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  • Star of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset reality series, Lilly Ghalichi, wasn’t always the “Persian Barbie” of Hollywood. It seems that prior to her glamorous appearance on the show, she was once a little girl growing up in Texas and relied on plastic surgery to transform herself into the beauty she is today.

    In a photo from her childhood, Lily expains, “Kindergarden. I insisted on buying my own clothes and doing my own hair. Nothing’s really changed — big hair, lace dresses, over the top accessories!!! #GhalichiGLAM”

    However, some things have changed since then, including her name, which used to be Neelufar Seyed Ghalichi and her looks, which have since been altered by plastic surgery.


    Given the popularity of plastic surgery in Persian culture and given the rumors swirling around Lilly after making her reality television debut, the Loyola Law School graduate took to her blog to clear up the speculation.


    For me personally, these are the surgeries I have done (and they are the ONLY surgeries I have done)

    1. Breast Augmentation (more than once, I’ve had numerous complications)

    2. Rhinoplasty (once)


    These are things I am constantly accused of but have NOT had done:


    1. Liposuction

    2. Cheek Implants

    3. Rib removal

    4. Stomach band

    5. Chin Implant

    6. Tear Ducts (something to do with enhancing your cheeks apparently)

    7. Butt Aumgentation

    8. Lip Implants


    I personally have nothing against plastic surgery, nor do I have a problem with those that are against it. I think it is a very personal decision and to each their own.


    Will I get more plastic surgery in the future? Not anytime soon. Perhaps when I’m in my forties I will consider a breast lift, and my fifties a face lift.


    The plastic surgery I did get was very young in my adult life. Like most young girls, I was insecure with myself, and my appearance. As a woman, I have found that the older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin, and the more beautiful I feel. I think many women can relate to that and feel more confident with age.


    I hope this clarifies everything to everyone and answers all your questions about what plastic surgery I have and have not done.


    In the post, Lilly says that the decision to undergo plastic surgery is a personal and dislikes being asked about it by people she has just met. However she also acknowledges that as a reality star she knows that she is in the public eye and that people will be curious about how she maintains her looks.


    It seems that Lilly decided to write the post after the show aired and she appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen and the host asked about her procedures. While she mentioned her numerous breast augmentations and complications, she neglected to discuss her nose surgery and felt that she needed to clarify things so that fans wouldn’t think she was being coy or hiding anything.


    Lilly looks great and hopefully her implants have settled in now.