since first appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    “People have said horrible things like I’m ‘plastic’ and I’m a bad mom. I think after three years of hearing it I have just developed a thick skin,” she says. “I think it’s human nature, and I know what they say isn’t true so I’ve learned to not take it to heart.”

    Maybe her thick skin will help protect from overdoing Botox injections in the future.