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  • Hermione Norris is well known to British audiences for her roles in various television series, including Cold Feet. Now about to begin a new drama, The Crimson Field, Hermione confesses that she would love to have a complete plastic surgery makeover.

    47-year old Hermione Norris started her acting career at the age of 19 and since then has appeared on various television programs as Karen Marsden from Cold Feet, or Spooks’ tough Ros Myers, or even DCI Carol Jordan from Wire In The Blood. As she gets ready to start on The Crimson Field, a drama series set against the backdrop of World War I, Herminone confesses that if she could, she would go under the knife for a total body plastic surgery makeover to improve every part of her body from top to bottom.

    “I want my boobs done,” she says, cupping them.


    “But I just want them lifted a bit, not implants, and I don’t think they do that. And I’d have my thighs tightened because all the muscle and skin tone’s gone.”


    “And I’d have the cellulite shlooshed out of my tummy. And I’d have that wattle thing done, under my neck.”


    “Oh yes, and hair implants – maybe a hair transplant. If I had the money, I’d go to the best plastic surgeon in America and have the lot. I look all right in my clothes, but underneath I’m a melted candle. You wouldn’t want to go there…”



    It may surprise Hermione to learn that a breast lift without implants is possible, although many women like to get implants placed as well to restore lost volume in the breasts. A little liposuction on her thighs and a tummy tuck could probably help her look less like a melted candle without clothing. And a necklift could certainly get rid of her “wattle.”


    While many women desire thicker hair, Hermione’s hair looks like it is a thin texture so rather than opt for a hair transplant, she may want to consider trying topical products first or maybe taking vitamins that can also help to improve the texture and quality of her hair.


    While Hermione is very open about planning her plastic surgery fantasy, she gets coy when asked about any work she may have already had, or would consider having, including Botox injections.


    “I would…”


    “I’m not telling you! If you have surgery, don’t speak about it. But I’m not against it, obviously.”


    Hermione has a very natural appearance but is lacking any deep wrinkles, so it is possible that she has tried Botox in the past or uses smaller amounts between her brows and in her forehead so that she still has a natural look without a super smooth and shiny forehead.


    More and more stars are admitting to plastic surgery, even if they have natural results like Robin Wright, star of House of Cards who admitted to getting Botox injections despite having a very natural appearance, saying that everyone does it.