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  • A few weeks back, Makemeheal.com noticed that Bristol Palin had small changes in her appearance, which seemed to indicate plastic surgery. Our suppositions seem to have been correct as Bristol debuted a dramatic new appearance on a Hollywood red carpet, just in time for her upcoming reality show to be announced.

    20-year-old single mother Bristol Palin and daughter of reality star Sarah Palin walked the red carpet for 10th anniversary of the Candies Foundation.

    Makemeheal.com formerly reported that Bristol had received some sort of chin augmentation and it seems we were right (See Make Me Heal’s story on Bristol Palin’s plastic surgery). In addition to a chin implant, Bristol may have also had some under the chin liposuction to help her face appear thinner (and give the illusion of overall weight loss), as well as had a browlift or Botox injection to help her eyes look more awake and interested.

    On his blog, OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia writes, “Her chin looks longer and more sculpted. Likely she had a “mini-mandibular advancement” called a genioplasty or chin implant type procedure. It has nicely improved her facial balance and improved her look overall. Her brows are also elevated, so add an endoscopic forehead lift. This is a fair amount of surgery for a young woman. Her nose was probably operated previously.”

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn agrees that Bristol most likely went under the knife for plastic surgery. On his blog, he writes, “internet is all abuzz about whether Bristol Palin may have had plastic surgery.  My initial gut reaction was NOOOO!!!!  But after looking at photos, I think she actually has!”

    “Her chin looks more sculpted and the fat under it is gone.  This could be due to a chin augmentation with an implant and liposuction under her neckline.  Her brows are elevated and more arched, prompting some to speculate that she’s had a surgical browlift.  I disagree.  Few plastic surgeons would perform a surgical browlift on a 20 year old.  Botox injections, which can cause a lifting of the brows in some, are much more likely.  Overall I think she looks good, although I wonder how much of the changes are due to maturation and weight loss. ”

    “She looks kind of like a brown-haired Christina Aguilera now.”

    Bristol hasn’t been so talked about since she was the only pseudo-celebrity to appear on Dancing with the Stars and be the only contestant in the show’s history to not lose weight. Makemeheal.com looks forward to seeing the publicity hound’s next move—and whether or not she turns out to be a new Heidi Montag.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of the Bristol Palin on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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