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  • Star of the original British Shameless television series Tina Malone has dropped another bombshell. After giving birth at the age of 50, courtesy of IVF, Tina is now planning on spending upwards of $75k on plastic surgery to help improve her body after undergoing gastric bypass surgery a few years back.

    According to Tina, she comes from a beautiful family, but she doesn’t feel she is one of them. Although she doesn’t have unreasonable hopes, she is hoping to change her feelings about herself by going under the knife.
    Tina explains, “I’m not saying I was smacked with the ugly stick, but I certainly hit a few branches when I fell out of the tree.”

    “I’ve never been a beauty. I never will be but, for the first time in my life, I want to make the best of myself and I’m really excited about that.”


    The star plans to spend the next six months undergoing plastic surgery procedures and plastic surgery recovery time in order to get rid of some of the loose skin she has as a result of rapid weight loss from gastric bypass surgery. Tina is planning a total body transformation, including an eyelid lift, liposuction on her chin and neck and a possible facelift as well as procedures to get rid of the excess skin on her underarms and belly and likely a breast lift and possible augmentation.


    “They reckon I’ve got around 10lb of skin to get rid of. Then I won’t feel like I’m walking around with two bags of sugar in my knickers!”


    Now 51, Tina had a gastric band placed four years ago, dropping almost 160 pounds in 16 months. She put off having further surgery in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.


    “I had the band loosened to feed the baby and I went up to 13 and a half stones when I was pregnant with her,” says Tina.



    “In March I had the band tightened and I am now nine stone, 11 pounds and a size 10. I will be a size 8 again but I want to get rid of the excess skin which, however hard I work out, I am never going to get rid of.”


    “I won’t look like Cheryl Cole but I want to see what I look like without it.”


    Tina’s plastic surgery and weight loss journey are being filmed as part of a documentary she is filming about weight and obesity around the world.


    According to Tina, “People will say they are fat and happy but I will tell you they’re not. I’ve been the fat bird with the diabetes and the breathlessness, and it’s no fun.”


    However, Tina is looking forward to her post-plastic surgery results.


    “People say I look amazing for 51, and I love being 51. I feel 31. In my head, I’m 21.”


    “This is not clutching at youth. I am comfortable with me – but I will be more comfortable when I have had the work done.”