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  • Have you ever wondered why Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville never moves her upper lip? She’s not trying to “keep a stiff upper lip,” as the British say. She’s not ever over indulging in some sort of lip filler. But true to her nature, Brandi has come out with the reason she is unable to move her upper lip, despite the fact that many women would consider the reason rather embarrassing.

    41-year old Brandi Glanville always tells fans about her plastic surgery, from her twice yearly Botox injections to her vaginal rejuvenation. And many might assume that Botox is the reason that Brandi can’t move her lip, as the wrinkle-reducing injectable is known for causing a frozen and stiff appearance. However the real reason that Brandi can’t move her lip is apparently because of laser hair removal treatment gone wrong some years back.

    Like her other plastic surgery reveals, Brandi’s share with fans came via Twitter, “The reason my upper lip doesn’t lift up properly is because I had a 3rd degree burn from laser hair removal 8 yrs ago 2 date. #vanitykills.”

    Over the last eight years, laser hair removal technology has improved greatly, but it is still hard to picture beautiful Brandi sporting a mustache, so it is easy to understand why she would opt for the treatment, especially since all of the Real Housewives share a penchant for plastic surgery.

    Although Brandi clearly likes to keep herself in great shape at all times, she has said in the past that despite having been under the knife, she believes that overdoing plastic surgery is too much of a good thing and so limits her treatments.

    In the past, Brandi has opened up about to fans and the press about her plastic surgery procedures, including a “liquid nose job,” which requires regular touch-ups, unlike a traditional nose surgery, which became necessary after Brandi broke her nose in 2009. A doctor replaces fillers in her nose every so often so that the bumps the break created are not super obvious and her nose looks much the same as it did before the break.

    Brandi also fills in acne scars with fillers and gets Botox injections only twice a year so that her face still has some natural movement to it.

    However Brandi has been under the knife for invasive plastic surgery as well. After having kids, Brandi had small implants placed to help restore some of the lost volume. She has also admitted to having had a vaginal rejuvenation surgery as a sort of revenge against her cheating ex-husband, which she paid for with his credit card.

    While laser hair removal technology has improved greatly over the years since Brandi’s botched procedure, some women opt for other ways to remove unwanted facial hair. While you can periodically a salon for a wax, this can be inconvenient and also requires the hair to regrow before it can be removed. Luckily, there are now at-home hair removal options, including epilators that can permanently remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your own home.